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How innovation is transforming IVR into a marketing tool

ivr innovation
MyOperator / Blog / How innovation is transforming IVR into a marketing tool

Do you ever wish you could build something great so that the people and the media are thoroughly excited in the similar manner as when i-phone launches its new version? This can only happen when you pitch your product differently every time you project it!

Effective Marketing is crucial for all enterprises and induces sales. But, marketing calls for innovation too! “Innovation” is the only way by which you can fulfil your dreams and because of your innovative ideas, your company looks different.

Restricting to just a couple of marketing techniques will restrict your reach. According to an Jeff Bulas,  marketing is “10% of what you say and 90% of how you say it.” Therefore, it’s time to mix innovation in marketing techniques.

The day you called up that toll-free number and heard a professional voice saying “Welcome to The Company”, that’s an IVR. 

  • Recent innovations are reshaping IVR, turning it into a potent marketing tool for businesses.
  • IVR now offers more personalised and efficient ways for businesses to engage with customers.
  • This article delves into the ways innovation is revolutionising IVR’s role in marketing.
  • IVR’s transformation is driven by technological advancements.
  • Businesses can harness IVR’s marketing potential for enhanced customer interactions.
 Customer Outreach with IVR
Streamline Customer Outreach with IVR as Your Marketing Ally

1. Personal Branding

According to the “global brand guy”, Rick Steinbrenner, brand marketing and new product development have changed. Therefore, though businesses are still engaged in brand marketing, they are approaching it as a part of “Personal Branding”.

These days, virtual IVRs are used as a tool for personal branding to help companies promote the nature of businesses.

Here’s what you can do with it: 

  • Use an IVR number on your website for customer contact.
  • Implement a welcoming IVR message that embodies your brand identity.
  • Ensure the tone and voice modulation align with your brand image.
  • When callers reach out, they encounter your brand voice.
  • Offer user-friendly options to connect them to their desired department.

A restaurant named Bakasur (a posh restaurant in Bangalore, India), for example, has customised their IVR giving it a voice of a monster as per the theme of the restaurant. So, everytime you call them, you hear a monster talking! This enabled the company to engage the customers with the theme of their business and made it easier for the customers to recognize the brand name and the type of business.

“Creativity lies in the hands of the artist”. So what do you think? Can a voice be the part of this creativity and  help differentiate your customer responses?

 IVR Marketing Solution
Maximise Customer Engagement with IVR Marketing Solutions

2. Generate Feedback From Your Beta Customers

Customers are a source of income to the organisation and acknowledging their feedback can be helpful in constructing your marketing strategies. Success of an organisation is dependent on the “beta period”, therefore, it is important for you to grab those responses of your beta customers, every time you launch a new product.

Do you have those email IDs or contact numbers of your customers? Just do this: After they make a purchase, generate an auto calling on those numbers to register their feedback!

You can conduct a survey in which you can customise the IVR asking yes-or-no or the questions can be open-ended and the customers can pitch in their opinion.

The benefits of an IVR survey include:

  • Provide immediate access to results upon completion.
  • Enable companies to promptly address issues.
  • Help brands to make necessary changes based on valuable feedback.
  • Offer a swift feedback loop for continuous improvement.

3. IVR In Sms Marketing

SMS marketing is one way to reach out to your prospective customers. It is considered to be a direct marketing tool. Though SMS marketing has helped companies to reach a large mass, with the help of an IVR system, it has benefitted those customers, who don’t want to be a part of this marketing campaign.

For example, you get “Text ALERTS to 2X688 to receive CNN’s text messages”. But suppose a customer, who had previously opted for such a service, wants to discontinue the alerts. Now the question is where will he go to stop these alerts ?. Therefore, now-a-days you also get SMS alerts along with a number which says, “Dial 92xx TO Unsubscribe”. 

This unsubscription number is an IVR number. IVR systems with SMS marketing give marketers the tools to create call-to-action SMS messages that help in providing immediate response. 

This helps customers to unsubscribe easily and also helps organisations to weed out the wrong audience. For your customer, they will be more receptive to your messages. Who doesn’t like to know that the advertisement they are receiving is their own choice!

MyOperator communication
Use IVR’s Potential for Targeted Marketing Campaigns

4. AI-Driven Personalisation

One of the most significant innovations in IVR is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. These technologies enable IVR systems to analyse vast amounts of customer data, including previous interactions, purchase history, and preferences. By leveraging this information, IVR can offer highly personalised experiences to callers.

For instance, when a customer calls a retail company’s IVR phone system, the AI can recognise the caller based on their phone number and provide tailored options and recommendations. 

We can say that:

  • Enhanced personalisation elevates the customer experience with IVR.
  • It creates opportunities for cross-selling and upselling to customers.
  • IVR becomes a powerful marketing tool as it actively promotes products and services.
  • The personalised approach fosters increased sales and revenue.
  • IVR’s marketing potential is unlocked through tailored recommendations and offers.

5. Multi-Channel Integration

Innovative IVR systems are no longer limited to voice interactions alone. They can seamlessly integrate with other communication channels, such as email, chat, and social media. This multi-channel approach allows businesses to engage with customers across their preferred platforms.

For example, a customer may start a conversation with a company via a chatbot on their website and then continue the interaction through IVR when they call the customer support hotline. 

This continuity in communication:

  • Strengthens the bond with customers over time
  • Enables businesses to seamlessly share targeted marketing messages at multiple stages
  • Enhances brand recognition
  • Fosters a more personalised and engaging customer journey
  • Boosts the effectiveness of marketing efforts and customer retention
MyOpeartor solution
Utilise IVR marketing strategies to customise customer interactions

6. Predictive Analytics and Customer Insights

Advanced IVR systems can harness predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs and behaviours. By analysing historical data and patterns, these systems can make proactive suggestions to callers. 

For instance, a utility company’s IVR system can predict when a customer is likely to need a service upgrade based on usage patterns and offer relevant information during the call.

Moreover, IVR systems can help gather valuable customer insights by:

  1. Interactive Questioning

 IVR systems engage customers with targeted questions during interactions.

  1. Response Analysis

The responses provided by customers are systematically collected and analysed.

  1. Understanding Preferences

This process allows businesses to gain insights into customer preferences, including product interests and communication channel preferences.

  1. Identifying Pain Points

IVR systems help identify pain points in the customer journey, shedding light on areas needing improvement.

  1. Informed Marketing

The gathered insights inform marketing strategies, enabling businesses to tailor offers and campaigns for specific customer segments, ultimately enhancing their effectiveness.

7. Real-time Feedback and Surveys

Innovation in IVR extends to collecting real-time feedback and conducting surveys. After resolving a customer inquiry or completing a transaction, IVR systems can prompt customers to provide feedback on their experience. This immediate feedback loop allows businesses to gauge customer satisfaction and make necessary improvements promptly.

Additionally, IVR surveys can be used to gather market research data. Businesses can inquire about product preferences, pricing opinions, or other relevant information, helping them fine-tune their marketing strategies and product offerings.

IVR service provider
Drive Conversions and Brand Loyalty Through IVR Marketing Initiatives

Did you know?

  • According to a survey by CustomerThink, businesses that use IVR solutions to collect real-time feedback and conduct surveys experience an average 30% increase in customer satisfaction scores.
  • A report by Deloitte indicates that 68% of customers are more likely to recommend a company that actively seeks their feedback through IVR surveys, highlighting the importance of real-time feedback in building customer advocacy.

Your business is different along with your services thus why not present an unique projection in front of the audience? A successful businessman is the one who reaches out to the audience, leaves a lasting impression and continues to engage customers. This fundamental of success can only be achieved with innovation in marketing strategies. Get an IVR for your business today.


Frequently Asked Questions

IVR innovation refers to the incorporation of advanced technologies and strategies into Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to enhance their capabilities as a marketing tool. This transformation involves leveraging innovative IVR tools to deliver targeted marketing messages and improve customer engagement.
Using innovative IVR tools in marketing offers benefits such as improved customer engagement, personalised messaging, enhanced data analytics, and the ability to automate marketing interactions for efficiency.
IVR transformation can enhance customer interactions by providing quicker access to relevant information, reducing wait times, and delivering personalised content, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
Data analytics in IVR transformation allows businesses to gather insights into customer behaviour and preferences, enabling them to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.
IVR tools can collect data through customer interactions, including preferences, purchase history, and feedback, which can be used to tailor marketing messages and offers.
Yes, innovative IVR can automate marketing campaigns by scheduling outbound calls, sending personalised messages, and segmenting customers for targeted marketing efforts.
Examples of innovative IVR features for marketing include speech recognition, natural language processing, personalised greetings, and interactive surveys to gather feedback.
Businesses should implement robust consent management processes and adhere to data protection regulations to ensure IVR marketing campaigns are compliant and respect customer privacy.
Industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, financial services, and retail can benefit significantly from IVR transformation as it enables them to engage with customers more effectively.
To start using IVR as an innovative marketing tool, a business should assess its marketing objectives, select appropriate IVR tools, design personalised campaigns, gather customer data, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.
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