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What is ivr number?

What is an IVR number?

IVR number can be easily referred to as the tool for advanced and modern business communication. Where better customer experience has become a priority for most businesses, IVR numbers acts as a major contributor to achieve the goal. Your first ‘hello’ with the customer needs to convey your business professionalism, and this is fulfilled by playing a customized voice message for your callers as they call you on your business phone number. An IVR number with its modern attributes takes your business communication and customer service one-notch up.

Features of IVR number

Automatic call routing

All the incoming calls on your IVR number will be automatically routed to the respective agent/department, basis your caller’s input in the IVR menu. An IVR, hence, brings faster on-call resolution to your customer queries and eliminate the need to transfer calls manually.

Customized voice message

Your callers are greeted with a customized voice message as an attribute of your business professionalism. The voice greeting on your IVR number can be set in different language options and will be recorded by professional voice artists as per your choice.

Inbound calling

All the incoming calls on your IVR number will be handled automatically, without manual intervention. Callers can select their query in the IVR menu and their call will be routed to their respective agent immediately. In case of non-availability of agents, callers can also leave a voicemail of their query.

Outbound calling

An IVR message along with IVR menu can be recorded and outbound calls will be placed automatically on the given set of phone numbers. As the customer selects the option in the IVR menu, a call would be sent to the respective agent, and their will be connected with the customer automatically.

Benefits of IVR number for business

Professional and upgraded brand impression

When the customers reach out to your business number, getting the message of number is unavailable or out of coverage area is a big turn off. Your business has to be available to take their calls at any time and an IVR number enables you to do so. With an IVR business number, your incoming calls are forwarded to your agent’s phone number facilitating them to take customer calls irrespective of the time and location. Taking customer calls and resolving their issue in the earliest time significantly increases your brand credibility and trust in front of your customers.

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Enhanced on-call customer interaction

A voice message in the regional language of your customers and recorded by a professional voice artist considerably level up your customer service. No customer would want to wait on hold while your business number is engaged, and an IVR number eliminates any such scenario. Calls will be transferred to the concerned agent of your caller, ensuring fastest on-call resolution without making them hold to transfer calls to another agent.

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Handle large call volume with ease

There can always be situations when 2 or more customers might call on your business number at the same time. Herein, an ordinary phone number neither can allow you to take multiple calls simultaneously nor provide you with details of your missed calls. An IVR phone number, on the other hand, empowers your team to attend multiple calls parallelly and also provides you reports of your missed calls, facilitating timely follow-up on the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the IVR number?
An IVR number is a phone number with cloud telephony features that attends and routes your customer calls automatically without any manual intervention. Both the incoming and outgoing calls can be managed through an IVR number and your business message can be delivered to them hassle-free.
1. Round the clock availability for your customer calls 2. Mobility in work for your business executives. 3. Enhanced on-call interaction for your customers. 4. Upgraded and credible image of your business 5. Faster on-call resolution of customer queries.
IVR call flow is the structure of the IVR menu and call routing that you will decide as per your business suitability. It will include your IVR message and mapping the phone numbers behind each department, and your calls will then be forwarded on those phone numbers.
IVR is a cloud telephony product which brings advancement to your business call handling. As the caller dials your IVR number, a voice message will be played. The caller will have to select an option as per their query and the call will then be routed to the concerned agent. In case of non-availability of agents, the caller can leave their message in the voicemail.
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