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How to drive better social media results through call tracking metrics

How to drive better social media results through call tracking metrics
MyOperator / Blog / How to drive better social media results through call tracking metrics

In this write up you’ll learn:

  • Why you should use social media channels to enhance your brand name.
  • How call tracking can help you optimize on your social media marketing strategies.
  • How you should approach different social media sites to ensure the best outcomes.

Companies these days are continually racing to commercialize their product innovations ahead of their competitors. However, the perennial challenge that most face is, determining the strategy that will help them optimize their pre defined objectives. Therefore, before you plunge into investing your money into offline marketing channels, you ought to take a look at how you can use social media, one of the online forums to promote your brand.

Statistically, there are approximately 2.3 billion active social media users around the world. Interesting as these stats look, an important point to take note of here is that, you shouldn’t undermine the extent to which social media can help spread awareness about your brand among your potential customers.

To begin your social media marketing strategy you need to first identify your target audience and objective. The next step involves bringing your idea to life and for this you need to curate and create content for the various social media channels you are going to approach and decide if you will need help from social media agencies to get this done. Content is required to spread awareness, attract potential leads and drive traffic to your website. It is needed to create Facebook posts, Linkedin Ads, Tweets and Youtube videos.

But, wait!

Some posts work and some don’t. I’m sure it is infuriating when you put in your heart and soul into creating ads and posts for various social media platforms and all you get is a negligible percentage of customers who are interested. But the question that arises is what makes a post successful and how do we know which post worked for us? Well, the answer is simple. You need to analyze the performance of your posts.

You probably are already using Google Analytics to view your overall website traffic, the number of leads and conversions you got from your blogs and social media campaigns. However, what you don’t get to know is the number of customers that you acquired through calls. This is where the role of call tracking and trackable numbers come into play.

Call tracking enables you to assign same or different phone numbers to each of your social media campaigns. It provides information about the overall call traffic, number of clicks, leads and conversions that your posts drive. Also, it allows you to analyse which post, video, advertisement worked best for you. With these details you can strategize your future marketing plans to drive better results. Thus, integrating call tracking data with google analytics gives you a truer picture about the performance of your social media campaigns.

Here’s where you can use call tracking metrics or trackable numbers to improve and optimise your social media marketing strategies:

Business website and posts

Every social media post that you share is created with the intent to get your customers know more about your product. Therefore, to increase the credibility of your posts you need a landing page which could either be the pricing page, the feature page, the FAQs or the blog section. All of these pages are curated in one place to form a website. It is here, wherein your customers get all the required information about your product, company and your contact number which, enables them to reach back to you anytime they need your expertise or advice. But, instead of a normal phone number, display a number on your website which is virtual in nature. Wondering why? I’ll tell you.

Virtual numbers are trackable and every insight into the general queries and problems faced by your customers is recorded. Utilise this valuable information by creating social media posts that provide solutions to the problems faced by your customers. It will not only resolve your callers queries but will also help them feel more connected with your company. However, before you share these posts, don’t forget to add trackable numbers to each post as with these numbers you will get data for the number of customers that clicked on a particular ad or post before initiating a call. Hence, trackable numbers enables you to measure the success of your social media posts.

Tips and take away: Resolve customer queries on all social media platforms through videos, facebook posts, tweets, memes,etc. It is one of the best ways to enhance your brand’s image and product’s knowledge among your customers. It will definitely help to improve your call back rates as customers are more likely to relate to your company when you provide a solution to their problems. Also, map a trackable number on your website to hear your customers’ queries and to the posts you share to measure which social media platform performed the best.

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Feature oriented videos are a powerful way to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your customers and prospects. They are created to grab the attention of potential customers and arose their interest in your product or service. Statistically, it is observed that including videos on a landing page and on social media platforms increases conversion rates by 80%. Given this, you cannot deny how impactful a video could be for your business.

Therefore, to ensure that you get the best results for every feature oriented video that you share on social media platforms, map a trackable number to monitor the number of clicks and phone calls that are driven by that particular video. This will tell you which feature is more appealing to your customers and is responsible for more generating the maximum number of leads. With this valuable information, you can create more videos around that particular feature to drive more traffic and leads to your website.

Tips and take away: Facebook and Youtube are one of the most effective social media sites to upload and share videos. However, keep in mind that the content you create is unique, informative, instructive and benefited oriented. Also, at the end of your videos add a trackable phone number to measure the call back rates that came because of your video. This will enable you to measure the success of all your videos and strategize your marketing plans accordingly.


The key to getting a greater number of click rates, call back rates and conversions is creative and engaging advertisements. After all, no customer will be interested in buying your product, if your advertisement doesn’t compel them to do so. Now, for the time being let’s assume that you’ve created the perfect advertisement that will compel any customer to click. Also, to ensure that they reach back to you, you provide them with a contact form, just like every other company. But, before you believe that you’ve optimised your social media strategy, take a look at this: “A phone call is worth between 500 percent and 1,000 percent more in revenue than a completed form will generate”.

Customers, prefer to call back and inquire about your product as compared to filling a form. Therefore, not adding a phone number after your advertisement paramounts to losing out on potential leads. Hence, the ideal solution for you is to share a virtual number instead of a form for every advertisement that you create.These numbers  are trackable and enable you know which advertisement in a particular day was most appealing to your customers and responsible for getting the maximum number of call back rates. Also, different virtual numbers for different advertisements helps you measure the number of conversions that each advertisement was responsible for.

Tips and take away: Facebook and linked advertisements have the potential to go viral provided you utilize these platform efficiently. Ensure that you keep your customers engaged with your comments and posts. Keep the tone of your posts and advertisements light and exciting and non promotional. Also, at the backend of every advertisement/ post  you share add a trackable phone number to keep yourself updated with the number of customers that called you because of your post/ advertisment.

The use of call tracking in social media marketing strategies empower businesses to know which campaign, post, video or advertisement is working best for them and is driving valuable phone calls. This in turn helps them make smarter marketing decisions, which leads to a reduction in wasteful ad spending and hence, drives a better RoI.

We’d love to hear from you. Please share your experience in the comment section below.

How to drive better social media results through call tracking metrics

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