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Virtual Call Center Software: Everything you need to know

MyOperator / Blog / Virtual Call Center Software: Everything you need to know

The unexpected arrival of the COVID pandemic has significantly fast-forwarded the adoption of advanced technology by businesses. The technological transformation which was otherwise expected 2-3 years from now, came early. More and more businesses are realizing the potential of virtual technology for several reasons like team supervision, task management, daily operations, and so on.

Cloud telephony is one such example of modern technology being adopted by companies today. The presence of cloud telephony has been significant in the market earlier as well. But, the way cloud-based solutions have shown their benefits over on-premise solutions during the lockdown period, has resulted in an unprecedented growth of this tech.

Companies across the globe are trying to figure out a way to ensure availability to their customers without compromising on their employees’ safety. 

I’m sure you’d agree with the fact that in the current lockdown situation, businesses may or may not be able to win new customers, but they just can’t afford to lose their existing ones.

Not being available for your customers in the current scenario, would hamper your revenue, your customer service, as well as the professional reputation which you had built. 

Needless to say, calls would be a major mode of communication for businesses today and hence, need to be streamlined in the most effective way. Virtual call centers have changed the definition of remote working for both the employees as well as the customers.

And, this is exactly when virtual call center solutions enter the picture. Here’s an article covering all major aspects of virtual call center software. 

Summary of the article:

1. All about virtual call center software.

2. Benefits of Virtual Call Center over on-premise call center

3. CRM Integration of virtual Contact Center Solutions.

4. Features of best virtual call center solution provider.

5. Cost of a virtual call center solution

6. Setting up a virtual call center solution for your business.

What is a virtual call center software?

Virtual call center software is a product of cloud telephony that enables your frontline executives to take calls from any part of the country. 

Instead of working from a fixed location, agents with the help of a virtual call center solution can take customer calls and help them from any remote location situated anywhere across the country.

Virtual call center software facilitates your team to work from dispersed locations and still remain updated on the customer’s recent interactions with the company. 

Thus, this virtual technology enables your employees to work like one strong unit and perform their tasks with ease and efficiency.

What are the benefits of Virtual Call Center over on-premise call center?

 benefits of Virtual Call Center
benefits of Virtual Call Center

Empowerment (not controlling) of employees

There was a time when businesses had a landline number as their business contact number. There used to be one landline phone in the office on which all calls, be it from new or existing customers used to land. Certainly, businesses at that time had no clue how many missed calls they might be having, they were manually handing over the phone to another agent and had to be around the landline phone only to attend the call. 

Can you expect your employees to work with that same level of restriction now? Would you want to remain that clueless about your business calls? Of course not. As a virtual call center solution routes your calls to the respective agent’s mobile phones, it gives them mobility and ease in performing their job. As a result, you can always expect fewer missed calls, high productivity, and appropriate work comfort.

Integration (not diversification) of tools

Previously, customers used to contact you through emails, phone calls, or any other different mode. Certainly, there were many chances that the same customer was talking to different agents of the same company.  As one could imagine, those agents would end up wasting their time and efforts on the same prospect. And in the absence of a common CRM tool, such instances happen many many times.

Certainly, where on-premise phone systems fail to allow CRM integrations, virtual phone systems take the upper hand. All the agents of your company, be it of any department, would be updated with all the activities and interactions of customers done with the company. This would significantly save a lot of confusion within the teams and dedicated customer service can be assured easily.

Productive (not unhealthy) team

Let’s take an example of the current lockdown period. Would your sales or support teams sit idle and won’t work at all? If yes, how? Would you ask them to come to the office and receive their customers’ calls? Well, you certainly can’t. So what can an organization do at the moment, to assure both their business productivity and employee safety?

Imagine if your agents could simply take the calls from the home and you too could monitor their on-call conversations, wouldn’t that be perfect? Well, this can be made possible only by setting up a virtual call center. 

No points for guesses, a virtual IVR system is the exact tool that would do this job perfectly. Where on-premise PBX systems can only route calls to the attached landline systems, your Virtual PBX systems will route the calls to your agents’ mobile phones, be it in Bangalore, Kolkata or Delhi.

Constant (not conditional) customer service

Serving your customers well is an oath that all growth-focused and professional businesses take. One of the rules of top-notch customer service is ensuring consistent assistance and availability to them. It comes with no dependency on external factors whatsoever. If your customer communication mode will remain ‘locked’ up (on-premise PBX system) in your office, how will you serve your customers?

That’s when virtual call center solutions enter the picture. As they facilitate easy and smart call routing, IVR number enables your support team to assure customer availability with ease. Most importantly, virtual call center software supports remote working and doesn’t compromise on your frontline executive’s safety and home comfort 😉

How does integration work in virtual Contact Center Solutions?

Besides the above-mentioned advantages, virtual call center software supports integration with several CRMs. This integration allows you to build a streamlined and effective on-call communication process. 

I believe you wouldn’t want your team members to learn and juggle between different CRM tools, especially the ones with similar functions. Therefore, what you do is connect your virtual call center software with your other tools. 

As a result, information from all tools, all customer or agent-related activities can be seen from a single window only.

For example, MyOperator supports seamless integration with CRMs like Salesforce, Leadsquared, Salezshark, Zoho, to name a few.

Which is the best virtual call center solution provider?

When we talk about the best virtual call center solution providers, certainly there are hundreds of them in the market. You can get in touch with them and make your decision. But, how will you decide which one is the best solution provider?

Basis the pricing, list of features, customer support, or business reviews? Well, selecting an ideal virtual call center software provider can be a tricky business. 

This is why, allow me to introduce you to MyOperator virtual call center solution, the best in the market. Here are the reasons that makes it the best choice for your business call handling:

1. 50+ features to help you streamline your customer calls smartly.

2. Round-the-clock available support team to help you in all kinds of situations.

3. Most reasonable and justified pricing, flexible as per your requirements.

4. 30-day refund policy so that you can trust us with your money.

5. Geographically redundant network to minimize any chance of call drops

6. Advanced level security measures to keep your business data protected.

7. 99.9% uptime of calls assured by our smart failover systems.

8. Trust of reputed business names like Lenskart, Bharti AXA, Piramal group, and 6000 others.

What is the cost of a virtual call center solution?

The cost of your virtual call center solution would depend on various factors like your call volume, the number of agents being mapped behind the number, your selection of add-on features, and more.

However, we at MyOperator, assure you to provide the best possible pricing for your virtual call center solution. Not to mention, we even have a 30-day refund policy in place.

How do I set up a virtual call center?

Here is a business guide that you need to set up your virtual call center. 

Virtual call center solutions- MyOperator

1. Sign up here with your email ID and password. You’ll be redirected to our trial page.

2. Set up your 3-day demo account for free and check our product features.

3. Meanwhile, one of our experts would get in touch with you and help you with our product details.

4. As a next step, you’ll have to complete your KYC and payment.

5. After selecting your virtual number, your IVR message would be sent for recording to professional voice artists. 

6. Your account will hence be activated in 1-2 days and will be ready to use. 

demo of virtual call center software
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