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Customer Service 101 | Essential Trends and Statistics for Every Business

Customer Service 101
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Customer service 101 is like when you call for help and someone from a company talks to you. Sometimes, this makes people think about waiting a long time on the phone, saying the same things over and over, and not getting their problems fixed.

How businesses assist customers is currently very significant. It turns out that businesses prosper when they make their clients successful.

Satisfied customers recommend the business to their friends and family, which helps it expand even more than when it only tries to sell goods.

People expect companies to help them a lot. But do you know what is more common? There is a serious issue with how well businesses are supporting.

Stories about bad customer service can spread really fast. You might hear your friends talking about how they had to wait on the phone for a long time, or how someone from a company wasn’t nice to them, or how a company said no to returning something.

But don’t worry, there is hope. Some companies are trying really hard to help their customers.

And guess what?

Spending just a little bit of effort on customer service 101 can make a company get back a lot more.

Business growth analysis for Customer Service by MyOperator
Empowering customers with top-notch assistance

When customers repeatedly buy from a company and share their positive experiences, the company gains more customers and its reputation improves. This cycle of trust and satisfaction contributes significantly to the growth of the big, mid-size, or small business.

Still not sure? We got some facts and statistics covered for you:

Facts & Statistics: Customer Service 101

1. Happy Customers Help Businesses Grow

When customers are happy, they tell around 9 people on average about their good experience. This helps the company get more customers without spending a lot on advertising.

2. Repeat Purchases Matter

About 80% of a company’s future profits come from just 20% of its current customers. This means that making customers happy can make them buy more from the company in the future.

Smiling customer service representative helping client
Going the extra mile to make your experience memorable.

3. Negative Impact of Bad Service

A bad experience can make more people talk about it than a good experience. On average, people tell around 15 others about a bad experience, which can hurt the company’s reputation.

4. Customer Loyalty is Valuable

Loyal customers are more likely to keep buying from the same company and spend more over time. It costs less to keep a customer happy than to find a new one.

5. Online Reviews Matter

Many people read online reviews before buying something. If a company has bad reviews because of bad customer service, it can lose a lot of potential customers.

Exploring Essential Trends for Better Customer Service in Any Business

1. Omnichannel Engagement

The concept of omnichannel engagement has gained tremendous significance in the digital age when there are many points of contact between businesses and consumers.

Customers easily move across several platforms in pursuit of quick and reliable support, from social media to email, online chatbots to traditional phone lines.

90% of customers expect their interactions to be smooth across different channels, according to a recent HubSpot poll.

Businesses are now in a challenging situation as they must be able to meet and beat these omnichannel expectations.

Businesses that successfully integrate various channels into a single communication thread stand to increase customer loyalty, with 91% of satisfied omnichannel customers willing to do business with an organization again.

For businesses aiming to excel in using different channels to connect with customers and make a lasting impression, MyOperator’s Campaign Management stands out as resourceful.

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MyOperator offers enterprises the capabilities they need to build a seamless relationship with their customers by integrating several communication channels like business phone calls, SMS, and emails.

2. Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a constant support for businesses, helping them succeed in the long run. A study by Accenture shows that 33% of customers who stopped using a company’s services did so because they didn’t feel the company cared about them.

But if a customer is loyal, they are five times more likely to buy again and four times more likely to tell others about the brand. This shows how important it is for businesses to provide special experiences and solutions to keep customers loyal.

Loyal customers embracing brand loyalty
Every interaction matters

Ways MyOperator’s toll-free number contributes to building customer loyalty:

  • Easy Contact: Customers can reach out without paying any charges. This convenience encourages more interaction and satisfaction.
  • Quick Help: The toll-free number connects customers directly to support. This fast response exhibits concern and solves issues swiftly.
  • Trustworthy: Having a toll-free number makes a business look more professional and trusted. Customers link it with reliable companies.
  • Personal Touch: MyOperator’s toll-free number offers tailored help. This personal approach makes customers happier and strengthens bonds.
  • Consistent Reach: A toll-free number stays the same, no matter where customers are. This indicates the commitment to service.
  • Easy to Remember: A unique toll-free number helps customers remember the brand. They will think of it first when they need help.
  • Feedback and Growth: Encouraging customers to use the toll-free number in India for feedback benefits business growth. Engaging customers builds loyalty.
Happy customer service interaction.
Listening, resolving, and creating happy customers every day

3. AI-Powered Support

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a helpful tool that many industries use, including customer service. One way it’s being used is through AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants.

These are like instant helpers that can talk to customers and answer their questions anytime, day or night.

Gartner, predicts that by 2023, 40% of customer service talks could be done by AI. Surprisingly, a lot of customers don’t mind talking to these chatbots – 63% actually like it because it means getting answers faster.

MyOperator’s WhatsApp integration enhances customer service with AI-powered support in the following ways:

  • Automated Responses: AI chatbots on WhatsApp instantly answer customer queries, ensuring quick solutions.
  • 24/7 Availability: Chatbots provide round-the-clock assistance, improving customer service 101 accessibility.
  • Consistent Information: Customers receive accurate, uniform answers, maintaining reliability.
  • Personalized Conversations: AI learns about customers, leading to tailored interactions.
  • Resource Savings: Automating support lowers costs and saves time, benefiting the business.
  • Enhanced Satisfaction: Swift, helpful responses elevate customer experience and loyalty.

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Bottom line

It’s a fact that nowadays, customers are in control, and it’s the job of customer service experts to help them do well. When you support your customers in succeeding, your business can also grow by making customers happy and improving your profits.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority. #CustomerCare

At the end of the day, if you really want to give great customer service? Ask yourself this simple question: What sort of customer service would you like to receive?
We’d love to hear, do share your views.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer service covers help and support given to customers before, during, and following a transaction for a good or service. Businesses need it since it has a direct impact on consumer happiness, brand loyalty, and general reputation.
Some essential trends include the integration of technology, such as AI-powered chatbots, personalised experiences, multichannel support, and a focus on proactive issue resolution.
Toll-free numbers provide a cost-free way for customers to contact a business, fostering better communication and enhancing accessibility. Thus it can lead to better consumer involvement and satisfaction.
WhatsApp offers instant messaging and real-time communication, allowing businesses to provide quick responses and support. It's convenient for customers and can lead to more efficient issue resolution.
Yes, data demonstrate that companies that provide customers with simple ways to contact them, such as toll-free numbers and WhatsApp assistance, tend to have better levels of customer trust.
Chatbots use AI to handle routine inquiries, provide instant responses, and assist customers 24/7. They can significantly reduce response times and improve customer experience.
Personalisation involves changing interactions depending on previous interactions and consumer preferences. Businesses that provide individualised experiences typically report higher levels of consumer satisfaction and repeat business.
Poor customer service can lead to negative reviews, customer churn, and damage to a business's reputation. Studies show that customers are more likely to share bad experiences than positive ones.
Research indicates that 73% of customers say a good customer experience influences their brand loyalty, and 84% of customers expect businesses to respond to their inquiries within 24 hours.
Many businesses have reported improved customer satisfaction and loyalty after implementing toll-free numbers and WhatsApp for customer service. For example, the Art of Living - MyOperator Success Story, Click here to know more.
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