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Kreato CRM can now track your business calls with MyOperator

MyOperator integration with Kreato CRM will help you track your business calls
MyOperator / Blog / Kreato CRM can now track your business calls with MyOperator

Do you use Kreato CRM at your workplace? You can now track your call-based leads there.

With managed calls, the requirements of the customers are communicated better and can be referred back to. With extending your CRM to call management, you can ensure that every customer has a tailored experience and that becoming a true customer advocate does not remain an elusive goal for any organization. More sophisticated power of virtual PBX is realized when it integrates with a company’s CRM software.

MyOperator provides a more legitimate approach of managing business communication with Kreato CRM integration. Here‘s how:

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How is it beneficial?

MyOperator an IVR service provider enables you to track and manage all the customer calls you get.

Kreato CRM along with MyOperator will now help your marketing, sales and support team initiate and track cloud telephony communications right away from the customer records available in the CRM. Thus, all your sales/marketing calls are visible and managed in your crm itself. Thus, customer relationship management achieves a level above the usual, managing customer calls.

Call logs synchronized to CRM

All the telephony communication that has been initiated and received through the MyOperator number will be automatically synchronized and associated with respective customer records at CRM. Your team can view and track all the telephony communications associated with customers whenever required. Also, they will have access and the option to locate & listen to call conversation (audio recordings) as needed for further references.

Call support on CRM

For every incoming support call received through your MyOperator number, you could auto generate a support ticket at your CRM. As the complete call conversation will be available with ticket required for anytime access, the support team will never miss any part of the query / problem voiced by your customers. This will therefore, improve the overall customer service response.

Tracking business calls on CRM

Once you have integrated Kreato CRM with MyOperator, all the business calls tracked on your MyOperator web or mobile app are visible on your Kreato Panel. The call logs of your team, lead calls or customer enquiry calls, all are tracked at one place and shall be visible on your CRM panel. Also, if you have shared your toll free number and virtual number across the market, then you could track the best-performing marketing channel for your business automatically without any manual efforts.

Click-o-Call and SMS Advantage

With the call center software integrated into your Kreato CRM, the visibility of tracked calls allows you to efficiently generate outbound calls. This seamless integration enhances customer call interactions, providing a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing communication. Additionally, leveraging the call center software enables you to send SMS messages to the phone numbers tracked on your Kreato panel, thereby contributing to increased customer engagement and fostering repeat purchases.

How to integrate?

To start integrating your MyOperator account, all you need to do is:

  • Register and create an account with MyOperator
  • Activate MyOperator App at your Kreato CRM Portal.
  • Configure the required details provided by MyOperator at CRM portal.
MyOperator integration with Kreato CRM can track your business calls
MyOperator integration with Kreato CRM can track your business calls

Want to integrate your CRM with MyOperator? Call us on 92129-92129 or write to us at

MyOperator integration with Kreato CRM can now track your business calls

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Chirayu Akotiya leads the Growth Team at Anaek Inc that creates solutions for businesses to engage with and delight their employees. It is the parent company behind products such as AttendanceBot, OfficeAmp, and Expensetron. Prior to this, he led Growth at MyOperator. Find him on Twitter (@ChirayuAkotiya).

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