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What is the Advantage of CRM for SMEs [With Brand Examples]

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Do you still believe only enterprise-grade companies can afford to integrate CRM and call management to amplify sales and customer service outcomes? 

Well, it’s about time we bust the myth. Small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly benefiting from CRMs tailored to their business needs and budget. . They are no longer just for big businesses with huge client datasets. In order to track leads and organize calling activities, a CRM system is one of the best management tools to save time and effort of your team. . One of the remarkable outcomes that CRM systems can deliver is improved customer service, deeper customer relationships, new customer retention, and substantially more effective sales and marketing operations.

Here are some ways CRM systems can improve your sales pipeline  and multiply customer interactions. :

Improve Customer Engagement (CRM):

Outstanding customer service is more likely to draw clients to a business. What actions can small companies do to enhance their customer service? The answer is to make better use of your customer relationship management (CRM) software.

CRM software, often known as customer relationship management software, helps keep current customers while luring in new ones. It can be used to keep the sales funnel organized. Since studies have shown that great CRM software may boost sales by as much as 29%, its importance has increased. Additionally, it improves forecasting for businesses, resulting in a 42 percent increase in revenue.

Customer relationship management software allows you to stay in touch with clients so you can continuously gauge client satisfaction.

There are many benefits to using a capable CRM platform for customer service, including automation, email templates, contact history, and tracking information.

Customers believe that a company’s reputation for providing exceptional customer service is more important than its advertising in 65 percent of cases.

Marcus Clarke, Founder of says,

“The primary benefit of CRM solutions is to help you enhance and better manage your relationship with your customers.Customers are the lifeblood of every business. With the ever-increasing competition, capitalizing on the opportunities to build a loyal customer base and improve customer engagement is essential. With an overwhelming amount of information from customers, businesses needed help in consolidating, organizing, and synchronizing all that valuable data collection. That data can be mined for insights, used to automate marketing and sales processes, forecast future sales and much more. This is where the client management system falls and is one of the benefits of a CRM.”

Improved reporting and analysis of data: 

CRM analytics can help you understand your customers better and how well your sales and customer service teams are reaching them.

CRM analytics supports the monitoring of customer service activities, the verification of customer data, the analysis of consumer behavior, and the generation of improved leads.

The three largest categories of essential data can be utilized to differentiate between the most important CRM analytics.

Based on the information gathered by the program, the majority of CRM systems produce reports. It aids in preventing data calculations gone wrong. Additionally, you can modify the dashboard to suit your viewing preferences. Better judgments will be possible thanks to the capacity to generate reports and store customer information.Automation: The CRM would significantly shorten the time needed to complete the tasks by allowing the information to be stored in one location. This would make it possible to engage with customers more easily, which would increase business income.Improved Team Cooperation: The majority of CRM solutions are designed to promote teamwork. All of the data entered by a team member while interacting with a customer is accessible to the other team members.

Robert Calderon, Marketing Manager @ Dalvey says ,

“A “customer relationship management” software helps businesses manage, track, and organize their relationships with customers. From organizing contacts to automating key tasks, a CRM can be a centralized, organized hub that enables consistent communication both with customers and within the organization. That is one of the many benefits of a CRM. Although the software was created to improve business-customer relationships, and that’s still its main benefit, a modern CRM software has many functions. Some new features include a built-in analytic capability to contextualize data, breaking it down into actionable items and easily understood metrics. CRM can also provide sentiment analysis, automated ticketing, customer support automation and user behavior tracking to help you determine problems and quickly address them with your customers.”

*Discover New Perspectives That Can Be Useful*

CRM supports the management and analysis of a company’s back office. It includes all commercial practices that don’t engage clients directly. Because of this, operational CRM and analytical CRM are very different. Analytical CRM is designed to thoroughly analyze the customer’s information and data in order to uncover or unwrap the core customs and intentions of their behavior, on which the business can capitalize. In contrast, operational CRM makes use of direct customer engagement and requirements assessment to automate marketing, sales, and service operations.

Accumulating all relevant and crucial data on clients from various sources and channels, then collectively integrating and inheriting this data into a major knowledge base with a global organizational perspective.

By researching and obtaining the answers to all the relevant business-related questions, establishing, developing, and assessing a comprehensive set of guidelines and analytical techniques to scale and enhance customer connections.

The effectiveness of CRM systems and procedures, customer relationships and interactions, and actual business planning with customers will all be improved by putting the results into practice or implementing them.

Stakeholder value, organizational strategic business management, and customer values should all be combined.

 Lulu Albanna, the Co-Founder of *WRC Media* says,

“It is much simpler to monitor your overall performance using CRM software since all of your data is stored in one location. Reports may simply be prepared by identifying essential data such as money earned, leads, and the success of your marketing initiatives. Better data equals better business choices, and better business decisions imply better income.”

Leverage Your Business:

Numerous businesses are taking all reasonable precautions to safeguard their employees and the general public due to the severity of the COVID-19 epidemic. Work needs to be done, sales need to be made, opportunities need to be pursued, and customer service issues need to be resolved. In order to complete these tasks, it is essential to have the appropriate technology in place that allows employees to collaborate, whether they are working in an office or from home. CRM programmes can be useful in this circumstance. ​

For years and for a number of reasons, many of our clients have underutilized the potential of the CRM software they already own. However, COVID-19 has forced companies to examine and utilize previously underutilized CRM system features.

Mr. Jake Marmulstein – CEO of Groundbreaker

“CRM’s are great tools that you can use to leverage your business and get more things done. You can set your nurturing activities to be automated and let the system email and text your leads automatically and only prompt you when your attention is needed. It is a lever that makes getting things done easier but it does not replace you from doing the work. Like any tool is only going to be good if you use it.”

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Advertising

CRM for advertising and/or the media CRM is primarily a CRM solution that offers analytical data on the sales and revenue-generating activities carried out by companies in the media and advertising sector, as well as assistance in the collection and archiving of vast amounts of data. In plain English, a media CRM, or customer relationship management system, streamlines all the sales-driven processes, offers information on the effectiveness of revenue generation and sales, and makes all the complex activities that a media and advertising organization can encounter simple.

Mike Albrecht, the Marketing Specialist of *Fresha* says,

A more focused and cost-effective email marketing campaign may be achieved with the use of a CRM software. When you know what your customers want and how they behave, you’ll be able to leverage a CRM system’s marketing automation features to your benefit. In addition, CRM software will assist you to segment your clients and offer you an idea of which customer groups would be most lucrative. Use this information to plan and implement relevant marketing for your groups at the appropriate time. Increasing your income is as simple as making the most of your marketing tools and doing it consistently. As a result of all this, your sales staff will benefit immensely from it.


Going digital is no longer optional for small businesses; it’s mandatory to scale further…”

Rimjhim Ray, VP, Marketing of MyOperator says,

“Going digital is no longer optional for small businesses; you have to digitize to stay competitive and grow in a volatile market. A CRM can take care of so many of your worries – from managing prospects to customer communications; you can do it all in one place.

There are myths that CRM is expensive and out of reach of SMEs. The market right now has CRMs that fit all pocket-sizes and needs. Pick the one that is right for your business. Make sure it integrates with essential software like call management and cloud telephony tool like call center software and toll free number to help you manage your sales calls and conversion ratio better. Take the right step for your business today and you will be happy that you made an investment to build a stable, growing business.”

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