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Why Does Your Small Business Need A CRM?

Why Does Your Small Business Need A CRM
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For every business, customers are the topmost priority and that is why CRM has now become vital for any-sized businesses. 

Statistics show that companies can also slash lead costs by 23% by using a CRM. It is easy to figure out that CRM (customer relationship management) software is very crucial so how can you choose the best CRM for your business? Here is how:

How to choose the best CRM for business

Why Does Your Small Business Need A CRM?- MyOperator

Things to look for in a CRM        

Building meaningful relationships with your customers is really important to bridge the gap between your business offers and your customer’s needs. So the flow of this relationship should be smooth so that you do not disappoint any customer. Thus your business CRM should be user-friendly. It is a complex software and cannot be comprehended easily then you will be at loss. The more errors will be committed the more your business will lose customers. So look for an easy-to-use small business CRM. 

Unified view of customers

This is the primary purpose of a CRM and it is why businesses tend to put resources into CRM software. A unified perspective on your client implies the CRM stores and presents the data and the status of all the customers. For example, it can show where a customer stands in your sales pipeline. 

92% of businesses claim that CRMs played a significant role in helping them attain their revenue goals. So you cannot turn a blind eye to small details that a CRM has to offer. Each CRM has basic contact information for every client. But while choosing a CRM for business, always remember a good CRM is also supposed to fetch information other than the basic details. 

For example: 

  • All the time a customer has got in touch with your brand through texts, calls, or emails including interactions through the WhatsApp API. This incorporates calls initiated by the client as well as by the business, any email correspondence, and the status or result of each contact. With this client history promptly close by, your employees can constantly stay in touch with your customers, hold quality interactions, and also keep them engaged. 
  • The amount of focus that every customer puts on your marketing and advertising, from opening direct marketing messages to the number of pages visited on your websites or the amount of time spent on your website. This information will give you an insight into customer division, sales, your marketing strategies, and other valuable information that will ultimately help your business. 
  • Where every client resides in the business cycle. The CRM should clarify which potential prospects changed into customers. Also, information like the buy history of the customers. 

Workflow automation

While thinking about how to choose the best CRM software for your business keep in mind that CRM programming can make your life more straightforward and easy by computerizing your work process. Search for programming that allows you to set up custom guidelines.

By changing settings and customizing the working of CRM as per your needs, you can set your CRM programming to automatically play out a particular  function whenever either of the following things happens:  

  • Whenever a potential client finishes signing up on your site or creates a ticket to resolve his issue, the CRM programming should naturally send the message to the right salesman or office.
  • Whenever a salesperson gets a message, the CRM should simultaneously let the customer know that the salesperson is active and taking care of the issue. 
  • In the event that a lead, prospect, or customer doesn’t reply to your message or proposition, the CRM programming should naturally send a follow-up message after a preset measure of time, like 48 hours or two workdays. 
  • As the salesperson completes his undertakings, the CRM programming should report that to the managers and upper administration for execution reports.

CRM elements can remove the time and legwork from monotonous sales assignments, for example, request handling, request following, and stock control.

Sales collaboration 

CRM should empower your key colleagues to team up and cooperate across all customer divisions. By doing this successfully you will be able to witness a surge in your sales. At present, there is a close link between marketing, sales, and the customer support team. All can utilize similar data and new information will just have to be entered once. 

Whenever calls are made to customers or messages are sent, you should be sure that only the latest customer information is being used while interacting with customers. 

Client inquiries should also be addressed quickly with all essential subtleties being displayed on the dashboard of your employees. As customer care has improved significantly in the last few years, so a good CRM and a good customer service software should help you strengthen your customer support and simultaneously help you build solid connections.

Third-party integrations in business CRM software 

Integrating your CRM system with other applications will help you save a huge load of time and capital. Your CRM should offer third-party integrations; the key is picking the CRM that is viable with the product you and also easy to use. For example, well-known CRM programming Salesforce has its own commercial center called AppExchange, where their customers can without much of a stretch associate Salesforce to different applications, for example, QuickBooks bookkeeping programming, Mailchimp email promoting programming, and DocuSign electronic marks.

Here are the things you can do by integrating your business applications with the CRM: 

  1. Run CRM programming directly from Outlook, Gmail, or other email applications so you don’t need to continue to switch between applications.
  2. Consequently, sync sales and request data with your POS system and bookkeeping programming to wipe out the manual information section.
  3. Automate the collection of email ids and send off marketing emails either through your CRM or email application itself so you do not have to do any manual effort which will save a lot of time for your employees. 
  4.  Back up and match up the information with Dropbox,, and other well-known cloud reinforcement stockpiling administrations.
  5. Linking your CRM to your cloud telephony services so you can easily fetch your customer’s data and you will not have to manually search for it while interacting with your customer.  

Easy communication and collaboration 

By utilizing the contact history of every one of your customers housed in the CRM, your business can convey better client correspondence and follow-up.

In addition, joining a CRM’s specialized apparatuses with its division and client life cycle capacities empowers the conveyance of customized information to clients.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all message, your business can send an email personalized to fit the customer’s life cycle.

Customization brings about better reaction rates, so this usefulness is vital to lifting the execution of deals and promoting strategies, for example, providing leadership support.

On average, a working adult gets around 121 emails a day. An email highlight in a CRM helps keep your salesmen coordinated and useful. They can incorporate their schedules to plan arrangements and connect with prospects and clients in a disciplined manner. One more incredible email highlight is the capacity to consequently pull in email layouts so representatives invest less energy creating email content. 

Top 4 CRM Softwares In 2022


ZOHO CRM is one of the software that you can incorporate into your system. It is easy to use, affordable, and an all-in-one solution. It is the CRM software that can be used by both small businesses as well as big brands. Amazon is one of their clients and ZOHO helped it flourish when they were trying to penetrate the second most populous country in the world. ZOHO helped Amazon scale itself to a point that now it has become a common name in every Indian household and has 15000+ sellers selling on the e-commerce platform. Bigin by Zoho CRM is a custom-made mobile first tool for SMEs,


Salesforce CRM is the one for you if your business needs a lot of customizations. It offers customizations within its internal ecosystem as well as offer customized integrations with third party applications. Salesforce gives a cloud-based CRM that helps create a level playing field for SMEs. The possibilities offered by salesforce CRM for small and medium businesses are endless. It gives you an opportunity to create the bespoke CRM for your business


It is a distinctive CRM software because other than streamlining workflows and unifying customer experience across different channels it also tracks and measures customer happiness. Freshdesk offers tailor-made solutions for small and medium businesses.


If you are looking for an affordable yet top-quality sales CRM then Salezshark is the ideal choice. It streamlines your entire customer lifecycle and helps you in improving your business’s responsiveness to your sales and marketing campaigns as well. It offers features like sales automation, marketing automation, and sales forecasting, and it is mobile-friendly as well! 

Integrate Your CRM With Cloud Telephony 

To extend the features of your CRM, you can combine it with cloud call center solutions. MyOperator provides a cloud-based call management system that helps you in extending a sterling calling experience to your customers. It provides you with solutions like an IVR system, virtual number, toll free number, automatic call distribution, and much more. Most of all this software can be integrated with all the above-given softwares. Get your cloud telephony solution now in less than 1 business day from MyOperator.

Benefits of using CRM tools for business: 

  • It helps in making your customer service better. For example, by using MyOperator’s cloud telephony tool like virtual call center software you can be available to your customers around the clock. 
  • It helps in streamlining internal processes as well. Zoho is one of the CRMs that gives you end-to-end solutions with several customizations. It helps you in automating your business processes. 
  • CRM can help you in streamlining the sales marketing process, and sales pipeline, automate manual tasks and can bring entire sales data to a centralized place eventually helping in increasing productivity. 
  • You will have plenty of data about the customers stored in your CRM for business. You can utilize that data to find out more about your customers and draw out significant analytics through the same.
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