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Get smart with customer relationships – Introducing Assign Contact

Assign Contact connects customers to the same agent each time they call.
MyOperator / Blog / Get smart with customer relationships – Introducing Assign Contact

One of the prime goals of any business is customer retention. It is therefore, of utmost importance to give them an experience that makes them want to come back for more. Our new feature release is driven primarily with the motive to help you build a stronger relationship with your customers.

We’re super excited to bring to you our new feature , Assign Contact”!

An Assign Contact is applicable only for contact based IVRs wherein an Account Manager is assigned to each contact. So whenever, the customer calls, the call is directly forwarded to the assigned agent. As of now, this feature is available/ accessible only through APIs and not via web panel.

Here’s how you can use Assign Contacts to enhance your customer’s experience:


If achieving success and growth is one of your prime goals, then ensuring that you meet the demands of your customers is a must. The growing relevance of personalization stems from this very fact. It clears ambiguity and establishes a one to one connect with your customers. Building a good relationship with your customers goes beyond just delivering the product or service. It is about developing a loyal relationship with your customers, which will bring them back to you.

In an Assign contact, since the customer’s call is always forwarded to the assigned Account Manager, it creates trust and a personal connect between the two. It ensures that every caller is given special attention and is made to feel important. The agents who attend calls, resolve every problem/query of the particular customer assigned to them. Callers do not need to contact any other agent for their problems or suggestions to be heard as a particular agent has been assigned solely to them.

An Assign Contact is thus, beneficial as it enables a faster point resolution and establishes a personal relationship between the caller and the agent. It keeps your customers happy as they do not need to wait for their problem to be heard. This in turn increases your brand loyalty and word of mouth publicity.

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Non repetitive and time saving

It is often the case that every time a customer calls, their call is routed to a different agent and they have to explain everything from scratch. No customer likes to repeat their problems again and again. When the solution to their problem keeps getting prolonged, it annoys them. Also, it worsens your customer’s experience and they will not want to deal with you again in the future.

With an assign contact, the entire IVR menu is skipped and the call is routed to the assigned account manager. The customer need not worry about explaining his problem to different agents every time he calls. Only his assigned account manager will answer his call. The exception is only when the caller dials the extension number of a particular agent.

Also, it is often the case that your callers have specific queries. In such cases you can assign an agent who has knowledge about that particular query. Doing this will transfer such calls directly to that assigned agent. This in turn ensures that the customer will get a satisfactory answer/ solution because the agent attending the call is most suited for that particular query.

An assign contact thus, saves the time and the effort of your callers as they do not need to explain the same issue more than once. All your customers are kept happy because they get a solution to all their problems without having to wait much. This in turn, helps you improve your relationship with your customers.

We are very keen to know how useful you found our new feature, Assign contact. Do send us your feedback in the comment section below or write to us on

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