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ClickOCall:Your customer is just a click away!!

Just a mouse click to make a call !! Inquisitive, are you? ClickOCall allows you to call back your customers from the web panel itself, that too on a single click.

We help our customers to manage each and every incoming call with MyOperator. They keep track of all their calls through a simple web panel, getting them more customers everyday. They monitor their organization’s call activity to increase efficiency.


Our customers, while enjoy managing their business calls with MyOperator, wished to call back their customers from the web panel itself. This shall allow them to initiate calling instantaneously. “Your wish is our command”, that’s what we say to our customers!! Hence, we bring ‘ClickOCall’. Now you have the facility to shoot a call through your web page itself.


ClickOCall is basically a simple button which can be placed on any page of your MyOperator panel. You just need to click on this button to establish a voice call between your customer (who has called you on MyOperator in the past) and your representative. So, now your Call Management System, MyOperator gets even better.

Technology is evolving everyday and so are we. ClickOCall aims to do exactly what VoiceTree stands for, providing Simpler Affordable Telephony for you.

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