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9 CRMs your business call management system should have

9 CRMs your business call management system should have
MyOperator / Blog / 9 CRMs your business call management system should have

The success of an organization is measured according to the intensity and quality of services you provide to your customers. One of them being managing those customer calls you get.

MyOperator, your business call management system and cloud call center solution can now be integrated with 9 popular CRMs in the market to boost the customer service experience thereby establishing a commendable management system within the organization.

Know about CRM and its advantages

Customer relationship management is referred to as CRM. By concept, it includes all strategies for managing client connections in sales, marketing, customer support, and online shopping. You can combine and streamline these customer-facing tasks using CRM software.

a CRM application includes a variety of components, such as a company’s website, emails, mass mailings, and telephone conversations. Companies can change to trends that are good for their financial line in part through social media. 

The entire purpose of CRM is to generate satisfying customer experiences that encourage repeat business so that a business can amass a growing client base.

CRM, or customer relationship management, is a term that is increasingly being used to describe the technological systems that businesses can use to manage their external interactions with consumers at all points during the consumer journey, from discovering to learning, buying, and post-purchase.

A CRM system can benefit you in a variety of ways that will maximize your customer experiences. The tiniest improvement can boost revenues and increase client retention. Consider the possibilities provided by the top five CRM advantages.

Increase in sales revenue

With integrated solutions for sales force automation, lead management, forecasting, cross-selling, e-commerce, and more, you can increase pipeline visibility and revenue.

Effective performance

By utilizing automated procedures and planned follow-up prompts, you can help your sales, marketing, and service teams achieve more with less work.

Improve teamwork

With collaborative CRM, data can be shared between teams, departments, internal and external stakeholders to enhance customer service at every point of interaction.

Enhance customer experience

Provide field service professionals and contact center representatives with a 360-degree perspective of clients so they can provide individualized customer experiences and rapidly fix issues.

Improve client turnover

With personalized service that inspires loyalty, wow your clients. Analyze in real-time to find the best deals, the ideal moment, and the finest channel.

Learn about the types of CRM

Operational, analytics-based, and collaborative CRM software are the three main categories. Additional information is as follows:

  • Operational CRM: Extensive data about each customer’s journey via sales and marketing automation is provided by operational CRM.
  • Analytical CRM: CRM analytics helps you make wiser business decisions by analyzing and spotting trends in client data.
  • Collaborative CRM: In such a CRM several stakeholders are given access to organized customer details.

How does MyOperator CRM integration help users?

A CRM platform is connected to other applications through a process called CRM software integration. Data exchange between the CRM platform and applications is its primary goal.

By keeping precise data from your business software, it gives you a comprehensive understanding of your company and consumers. It also automates the process to complete jobs. That means that switching between CRM platforms and apps is no longer necessary.

It is a known fact that various tasks must be completed by a sales and marketing department. Keeping track of which task needs to be done won’t be simple. With MyOperator CRM integration data monitoring is made easier by setting off reminders to-do-tasks. Now that the workflow is organized, teams can work more efficiently with a CRM on board.

The integration of MyOperator CRM will also enable the storage of all data and information in a single database. All the information is gathered in one location rather than having to go through various applications. A shared location makes it simpler for various teams inside an organization to locate all relevant data.

One of the current trends in the telecommunications sector is the integration of CRM software. It ensures to boost the success of your company. The ultimate goal is to improve the interaction between clients and businesses.

CRM software is a potent sales automation solution that has a significant positive impact on your sales. Businesses can estimate short- and long-term revenue growth and make wise business decisions by integrating MyOperator CRMs.

As a business owner, one of the most important ways to invest is in people, which includes both employees and clients. Software for managing customer relationships (CRM) is one of the effective ways to assist people. CRMs facilitate employees’ day-to-day management of customer and company interactions, ensuring customer satisfaction.

9 CRM for business that can be integrated with your existing MyOperator account:

The list of 9 CRM for business include:

1. Salesforce is a global cloud-computing CRM and is also well-known for its applications for social networks. The services of Salesforce include Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Customer Cloud, serving over 1,00,000 customers worldwide.

2. Pipedrive is a sales pipeline CRM helping you to handle your overall sales team with features such as Timeline view, Sales reporting, Mobile Apps, Smart Email BCC, Google Apps integration and a lot more in order to carry forward with the methodologies of sales pipeline.

3. Bigin by Zoho CRM is a CRM for small businesses that combines the efficiency of worksheets with the strength of pipeline-centric CRMs. The user-friendly layout of this sales CRM for small firms makes it simple to manage workflows, add notes, update records, and schedule follow-ups with prospects.

Bigin by Zoho CRM

4. Kylas is a CRM built on the SaaS model that supports rising enterprises in the demanding markets. It enables small businesses scale their sales efforts with expertise and delivers limitless users & features at a set price.


5. SalezShark is a relationship intelligence system that helps salespeople and marketers to learn practical customer insights and boost sales. By fostering secure connections between customers, Salezshark CRM software enables you to generate engagement from a unique marketing standpoint.

6. LeadSquared is a cutting-edge SaaS platform that offers end-to-end sales, branding, and onboarding automations. The business specializes in finding solutions to sales problems for businesses with numerous sales channels and teams who operate at high lead volumes and rates.

7. Freshdesk is customer service tool acting as a multi-support channel for all your customers. With its quick set up system, you can engage and help customers with their queries globally thereby tracking analytics and creating reports.

8. is a Customer Support CRM app mainly designed for small businesses, elevating customer service to a different level. It helps you improvise on your customer service techniques and product(s), managing communication and tracking insights.

9. Zendesk is a customer service software specially built with the notion of delivering great support to your customers. It has products such as Zopim chat, Zendesk Voice, Inbox Team Mail, etc which gives a different face to your customer service strategies.

Sounds interesting? Login to your MyOperator account and integrate your existing CRM.

Which all CRMs would you like to integrate with MyOperator? Share your opinions by commenting below. MyOperator is a call center software new-generation company that offers cloud telephony services to its customers. If you want toll-free number or an IVR calling system to take your customer service one notch up MyOperator is the spot for you.

If you have any queries related to CRM API integration with MyOperator, write to us at or call us on 92129 92129.

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