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Launching MyOperator chat support medium [BETA] for better customer outreach

Launching MyOperator chat support medium [BETA] for better customer outreach
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Enhanced and real-time customer communication play a vital role in simplifying the business communication process. 

Keeping the spirit of bringing advancement into the business communication strategies, it gives us immense delight to introduce the new chat support medium for better customer outreach. 

As we all are aware, customers also have a chat system for every window user interface. A new chat support medium will be an addition to this chat support and will save customer’s time and energy in reaching out to the support, further providing the stance of staying updated with the current product updates.

What is MyOperator chat support?

MyOperator chat support is our updated and added version of customer interaction. It is a chat window specifically designed for the customers to interact with the support team for better and quick customer support.

The chat window will be available on your MyOperator panel. However, only admins and super admins would be able to access it for now.

Advantages of MyOperator chat support 

We strongly believe that customer experience is a prominent factor in any business’s prosperity, and the first step to reach out for better customer experience is to improve customer service. 

Here are the exclusive benefits you can avail through the new chat support medium.

1. An easily accessible support medium

The purpose of launching a chat option in the MyOperator leading panel is to offer our customers a different and easily accessible medium for connecting with us. Now you can easily reach us through the chat window and get assistance on any subject you want.

2. Faster resolution

This feature will effectively help in shortening the time customers used to denote to reach us through different mediums including email or ticket system. Now users don’t just have one source of interaction, they have multiple and that too with swift query redressal.

3. Real-time notifications

Another advantage of the new chat support is that you can get real-time system notifications. With this feature, it is easier for the end-users to get system notifications if you are on the chat window and even if aren’t active on the chat window, a small pop-up window will have all the new feature notifications that you should be aware of.

We strongly believe that information is knowledge and learning about new feature updates is equally important when a business communication is at pedestal for so many good reasons.

4. Easy access to new announcements

Another important benefit of this feature is that whenever there is any new product announcement, users can directly get pop-up updates through the chat window. Earlier users didn’t have this facility where a feature could keep them updated regarding the new announcements. 

Hence, this feature is beneficial in terms of staying up to date with the new advancement of the product.

5. Being aware of policy updates

Policy updations are also an added advantage that can be availed with this feature. So, whenever we include a new benefit or make changes in our policies, you can directly get to know about the following update with a notification on the chat window.

Therefore, this chat support medium will serve the first and easiest mode for delivering useful information to the customers

6. Reduced waiting time

One of the most beneficial factors of this new chat support is less customer wait time for customers to reach out for support. Now you can easily go through drop-down options of probable queries and get your redressal in no time.

Where can I access this chat support?

To access the chat support medium, users can click on the chat icon placed just above the MyOperator dashboard a leading call center software

After pressing the icon, a dropdown window will open and users can simply write down their queries on the chat support medium. 

Hoping to serve you well!

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