What is IVR?

You must have heard an automated voice or recorded message (such as Press 1 for English/Press 2 for Hindi, etc.) whenever you call customer service. Additionally, you must have entered dial pad responses in accordance with the instructions. That is an IVR.

An automated telephony system known as an IVR enables your company to communicate with callers using pre-recorded voice responses and dial pad inputs.

How IVR Works

User calls the provided business number.
An Interactive Voice will greet the callers like a virtual receptionist & guide them
User will be guided to the appropriate department without any human interference
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Types of IVR

Multi-Lingual IVR

IVR that is multilingual lets you provide services globally in a range of languages which eliminates the language barrier. Better response to customer queries, enhanced customer experience.

Fully customisable IVR

These IVR can be customized or personalized based on the business needs. With a certain IVR system, modifications can be made from any location with ease.

Self-service IVR

A sophisticated IVR system enables businesses to handle high call volumes more cost-effectively. It can identify and classify calls, as well as respond to their inquiries, all without connecting them to a live agent.

Hosted IVR

A hosted IVR enables the company to offer customer support around the clock, including after office hours. Having a hosted IVR system is the best solution for businesses looking to boost satisfaction and foster client loyalty.

Implementation Of IVR In Various Industries

IVR for Finance - Banking

Reduce manual effort by sending notifications.
Easy tracking of the loan
One-step process for activation and deactivation of debit or credit cards.
Upsell and cross-sell through IVR.
Easy interaction with customers.
Financial brands including SBI, Transline, and Muthoot Finance have used MyOperator to offer IVR services. Read the case study here.

IVR for Restaurants

Have one common number for the entire restaurant chain.
Easy reservations.
Never miss out on incoming customer calls.
Provide customers with the entire menu through visual IVR.
Make automated promotional calls to customers
Get insights from brands such as Barbecue Nation and Kebab Express scaling their IVR with us

IVR for Retail

Easy to track the status of orders using the self-service options.
Improve first-contact quality and build a reputation with your customers.
24*7 availability.
Reduce operational costs
Automatically store customer information to build your lead database.
See how MagicPin is transforming retail with IVR.

IVR for E-commerce

Remove geographical and time barriers.
Easy to track the status of orders using the self-service options.
Track and prioritize calls easily as per the dial pad unit of the customer.
Reduce the response time of calls
No call goes unattended.
Read how ClearDekho scaled with automated calls and IVR.

Checklist for IVR Number

You absolutely need an IVR if your company answers a sizable number of customer and business calls each day. But, how can you be sure you are picking the best IVR solution?

Let us help you with a checklist of what to look for while buying an IVR solution.


Look for the option of self-help or self-service to facilitate your customers and save time for both your agents as well as customers.

Customization in prompts

The automated voice response that a customer gets should be clear, understandable, and easy to comprehend. For that, you need to look if customizations are possible, can you offer region-based local language adaptation of IVR prompts, and if prompts can be easily changed as per your business’s needs

Hosting Options

The next thing to look for is where your IVR solution is being hosted. A cloud-based IVR solution will help you keep your capital and operating costs down. Also, a cloud IVR solution will be more scalable and reliable. Look for trusted operators in this space.

Available Integrations

Integrations always make working easier and better and help in maintaining the workflow. Look out if the CRM, marketing or sales applications that you use for your business can be integrated into the IVR system or not. Check if your IVR operator gives you easy API-based integrations to enterprise applications.

Real-Time analysis

Look out if your IVR system gives you real-time analysis is available or not. If you need to handle huge call volumes then you must have access to real-time analytics to understand your customer communication efficiency.

Call queue updates

The aim of opting for advanced telephony solutions is to provide quick service to your customers. So check if the IVR solution informs the callers of their position on the queue and leaves the decision to them if they want to stay on-call or call back at a different time.

How do I set up IVR?

You can set up IVR for your business with the following simple steps.

Step 1

Take the IVR demo

Take the IVR demo

Sign up with us for a quick demo of IVR service with your email id and phone number.

Step 2

Talk to our expert

Talk to our expert

Our expert will connect with you and explain to you about the working and benefits of IVR

Step 3

IVR will be activated

IVR will be activated

As per your requirements, your IVR will be activated after your payment and KYC completion.

All about IVR and its value for your business

Let us try understanding how businesses use IVR to improve their value. Read More

Why is IVR important?

IVR is important for businesses today as it brings the required automation and easier to their call handling. It majorly eliminates the manual effort of your team used in handling and transferring the calls. It brings in team mobility as your incoming calls are routed to your executive’s mobile phones. This call routing is done basis the caller’s selection in the IVR menu, hence the IVR full form, Interactive voice response.

Why is IVR important - MyOperator

How do you use IVR?

An IVR call is an on-call connection established between the caller and your executive. It facilitates your team to take calls directly from their mobile phones, eliminating their dependency on landline phone systems. Your IVR business number will be promoted in front and calls will be forwarded to different agents parallelly, minimizing the chances of missing any business call. You can use IVR for your sales or support calls or even for marketing purposes.

How do you use IVR - MyOperator

Which is the best IVR provider?

MyOperator is the best IVR provider in the Indian market as we assure you round the clock customer support, online panel with real-time updated logs, 99.9% uptime of your calls, geographical redundant networks to guarantee minimal call drops of your business number. Our IVR solution is built with the latest security measures which confirm 100% protection of your customer data.

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