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Customer Experience (CX) is the most significant thing that your business provides, regardless of what it sells. CX is the experience that customers have when dealing with your company.

It determines whether people are interested in purchasing from you, how much they spend, and how committed they are to your brand.

According to a Forbes study, 65% of consumers stated they would remain loyal to a company for a long time if they regularly have a pleasant experience with it across their contacts.

Making sure your clients have a positive experience is therefore crucial for developing lasting relationships with them and raising the value they eventually contribute to your company.

Making sound choices depends on having a strong grasp of the ability to analyse sales and customer experience (CX) data. However, searching through complex data might be confusing for non-technical people.

MyOperator products, including cloud call center software provide a user-friendly CX & Sales Analytics Dashboard to address this challenge, enabling non-technical users to leverage the power of data to enhance sales and customer service procedures.

Why CX & Sales Analytics Matter for Your Business?

Customer Experience (CX) metrics show you how your customers feel when they interact with your business. This enables you to determine whether they feel satisfied or not and what you may do to improve their level of happiness.

Did you know? According to Harvard Business Review research, businesses that use data-driven sales methods get a 5- to 6% increase in revenue over competitors.

When customers are satisfied, they are more inclined to repurchase from you and recommend your company to their friends, which can result in an increase in sales.

On the other hand, sales analytics make it possible for you to monitor how well your company is performing in terms of selling its products and services.

Customer Experience Metrics on MyOperator Dashboard
Monitor Seamlessly

You may see how many sales you generate, your revenue, and the most well-liked products and services you offer.

This insight is crucial since it supports goal-setting, the development of sales strategies, and the identification of potential areas for increased revenue.

CX & Sales Analytics are essentially a set of smart frames that allow you to view what your consumers like and dislike as well as how well your company is performing.

With the help of this valuable information, you can increase sales, delight customers, and grow your business.

Sales & Customer Services: Learning About Key Metrics Aligned with MyOperator Products

Every business needs to evaluate important customer service and revenue KPIs.

These indicators help in determining areas for growth, assessing overall performance, and ensuring client happiness.

Let us explore some key metrics that are strongly related to the solutions from MyOperator:

1. Outgoing Calls

It is essential to keep track of how many calls the sales and customer service teams make.

This measure shows how proactive they are in contacting potential consumers or responding to client questions and issues.

MyOperator CX Dashboard Real-time Data Insights
Keep track with real time data and insights

It can also help in determining the effectiveness and production of the teams.

For non-technical persons, outgoing calls matric is useful since it offers a simple way to assess the activity and productivity of the sales and customer support teams.

Non-technical people can easily keep track of the teams’ calls, which demonstrates how proactive they are in contacting potential clients and responding to customer concerns.

2. Corporate Line

Keeping track of the usage of the corporate line can provide valuable insights into the communication effectiveness of the teams.

This includes features like call recordings, WhatsApp API integration, and CRM synchronization, which boosts productivity.

The smart virtual business number makes dialling easier, optimising sales and customer service operations.

Note: It includes a simple dialer app and trackable virtual numbers for remote teams.

MyOperator Corporate line
MyOperator Corporate line

MyOperator Corporate line benefits non-tech people by offering user-friendly features that streamline communication and improve customer experiences:

Provision Smart Numbers

Non-tech individuals can easily provide employees with smart numbers without the hassle of provisioning corporate SIM cards. This allows for flexible and efficient communication without the need for complex technical setups.

 MyOperator Provision Smart Numbers

Centralised Communication

The platform enables businesses to centralise all communication activities, including calls, messages, and voicemails, through a single platform. Non-tech people can manage and monitor these interactions in a unified manner, simplifying communication management.

Integration with CRMs

The Corporate Line integrates seamlessly with CRMs, benefiting the sales team. People with less technical know-how can optimise their time and customer experiences by automating the reconciliation of customer interactions with the CRM data.

Voice & WhatsApp Engagement

The platform allows non-tech customer executives to handle both voice calls and WhatsApp for business engagements with customers using the same number. This simplifies customer interactions and ensures a consistent experience across different communication channels.

3. Incoming Calls Received from the IVR or a Toll-free Number

It is possible to learn more about consumer preferences, the success of marketing initiatives, and the amount of interest in products by analysing the incoming calls from toll-free lines or interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

This information can help you improve IVR scripts and phone interactions with customers.

Through the IVR or toll-free number, non-technical people can simply track, gain insights, and evaluate the volume of incoming calls.

MyOperator IVR
 MyOperator IVR

It helps them determine the level of customer interest in and engagement with their products or services.

MyOperator Toll-free Call 
Visualizes Customer Data for Insights
 MyOperator Toll-free Call Log Section
MyOperator Dashboard Customer Interaction Monitoring
Easily keep tabs on follow up
User-Friendly MyOperator CX Tracking Interface
MyOperator: Effortlessly manage all departments, users etc under one roof

Non-technical employees can identify popular products or frequently asked questions by monitoring these parameters, allowing them to adjust their marketing strategies and customer support replies accordingly.

4. Bigin CRM Integration for Customer Service

It is possible to handle data effectively and gain deeper customer insights by integrating customer service operations with a CRM platform like Bigin.

customer insights with Bigin CRM integration
Acquire more detailed customer insights with Bigin CRM integration

The number of cases logged, resolution timeframes, customer satisfaction scores, and the proportion of cases escalated to higher levels are important metrics in this regard.

Non-technical users can quickly access and update customer information within the CRM, allowing for a centralised and structured database of customer information.

MyOperator and Bigin by Zoho CRM
The integration: MyOperator and Bigin

This CRM integration makes it simpler to reply quickly and provides individualised help by enabling effective tracking of customer questions, support requests, and feedback.

Also, now you can choose from pre-defined templates or customise the CRM for your business in no time with Bigin. Isn’t that a great thing for all the non-tech peers out there?

5. Freshworks for Sales

Metrics tracking within Freshworks or any sales CRM software is crucial when examining sales performance.

The number of leads generated, conversion rates, transaction sizes, lengths of sales cycles, and victory rates are important indicators.

Sales managers can use this information to pinpoint top-performing salespeople and streamline the sales procedure.

Freshworks for Sales has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface that requires little to no technical experience, making it useful for non-technical people.

It streamlines the sales process, making it simple for non-technical people to manage leads, track customer contacts, and assess sales effectiveness.

It enables non-tech people to effectively manage sales tasks, streamline communication, and increase revenue without primarily depending on technical abilities owing to its simple-to-use features and automated workflows.

Final Thoughts

With easy-to-understand visualizations and intuitive features, getting started with the dashboard is straightforward.

CX Enhancement through MyOperator's Dashboard
MyOperator Dashboard

By leveraging such tools, non-tech individuals can make data-driven decisions, optimise sales strategies, and enhance customer satisfaction without the need for technical expertise.

It empowers them to drive business growth and success by putting valuable insights at their fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

A CX & Sales Analytics Dashboard is a visual tool that provides easy-to-understand insights into customer experience (CX) and sales performance. It allows non-tech individuals to track key metrics, make data-driven decisions, and optimise customer service and sales processes effectively.
It helps you understand your customers and sales better without needing technical skills.
Start by identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important to your company, such as customer happiness, conversion rates, and average response times. Next, select an analytics tool or platform that is user-friendly and fits your company's requirements and integrate it with your existing data sources.
Key metrics for customer service include customer satisfaction, how often you help customers, and how well you solve their issues.
To keep up with your business, it is a good idea to check it frequently, like once each week.
Yes, it provides valuable insights that help you make smarter choices for your customers and sales strategies.
For sales analysis, track metrics like total revenue, sales growth rate, customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer lifetime value (CLV), conversion rate, and average order value. These metrics will give you insights into your sales team's performance and overall revenue generation.
To analyse customer service performance, and track metrics like customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), average response time, first response resolution rate, and customer churn rate. These metrics will enable you to evaluate the performance of your customer service team and pinpoint areas for development.
Yes, most analytics platforms like Bigin offer customization options. You can tailor the dashboard's layout, charts, and data visualisations to match your specific business requirements and preferences.
Although having a data analyst or IT expert on board can be beneficial, user-friendly analytics solutions are made to be usable by non-technical people. You do not need technical knowledge to maintain and comprehend the dashboard if you have the correct training and an awareness of relevant data to your business.
Yes, the dashboard is designed to analyse and present data in a user-friendly manner. Non-tech individuals can leverage it to identify trends in customer behaviour, such as popular products or frequently asked questions, based on the incoming call data. Get to learn more here about IVR or toll-free number.

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