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Why MyOperator Toll-Free Number Service Is Your Most Trusted Choice For Your Customer Care Number

24x7 Virtual Receptionist

Allow your customers to call your toll-free number for real-time support anytime, anywhere — even when your team is away

30 Seconds To Set-Up

No hardware hassles. Set up your Company Call Number your first IVR system in 30 seconds and build multiple configurations

Save Up To 80%

Save up to 80% of operational costs with cloud-based toll-free solution. Save more with user-based pricing to buy 1800 number

Multi-Level IVR

No more manual call handling. Route all incoming calls to the right agent in the concerned department automatically

Integrate with WhatsApp/CRM

Sync your toll-free number with other relevant business tools like WhatsApp, CRM, or other tools for better outcomes.

Powerful Call Insights

Get live call performance data and insights and analyze them to optimize your business calls better than ever before.

Trust The MyOperator Experience to Get A 1800 Number. Endorsed By Customers And Experts.

Not Just A Toll-Free Number For Business, But A Complete Cloud Phone System

Activate Your Toll-Free Number Service And IVR In Seconds

Myoperator Toll-Free Number Features

Live panel

See all your toll-free number call logs in the live call dashboard.

Call recording

All calls are recorded and stored on a secure cloud for quality checks and training

CRM integration

Integrate with the CRM of your choice to power up your sales & customer service teams

Remote teams

No office setup needed. Cloud-based toll-free number lets your team work remotely

IVR menu

Greet customers with custom messages 24x7 and connect them with relevant customer care number agents.

Call reports

Get daily call analytics reports by email or SMS for better business decisions.

Call tracking

Track all the incoming and outgoing calls in real-time and regularly monitor all the live calls.

Live call transfer

Transfer calls from one agent to another for faster customer resolutions in one call.


Easily follow-up with missed customer calls by calling them back in one tap with click-to-call.

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing To Buy Toll-Free Number

Set up a fully loaded cloud call center. Explore pricing of toll-free number service tailored to your business needs. Start as low as ₹ 1249 per month.

The Art Of Living-Myoperator Success Story

The Lenskart - MyOperator Success Story

How Lenskart Achieved a 10x Boost in Customer Support With The Help Of MyOperator Call Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your questions regarding the call center solution and how it can help your business to get a 1800 number. If you have some other questions, visit our support center.

How Toll free number can help you grow your business?
Toll free number is a telephone number on which your customers and clients can call you for free. Anytime. Anywhere.
Customers prefer to call businesses with a toll free number and it also adds a caring brand image. Advertisements with a toll free number get more attention. It also provides a convenient way to handle customer calls like a virtual receptionist.
Well, your customers thrive on after-sales customer services! By using a toll free number, you provide your customers an access to get in touch with you anytime they want, even when your team is away. That's why 1800 number gets more calls than a non-toll-free number. And indeed, more sales, more revenue, and more profits.
With MyOperator, you can claim your 1800 toll free number in less than 3 minutes. For a demo account, you can sign up online or mail us at
You can get a toll-free number from MyOperator online. To buy a toll-free number, you can mail us at One of our executives will reach back to you soon. They will help you select an 1800 number of your choice and will book it for you.
  1. Mail us at
    You will get a call back from MyOperator Executive. You can speak to a toll-free specialist who will explain to you the available toll-free plans and ways to get company ka number. They will also help you select the best plan for your business.
  2. Select an 1800 toll-free number.
    Our executive will provide you with different 1800 numbers available. You can choose the company ka number of your choice. Before buying, you can also book a free 3-day demo.
  3. Complete KYC to activate your toll-free number.
    Submit required KYC documents online to activate your toll-free number. As soon as KYC is completed, your 1800 number is assigned to you. The whole process can be completed online in a few minutes.
  • 24*7 customer listening
    With a toll free number, your business stays up 24*7. Toll free number provided by MyOperator comes with an integrated IVR facility. That means your customers can call on your toll free number and get help right on their phone. Regardless of the time of the day, your customers can dial your toll free number and get real-time support. During business hours, all the callers can connect with your support executives. After business hours, customers can leave a voice message. Your team can follow-up on customer messages through the live panel. With toll free and IVR combo, you can listen to your customers 24*7. It makes customers feel heard and valued.
  • Boost your employees' productivity
    MyOperator integrates toll free number with smart Interactive Voice Response (IVR). IVR can route incoming calls on a toll free number to the right person in the appropriate department. Your staff members don’t have to waste their time routing calls to the concerned personnel. Toll free number’s quick IVR menu well takes care of that job. Toll free number can also be integrated with your CRM software in a few clicks. For every caller, your support executive can get caller details on-screen. No juggling through customer records! Integration of toll free number with IVR and CRM can save hours of your employees' time. No redundant work mean a boost in morale and job satisfaction too.
  • Sell 30% more with toll free number
    If you want better marketing for your business, you need a toll free company ka number too! Wondering why? Well, research suggests that advertisements with a toll free number bring about 30% more orders than ads without a toll free number. Do you want to lose those 30% more customers? Definitely not. Toll free number is an incredible marketing tool. Be it any marketing campaign, a toll free number can add value and help to generate more leads. People give more credibility to businesses that have a toll free number. Customers associate the products and services with better quality if a business uses a toll free number for marketing.
  • Caring brand image. Better customer retention..
    Do you know why customers switch brands? Well, terrible customer service and absence of timely support grab two of the top spots! With a toll free number, you can ensure round-the-clock customer support. That's why customers regard business with a toll number as more caring. Toll free number reflects a commitment for better customer service. Toll free number is also memorable and unique to your brand. It can increase brand recall and generate about 20%-60% more inbound leads.
  • A base for business scalability
    While a customer support or toll free number is a helpline for customers, it’s a lifeline for business. On one toll free number, you can add a staff of as many members as your business needs. It empowers your business to take care of many customer calls at the same time in your company ka number. If all executives are engaged, calls are logged in the panel for follow-up. That means zero missed calls and a 100% response rate. As your business grows, you can add more staff on your toll free number in a few clicks. All your customers can connect with your business on a toll free number unique to your business—no need to dial the numbers of different support executives.
Price of a toll free number is very affordable. MyOperator toll free number plans start at INR 2,499 per month with 2000 free minutes. After 2000 free minutes are used, you are charged at INR 1.2 per minute for toll free calls.
For more information on toll free number cost, please check the MyOperator toll free number pricing page.
At MyOperator, we ensure round-the-clock support for all customers. We treat every call as an opportunity to solve a problem for our customers and strengthen our relationships. That’s how we have won and continue to maintain the trust that 12,000+ companies bestow upon us for their business calls management. As MyOperator customer, you will be entitled to our premier customer care, 24*7. Whenever you need technical help, need to add a new feature, or need any help with your toll free number for business, you can mail us to our MyOperator support email at and our customer support team will call back with a solution.
  1. Cloud call center
    Cloud call center empowers your sales and support teams to take care of customer calls working from your home, office, or on-the-go. With this, you can set up a remote team and manage inbound and outbound calls anywhere.
  2. IVR system
    Interactive voice response system or IVR allows your customers to interact with your business anytime, right on their phone. With IVR, your business can handle an unlimited number of calls giving you enough room to scale your business.
  3. Inbound call center
    MyOperator inbound call center solution is designed to handle multiple calls simultaneously from any location. With the inbound call center, you can enable your customers to conveniently connect with your support agents on customer care numbers.
For any queries regarding toll free number for business, please mail us at with your questions, One of our executives will reach back to you soon

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