Get your toll-free from the best provider across India

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Get your toll-free from the best provider across India
Everything about toll-free number

Everything about toll-free number

A toll-free number is a number for businesses, enterprises, or any organization on which anyone can call for free. To get maximum benefits of a toll-free number you should buy it explicitly from the best toll-free service providers.

Revamp your brand’s image.

More call queries as people prefer toll-free numbers over a standard number.

Portray that your brand cares about its callers.

Add a hint of professionalism and sophistication.

Happy customers for a happier business.

Easier and more comfortable call management.


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Why should you buy a toll-free number?

Broadens your exposure yet unifies your image

Having a toll-free number for your business is a blessing. The toll-free number helps you expand your area of business coverage as geography is no barrier. Anyone from anywhere and anytime can call on your toll-free number and avail of your services if your business allows that. It plays a vital role in helping your business expand yet it maintains a unified brand image for you. Having a common toll-free number for all the franchises of your business will establish the name of your brand beyond the local area. If you have a common toll-free number it portrays that your business is flourishing and it appears to be a big brand.

Broadens your exposure yet unifies your image

Develops trust and builds faith

Your customers’ loyalty towards your brand comes from the quality of services you offer to them. Having a toll-free number for your brand portrays that you are a caring brand and you empathize with your customers in every situation. The toll-free number lets all your customers call for free from anywhere at any time. This feature helps you in gradually gaining the trust of your customers. The better care and services you will provide to them the more trustworthy you will become for them. Having a free support number available for all your callers makes you appear to be a faithful brand.

Develops trust and builds faith

Increase your staff’s efficiency

A toll-free number with advanced features is like the cherry on top. Having a toll-free number for your business not only makes your customers happy but also your employees. You can associate the latest features like multi-level IVR, call routing, call recording, click-to-call, and many more features to facilitate your employees and ramp up your call management system. Having such features with your toll-free number will make things handy for your employees and they will be able to focus on more crucial tasks rather than doing call management all day. Now your staff will be able to give better services to your clients.

Increase your staff’s efficiency

Convenient as well as affordable

If you are bothered that a toll-free number might be out of your business budget then you need to stop worrying now. The toll-free number comes at a very affordable price. Moreover, you can also select the package that best suits your business’s needs. What’s even better is that you also do not need any physical setup for your toll-free number. Even if you are shifting your business your toll-free number won’t get affected as it is portable. Our toll-free number is hosted on the cloud and every setup is done online. So a toll-free number for your business is a wise choice as it’s not just affordable but also convenient.

Convenient as well as affordable

Toll-free number features

Live call transfer

Transfer your customer calls to the designated agents or departments without disconnecting the caller.

Call masking

Do not worry about your customer and agent’s privacy. The call masking feature hides the number of both to ensure privacy.

Call recording

Record all the calls that you receive on your toll-free number and use them to analyze your agent’s performance.

Call routing

Route your callers to the correct department and agents to address their queries and resolve them at the earliest.

Unlimited recordings

There is no limit on the number of call recordings on your toll-free number. Record all the calls and store your data safely.

Call tracking

Keep a track of all the incoming and outgoing calls and track your agent’s performance. Utilize this feature to supervise.

Live panel

We have a live panel dashboard of which gets updated in real-time to make call tracking easy for you.

Call queue

Use the advanced call queue feature to reduce your callers’ hold time. This feature smartly lines up and connects calls to available agents.

Remote teams

Our toll-free number is hosted on the cloud and no physical set-up is required for the same. This enables you to set up a remote team.

Multi-level IVR

There are multiple levels of IVR available with our toll-free number. You can customize them and utilize them as per your business’s needs.

Click to call

Outgoing calling has been made easy with the click-to-call feature. Now it takes only one click to make an outgoing call.

Welcome greetings

Greet your customers with customized welcome greetings. Make their every call pleasant with the help of welcome greetings.

MyOperator as the best IVR service provider

Premier customer support

At MyOperator, we ensure round-the-clock support for all customers. We treat every call as an opportunity to solve a problem for our customers and strengthen our relationships. That’s how we have won and continue to maintain the faith that 12,000+ companies bestow upon us for their business calls management. As MyOperator customer, you will be entitled to our premier customer care, 24*7. Whenever you need technical help, need to add a new feature, or need any help with your toll-free number, you can always call us on +91 92129 92129 and our customer support team will be there for you.

Premier customer support

Toll-free number with smart features

The toll-free number provided by MyOperator comes with rare cloud telephony features. Live call transfer facility and 99.99% uptime are two of them. With live call transfer, your agents can refer customers to other agents without disconnecting the call. The resolution of customer issues on a single call leads to a higher satisfaction rate. MyOperator toll-free number is hosted on the cloud. You neither have to set up any hardware nor spend money on capital expenditure. MyOperator provides an online setup of the toll-free number. Once you sign up, our team will set up a toll-free number for your business in less than one business day.

IVR Service with smart features

Other MyOperator solutions that customers love

Cloud call center

Cloud call center empowers your sales and support teams to take care of customer calls working from your home, office, or on the go. With this, you can set up a remote team and manage inbound and outbound calls anywhere.

Cloud call center

Inbound call center

MyOperator inbound call center solution is designed to handle multiple calls simultaneously from any location. With the inbound call center, you can enable your customers to conveniently connect with your support agents on call

Inbound call center

IVR System

Interactive voice response or IVR allows your customers to interact with your business anytime, right on their phone. Be available to your customers 24*7 along with adding a touch of professionalism to your name.

IVR System

12,000+ Customers Trust Us

Businesses across the globe are using MyOperator for efficient and smooth call management.

bharat petroleum

Collaboration with MyOperator has been an amazing experience for our entire business as it has automated one of the most tedious processes of our system. This leading cloud telephony product has delivered added benefits to our business in terms of strengthening vendor experience and employee convenience.


This distinctive solution provided by MyOperator has majorly bought productivity improvement of the HR team and allowed them to effectively manage their routine tasks. The result has surpassed our expectations and the system has significantly assisted us in bringing the required ease for our employees.


12,000+ Businesses Activated
200 Million Calls Enabled
4.5 Google Rating

#1 Ranked in India's Cloud Telephony Leadership Matrix

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your questions regarding the toll-free number and how it can help your business. If you have some other questions, visit our support center.

How is a toll-free number different from a regular number?
To call on a standard number your callers need to have a minimum balance. But to call on a toll-free number they need no balance and they can call for free anytime. The toll-free number is there for the utmost convenience of your callers.
MyOperator is among one of the top toll-free providers. You can get your toll-free number in India from MyOperator in one business day. Sign up or contact us at +91 92129 92129. Before buying the toll-free number you can also avail free 3 day trial for the same.
Yes, any business of any size can have a toll-free number. Having a toll-free number for your small business will help to enhance your brand image by giving your callers a personalized, advanced, and professional calling experience. Now turn your callers into customers with a toll-free number.
Yes, you can get a demo of a toll-free number for your business. You can avail of your free 3-day trial from the best toll-free number provider by signing up online or calling MyOperator at +91 92129 92129.
For any further queries about the toll-free number for your business, please visit our support center or call the MyOperator support team at +91 92129 92129.