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Missed business calls are missed business opportunities

missed business calls are missed business opportunities
MyOperator / Blog / Missed business calls are missed business opportunities

How many business ‘calls’ and ‘opportunities’ did you miss today? Also yesterday?

You might be wondering, “what’s the connection between the two?”

Most organizations like yours just forget how they use phone calls to develop relationships, make purchases, and generate business; similarly, customers do it too.

Another notable thing here is the ‘calling experience’ which holds your business’ reputation.

Studies show that communication over phone is still the prime medium used by people (prospects and customers) while dealing with a business.

The way your customer call is ‘treated’ by your executives and how smooth the on-call resolution speaks about your brand image and business credibility.

Therefore, each call (be it from an existing client or a potential one) is imperative for your business’ branding as well as for winning new customers.

I’m not saying we are confined with just phone calls as a communication mode.

Of course, you might prefer other modes viz. email, SMS, even social media. Yes, they’re integral too.

However, what about your prospects who prefer to TALK?

Expectation: If you think they’ll just switch tabs from call to email to social media and prepare to reach out to you all over again, that’s (unrealistically) optimistic!

Reality: Customer call → Missed = Goes to another player

This is exactly when incoming calls i.e. OPPORTUNITIES turn into LOSSES.

Now coming back to my first question, how many calls or opportunities are you missing?

A precise answer to this could be difficult, I understand. But considering the above-stated facts, having an answer is truly important.

And here’s when Call tracking will help.

Call Tracking to prevent business loss

As discussed above, missed calls are no less than a nightmare for businesses as,

Missed calls = missed customers

Now, you might sometimes miss calls. But you need not necessarily miss customers.

The key is, effective follow up on missed calls.

Ensure that you reach back to your unattended calls at the earliest. I know, collecting missed call data manually is no less than find a needle in a haystack.

This is when automation gains an upper hand. And in this case, ‘call tracking’ is the term.

As the name suggests, tracking of business calls provides a real-time update in the form of call reports. As a byproduct, agents can easily reconnect with missed callers effortlessly.

This improves the certainties of thorough follow-ups, hence eliminates the correlated losses caused by missed calls.

However, Call tracking is not just this. Other benefits of tracking business calls encompass:

1. Calls, call reports, and callers’ analysis

Call tracking gives you access to your callers’ data. The reports of your callers show insights into their geography, peak calling hours and more. This ultimately gives you a precise and profitable view of your target audience.

Alongside, call reports also help you determine individual/team performance. With reports on the number of missed and attended calls by each agent, team monitoring becomes rather effectual.

2. Impactful repeat marketing

Needless to mention, not every caller converts into a paying customer immediately. They are the warm leads who require nurturing and treatment before conversion. Repeat marketing aka Remarketing does just that.

It lets you reach back to your prospects through SMS or display ad campaigns targeted on your callers’ database (which becomes possible only with call tracking). This eventually helps you reclaim your would-be-conversions, boosts possibilities of lead conversion, and increases end sales figure.

3. Easy RoI calculation

There’s no bigger squander than blind marketing investment. As much important as marketing analytics are, call analytics is equally significant for evaluating your marketing efforts. At this point, Call Tracking serves the exact purpose.

It helps you keep a check on your calls generated from different marketing campaigns by tracking the source of those calls. As a result, marketing analysis becomes easier and future budgeting strategies become clearer.

4. Better strategised marketing

Multiple campaigns, big investment, high call volume ㄧ does this suffice? Well, no. A proper check on which platform is bringing you most customer calls is important to strategise future marketing investments.

Call Tracking helps you know how your customers are reacting to your campaigns. Further to this, you can invest in your campaigns accordingly and prevent unworthy marketing expenditure, creating a smart yet simple way to shape your marketing efforts.The IVR system allows you to gather valuable data and insights from customer interactions, enabling you to fine-tune your marketing strategies with precision.

The bottom line is, call tracking gives you an opportunity to optimize most out of the business calls you get every day.

It not just brings in automation to your call management system, but also much effective results out of your existing call volume.

The longer you wait to use Call tracking, the more calls and probable customers you’ll continue to lose. Care enough for your callers (prospects)?

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