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9 CRMs your business call management system should have

9 CRMs your business call management system should have
MyOperator / Blog / 9 CRMs your business call management system should have

The success of an organization is measured according to the intensity and quality of services you provide to your customers. One of them being managing those customer calls you get.

MyOperator, your business call management system can now be integrated with 9 popular CRMs in the market to boost the customer service experience thereby establishing a commendable management system within the organization.

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Here are the 9 CRMs that can be integrated with your existing MyOperator account:

1. Salesforce is a global cloud-computing CRM and is also well-known for its applications for social networks. The services of Salesforce include Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Customer Cloud, serving over 1,00,000 customers worldwide.

2. Pipedrive is a sales pipeline CRM helping you to handle your overall sales team with features such as Timeline view, Sales reporting, Mobile Apps, Smart Email BCC, Google Apps integration and a lot more in order to carry forward with the methodologies of sales pipeline.

3. Capsule is an ultimate CRM to keep track of the communications you do with businesses to increase your chances in pipelines. Connect Capsule to various other applications to create sales proposals, invoice customers and track results of newsletters.

4. Highrise is a tool to manage business communication, thereby building customer relationships. You can share your email contacts with Highrise to track communication, set reminders for the tasks, attach documents and files and also connect third party tools like MailChimp.

5. SugarCRM is a personalized experience which helps you communicate, engage and build relationships with your customers. It is a cloud-based CRM which offers customizable options to integrate with third party tools and manages sales, support and marketing platforms.

6. VTIGER is a cloud-based CRM used to manage marketing automation, track contacts for sales processes, project management and invoicing. It actively helps  your business to develop customer relationships and provide brilliant customer service.

7. Freshdesk is customer service tool acting as a multi-support channel for all your customers. With its quick set up system, you can engage and help customers with their queries globally thereby tracking analytics and creating reports.

8. is a Customer Support CRM app mailnly designed for small businesses, elevating customer service to a different level. It helps you improvise on your customer service techniques and product(s), managing communication and tracking insights.

9. Zendesk is a customer service software specially built with the notion of delivering great support to your customers. It has products such as Zopim chat, Zendesk Voice, Inbox Team Mail, etc which gives a different face to your customer service strategies.

Sounds interesting? Login to your MyOperator account and integrate your existing CRM.

Which all CRMs would you like to integrate with MyOperator? Share your opinions by commenting below.

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