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Toll-Free Number is a Magic Wand for SMEs

Toll-free number is a magic wand for SMEs
MyOperator / Blog / Toll-Free Number is a Magic Wand for SMEs

Toll free number to make calls or write an email?

What would you prefer as a customer?

Most customers would rather contact a company number instead of sending an email. That’s where the magic of toll free numbers for free comes into play.

One of the advantages of using toll-free numbers include that the leads and customers can easily contact your business without incurring any call costs by using toll-free numbers. Instead of the caller paying the fees, the business does.

How To Get A Toll-Free Number For Business?

It is quite easy to get a toll free number for business. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Select A Toll Free Number Service Provider

First things first, pick a reputable service provider with toll-free numbers. This service is provided by numerous online service providers and telecommunications companies.

2. Choose a Toll-Free number

After deciding on a provider, you must pick a toll-free number for small business. Usually, you can accomplish this by calling the service provider directly or doing it online. You will be able to select from a variety of available toll-free prefixes, including 877, 888, or 800.

3. Sign Up for a Plan 

Select a toll-free number and then enrol in a plan based on your business requirements. Service providers provide a range of plans with varying features, such as:

  • Voicemail
  • Analytics 
  • Call forwarding
  • Live Panel
  • Call routing

4. Provide Business Information

In order to register the toll-free number for SMEs, you will need to supply your business’s details, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number

For more details, watch the video now:

KYC Process

5. Set Up Call Handling

After the activation of your toll-free number, you may set up call-handling preferences. This includes features to your mobile phone or business phone:

  • Voicemail settings
  • Automated greetings
  • Call reports
  • Call recording
  • CRM Integration 

6. Test Your Number 

Before you start promoting your toll-free number for free, test it to guarantee proper call routing and functionality.

How To Get Toll Free Number For SMEs?

Toll Free Number For SMEs

There can be many unplanned costs and services associated with starting a business. As a result, you should try to save money wherever possible. 

Since you will always require a point of contact in the form of a phone number or email, getting and setting up a toll free business phone number is a smart method to market your business as a new, reputable enterprise.

If you are wondering, “Is there a toll free number for small businesses?” Businesses of all sizes can find a toll free business phone number in India.

SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) go through the same process as larger organisations to obtain a toll-free number. SMEs, however, may have specific needs and financial limitations. They can get a toll-free number in the following few steps:

1. Research Toll Free Number For SMEs Providers

Begin by looking at several service providers to identify one that provides reasonably priced plans specifically designed for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). Have you heard about the 1800 toll free number price in India? MyOperator can help you get a toll free number for business within your spending plan.

2. Analyse Features of Toll Free Number

Think about the features crucial to your business’s success. Do you require remote teams, analytics, or click-to-call features, for instance? Select a toll-free provider in India who can give the features you require at a budget you can afford.

3. Sign Up

After choosing a provider that suits your requirements, choose a toll-free number for business and enrol in their service.

How Business Toll Free Service Work?

Let us say you would like to get in touch with a company but do not want to pay for the call. Do you know about the 1800 toll free number price in India? If not, as a consumer you need not worry about it. Why? That is the benefit of using toll-free numbers! People can contact businesses for free by using toll-free phone numbers. But have you ever been curious how business toll-free service works?

1. Obtaining A Toll-Free Number

First, a company must contact a service provider to obtain a toll-free number. In the US, these numbers typically begin with 800, 888, 877, or 866. While in India, the toll-free no code is “1800.” Toll-free numbers in India typically start with this code, followed by a series of digits assigned to each specific business or organisation. Once they obtain the number, they may begin using it to allow customers to call them for free.

2. Connecting Calls 

A customer’s call to the toll-free number for SMEs is forwarded to the business’s phone system via a network of phone lines. Often, this system has features like call forwarding,

3. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

When you call a business, you may hear a voice recording providing you with options such as “Press 1 for Sales” or “Press 2 for Support.” This is known as interactive voice response, or IVR system. IVR is that! IVR facilitates efficient phone handling by businesses by giving callers the option to select the department or service they require without having to speak with a person straight away.

4. WhatsApp Integration

Toll-free services are increasingly being integrated by businesses with messaging apps such as WhatsApp for business. This enables customers to message the company rather than give it a call. Businesses can collect orders, offer customer service, and give updates via WhatsApp, which enables convenient communication for those interested.

Advantages Of Using Toll-Free Numbers

Advantages Of Using Toll-Free Numbers

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), toll-free phone numbers are essential, providing a host of benefits that can greatly increase customer satisfaction and business performance. 

The benefits increase even further when combined with call center software and cloud call center solutions. Let us take a closer look at these advantages of using toll-free numbers:

1. Easy access

A call toll-free number serves as a virtual bridge that easily links businesses and their customers. It removes obstacles of location and makes it possible for consumers to get in touch with you without reluctance, wherever they may be.

2. Brand Image

Regardless of size, whether large enterprise or SMEs, a business that has a 1800 1800 1800 toll-free number radiates professionalism. It conveys a sense of authenticity and dependability, which can enhance consumers’ opinions of the brand and increase their level of trust in it.

3. Cost-Efficiency

Despite popular assumptions, small businesses do not always have to pay enormous amounts of money to obtain a toll-free number. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), several toll free numbers for free providers offer cost-effective solutions that allow them to use 1800 phone number communication without going over budget.

4. Better Customer Engagement

SMEs can promote seamless communication with their customers by offering their toll-free number for small businesses. Due to this accessibility, customers are more likely to get in touch with you with inquiries, feedback, or even purchases, which builds connections and increases loyalty among customers.

5. Marketing Benefit

Including a toll-free number in advertising campaigns can increase sales significantly. Customers can find it easier to remember and get in touch with it as a memorable point of contact. A best toll-free number can also increase response rates and the overall success of a campaign when included in ads.

6. Seamless Scalability

Toll-free numbers and cloud call center solutions combine effortlessly, giving SMEs the ability to grow their business as needed. Cloud-based call center software can easily handle growth, whether it be through agent additions or geographic expansion.

7. Better functions

Toll-free no comes with a host of additional capabilities that improve customer service and streamline operations. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can use call routing, IVR systems, call recording, and analytics to get the most out of their customer interactions.

8. Better Customer Service

SMEs can provide outstanding customer service by utilising cloud call center software. Ensuring prompt resolution of inquiries and issues features such as skill-based routing and automatic call distribution direct calls to the most skilled agents.

Who Can Use Toll-Free Numbers?

Use Toll-Free Numbers

All types of businesses, from small startups to major large companies, can benefit from call toll-free online numbers. Are you ready to get toll free number for business? Toll-free no offers an upscale look and enables seamless customer communication.

1. E-commerce Websites 

Toll-free numbers can help e-commerce sites by providing support for orders, product questions, and customer service, therefore improving the whole buying experience.

2. Service Providers

Toll-free lines allow service providers, such as utility companies, insurance companies, and healthcare providers, to make assistance and information easily accessible to their clients.

For example:
Carnival Support Services India sought help from MyOperator to solve their challenges. They wanted to switch from a landline to an International Toll-Free number for better on-call support

MyOperator provided a call management setup with:

  • International Toll-Free numbers. 
  • An IVR for three countries.

MyOperator’s solution helped Carnival Support Services India to:

  • Improve call handling efficiency.
  • Eliminate international calling charges for their clients.
  • Track business calls, check the most recent call reports.
  • Get automatic recording of customer conversations to evaluate and improve team performance.

3. Marketing and Sales Teams

By providing potential customers with a convenient point of contact, toll-free numbers can be included into marketing efforts to boost consumer engagement and generate sales leads. That’s what Autocion did! How?

Autocion, a startup with a small team, wanted to improve their customer service touchpoints. They needed a helpline number for branding and marketing across various channels.

MyOperator’s cloud call center software and IVR system offered a solution. Autocion is now able to:

  • Expand customer touchpoints. 
  • Curate tailored messaging for enhanced engagement.
  • MyOperator’s toll-free number service helped to receive continuous support and increase brand value.

4. Non-Profit Organisations

Non-profit organisations can use toll-free numbers to gather contributions, spread information about their purpose, and provide assistance to those they serve.
NGOs, like Art of Living, aim to contribute positively to society while building trust and spreading their missio

Did you know? Limited budgets often pose challenges for NGOs, requiring them to find cost-effective solutions.

Art of Living faced challenges to:

  • Promote their ‘Happiness Program’
  • Providing legal assistance
  • Manage calls for their international events
Art of Living MyOperator Success Story

MyOperator offered a solution by providing a premium toll-free number and an IVR solution.

This allowed Art of Living to:

  • Manage high call traffic.
  • Connect with callers at zero cost.
  • Boost clients’ trust. 
  • Provide accessibility for Art of Living followers.
  • Offer 24/7 availability for callers.
  • Easily promote among the target audience.

5. Educational Institutions

By using toll-free numbers for emergency notifications, student support services, and admissions inquiries, schools, colleges, and universities can improve communication with both parents and students.

Students today demand more individualised attention, thus it is critical to efficiently manage the data they provide.It becomes difficult to manually create tailored databases for a significant number of students. 

In such a scenario, a call management system provides a productive way to analyse and manage the specifications of students.

Akash International, a leading player in the education industry, faced challenges such as:

  • Inability to track student calls and potential loss of data.
  • Difficulty categorising student databases according to their needs.
  • Lack of availability after working hours.
  • Inability to record calls for understanding student queries.
  • Challenges in providing personalised guidance to each student.

MyOperator provided Akash Group with toll-free/virtual numbers and IVR phone systems to address these challenges.

The solution enabled Akash International to optimise student engagement by:

  • Handling 1000+ student inquiries.
  • Responding to student queries outside of office hours.
  • Offering personalised feedback to students.

6. Travel & Hospitality Sector 

To help consumers with bookings, reservations, and inquiries, hotels, airlines, and travel agencies frequently provide toll-free numbers. This personalised service boosts customer loyalty.

MyOperator provided TravelTriangle, an online travel agency, with a Toll-Free number and an IVR setup to replace their fixed landline system. Moreover, during the Bali Volcano crisis, TravelTriangle utilised MyOperator’s system to assist customers stuck there by adding an exclusive section in their online IVR for Bali assistance.

MyOperator and TravelTriangle Success story

MyOperator’s Call Management solution helped TravelTriangle to:

  • Track, record, and distribute calls to the right agents.
  • Maintain availability 24/7.
  • Access automated and real-time caller databases easily.
  • Gain 62% increase in incoming calls with the Toll-Free company ka number.
  • Bring in 59% boost in deal closures as a result of increased availability and decreased unmanaged lead counts.

Drive Growth with toll-free solutions

Get your toll-free number today!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a toll-free number for your business in India by contacting telecom service providers or third-party vendors who offer toll-free number services. They will help you set up the number for your business and select an appropriate plan.
To register a toll-free number, you need to reach out to a telecom service provider or a third-party vendor offering toll-free number services. They will guide you through the registration process, which typically involves filling out an application form and providing necessary business documentation.
No, you cannot make direct calls to 1800 numbers on WhatsApp currently. Whatsapp only allows you to make phone calls to contacts or other Whatsapp users.
Compare the features and prices provided by various telecom service providers and third-party suppliers to find the best deal on a toll-free number. Look for providers with competitive prices, and take into account any extra features or perks that come with the plan.
Businesses frequently utilise toll-free numbers for helplines, marketing campaigns, sales queries, and customer service. They encourage communication and improve the customer experience for customers contacting businesses by providing free phone calls.
Some disadvantages of toll-free numbers include potential costs for the business owner, especially for incoming calls, limited availability of certain numbers, potential for spam or unwanted calls, and reliance on toll free service providers for maintenance and support.
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