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Toll-free number is a magic wand for SMEs

Toll-free number is a magic wand for SMEs
MyOperator / Blog / Toll-free number is a magic wand for SMEs

As featured on Silicon India.

Who doesn’t like to feast on free support and services? Amazing businesses work on the paradigm of providing ultimate customer satisfaction. And this ain’t easy! IT involves handling hundreds of calls on a daily basis, including exchange, complaint, inquiry and account related calls.

Make customer delight simple

Your 1800 number can be your ultimate, magical marketing tool. For instance, ‘Got Junk’, a junk removal company in Canada, has a toll-free number which their customers can never forget – 1800-GOT-JUNK. This number’s not just appropriate and catchy but toll-free also. Would we think twice before dialing it when in need?

What’s the most simple and affordable answer to this ever prevalent question: How could micro and small businesses maintain old customers and attract new ones? By giving an opportunity to the existing and potential customers to catch hold of you without having to spend a single dime through a magical Toll-Free Number. The beautiful thought that ‘you, without any monetary condition, are there for your customer’ is always overwhelming. Besides this, new customers will keep pouring in because a toll-free number has a resonance that “I don’t have to pay for the call”. You can expect more business if the customer can call you for free!

Jeanne Bliss’ bestseller, I love you more than my dog – a book on business decisions, talks about the decisions that “beloved companies” make. The fourth decision to ‘Decide to Be There; to show up in our customers’ lives in a way that makes sense to them’ makes a point that can’t go unnoticed. To be your customer’s beloved company, you need to show up whenever your customer counts on you. A Toll-Free Number not only makes it possible for your customer to get to the right direction but also ensures your any-time availability resolution.

Make customer support seamless

Another important point is, save your customer’s time by directing them to the right department or the person concerned. This further reduces any chances of miscommunication and the unrewarding flow of incorrect transfers from one department to another.

And what about you? You save on response and resolution time and get a happy customer who will keep coming back to you! And it’s now easier and cheaper to get a Virtual toll-free number than a regular landline.

A toll-free number embraces a business into a bigger and better image. If ou are an organization of 10 individuals and you would like the customers to consider your business all large and national, buy toll-free number now.

Virtual Toll-free number for business doesn’t come with a baggage. The set-up is simple and doesn’t require any hardware installation. With systems such as MyOperator, an IVR service provider, a few clicks on the computer screen are enough for you to start accessing your toll free single access number at a very small monthly cost.

Toll Free Vanity NumberUnhitched, single, economic, full of goodness and affordable. Getting one will not burn a hole in your pocket. It will, instead, keep your phone ringing.

About The Author
Chirayu Akotiya
Chirayu Akotiya leads the Growth Team at Anaek Inc that creates solutions for businesses to engage with and delight their employees. It is the parent company behind products such as AttendanceBot, OfficeAmp, and Expensetron. Prior to this, he led Growth at MyOperator. Find him on Twitter (@ChirayuAkotiya).

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