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Simple Ways To Keep Customers Happy And Loyal

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 “The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth’s most customer-centric company.”- Jeff Bezos

It is this thought process of Jeff Bezos that made Amazon one of the largest thriving brands across the globe. Your customers are your business. It is your customers only who can help build your business or even destruct it. In the ever-evolving and competitive market, it is crucial to keep your customers happy to keep them loyal to you. Customer loyalty is often confused with customer satisfaction. Even though both of them root from one another, they still hold very different meanings. Excellent customer service is essential for success in this era of alternatives. Businesses often fail to figure where they are lagging when it comes to their customers. Here are a few tips on how to keep your customers happy so that they stay loyal to your brand:

Be loyal to get loyalty 

Before expecting loyalty from your customers, you should give the same to your customers. You should not just run after a customer only during the sales cycle and forget them later. Staying loyal to your customers means you keep them engaged throughout, respect their needs, and cater to their requirements whenever needed. Reach out to them beforehand and ask proactively if any support is required. To ensure the loyalty of your customers, you must first show your loyalty towards them. 

Reward them for choosing your services

This is one of the best tips on how to keep your customers happy. REWARD THEM! Yes, send them corporate gifts along with personalized wishes, help their business flourish, and offer them the most you can. Rewards are the keystroke for getting customer loyalty. Every customer loves surprises and complimentary gifts as they make them feel important. Rewards do not necessarily have to be too huge, a small discount of even 5% or a referral code can make your customer happy and fetch you some loyalty points. You need to show faith in your customers to get it back from them, and giving rewards is one way of doing so.

Ask for feedback/reviews

Asking for feedbacks make your customers feel that you value them and want to continuously work to give them better product/services. On the other hand, reviews are like golden words as they are the true testimonials of your customers capable of building your business. The best practice to get feedback is soon after the interaction is over with a customer. The feedback request should be quick and simple as it will help the customer speak his her mind, and they will give an honest opinion. Collecting reviews can help you turn your shoppers into customers in the long run. You can ask for a review through emails or texts but, the best way to do so is by offering some incentive for completion of the review as it will motivate them. Asking for customer inputs is a good practice but, what’s even better is responding to them. Responding to feedback and reviews will give an impression to the customer that their opinion matters and their concerns are being heard. 

Show your gratefulness

DO NOT take your customers for granted. As we have previously mentioned, your customer base is your business. A small thank you for choosing your service will make your customer happy as well as give a good impression of your company. Your customers should be your priority, and you should never lag in expressing how grateful you are to have them as they are the backbone of your business. Expressing gratitude is the right attitude!

Your availability is everything 

There are several ways through, which your customers can connect with you, you must always have someone from your side to get in touch and represent your brand. When a customer tried to contact you via text, SMS, emails, or chatboxes, there must be someone to respond as soon as possible, and there should be scripts prepared for the replies to some frequent queries to avoid any kind of delay. Quick replies are one answer to the question of how to make customers happy. 

Keep your word

If you have given your word to a customer that you will deliver them the work by today, then by hook or crook you should deliver the same before the deadline. You can prove your reliability to your customers by keeping your work to them and never disappointing them. If you deliver them the desired work on time, reply to their queries within 24 hours, and give them desired services, then your customers would trust you, and they will rely on you even in their worst times. Similarly, if you can help them in their urgency even when you have commitments, then also a bond of trust will develop, which will eventually help you gain the customer’s loyalty.

Treat your customers according to their will

You must remember that every customer is different, and you must treat them as individuals. All the customers will put forth different needs, and you must cater to them accordingly. Treating all the customers the same way will pose a problem for your business only. Every customer is unique, and you will have to work differently to gain their loyalty. If we talk about how to make customers happy, then the golden rule is treating them the way they want to be treated. Never tell a customer what they need always hear them and do as they ask. 


Sensitivity and transparency go a long way 

We all make mistakes in life. Sometimes we make unalterable mistakes. In such situations, you should be absolutely transparent to your customer and let them know the situation. Getting defensive about something wrong will make the situation even worse. 

You must also be sensitive to the customer and keep in mind the emotions of your customer while selling as well as supporting them. You being sensitive to customers’ need and their emotions will help them gain faith in you and ultimately make them happy. 

All these are the easiest ways of how to keep customers happy and loyal. Other than these give some discount or send unexpected gifts to your customers and make their day. Your efforts are what makes your customers happy and never refrain from going the extra mile for your customers.

Srishti Panwar

Content Developer

Srishti loves reading and writing. If she is not with the books, she is probably out playing badminton. She is a fitness enthusiast and likes to indulge in creative chores.

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