About Carnival Support Services India (CSSI)

The largest international staffing company in the nation, Carnival Support Services India (CSSI), provides highly qualified and trained workers for cruise ship operations all over the world. Under the Carnival Corporation umbrella, the corporation currently manages 21000 Indian employees on more than 95 cruise ships, providing the best cruise jobs for professionals.

Problem Statement

Before integrating with MyOperator, CSSI functioned with a UK landline customer support number, whose calls were forwarded to Indian mobile numbers. They received a high volume of calls from clients (located in different countries) seeking assistance related to travel/logistics and those seeking recruitment on cruises.

However, their UK landline number had certain limitations that include:

  • Poor call connectivity resulting in inefficient customer support.
  • High international calling charges incurred by customers calling on UK support numbers.
  • CSSI was charged at international rates for forwarding calls to Indian numbers.
  • No follow-up call could be ensured without the data of missed calls. As a result, they were facing a substantial number of missed calls and on-call orders as well.

The Solution

CSSI reached out to MyOperator to help them overcome their challenges. Considering the above challenges, Carnival Support wanted to switch from their existing landline number to an International Toll-Free number for their on-call support process. MyOperator provided them with a full-fledged call management setup encompassing International Toll Free numbers along with an IVR for three different countries to eliminate international calling charges of their clients.

MyOperator’s Call Management solution helped them to:

Save money and improve efficiency of their call handling process. It also assured them benefits more than their expectations

The Results

With MyOperator’s Call Management Solution, CSSI was able to

  1. Access to timely updated call reports for easy monitoring of their business calls.
  2. Automatic recording of customer conversations to help them analyze and improve their team performance.

12,000+ Businesses Activated
200 Million Calls Enabled
4.5 Google Rating

#1 Ranked in India's Cloud Telephony Leadership Matrix

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