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Why managing calls is the best way to upgrade customer experience

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Business communication is one of the major aspects when it comes to improving brand value and customer experience. Studies show 60% of your customer experience and brand value depends upon how you communicate.

This communication may take place through various channels such as emails, phone calls, branded content marketing, videos, advertisements, etc. But, this article will talk about phone calls, only.

Although emails have become a favorite tool to communicate, it denies a crucial truth about human beings: we have evolved as listeners and not readers. On the contrary, phone calls help you to be more empathetic, accurate and personalized in your communication.

Since phone calls add value in the communication approach you take, let’s learn why managing these calls are equally important:

Reflects a customer centric approach

Customers look for real time solutions and services, which would lead to enhanced business opportunities and growth. In the present competitive business environment, a missed call can translate into a missed business opportunity because 52% of the customers call to buy products or get services.

Call management implies that each customer call is managed as per the specific requirement and widens the scope of a larger customer base; it is the routing of inbound calls to the available best suited agents or voicemail through a network, which doesn’t let you miss calls and reflects a customer centric approach.

Gives the customer an experience that he is important

The golden rule of marketing is that customer is king. If a business invests in call management it is a reflection that each customer is important. A small query addressed today, could translate into a business opportunity in the future. Cutting down on the waiting time on calls, gives customers the sense that you are available whenever they need you. The customer’s patience would dwindle the longer he is made to wait.

IVR is one of the features of the call management that avoids call queueing and efficiently route calls, when there’s a huge call traffic hitting your business. Connections to the right departments, staying 24×7 available to pick calls are some of the benefits that you get with an IVR.

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Offers a sense of Ownership

A sense of ownership is reflected to address the smallest of customer queries and is a reflection that every customer query will be addressed. Call management can be done on a variety of parameters depending on the need. If a response is given to a customer promptly it not only accelerates into a positive customer experience but also delivers positive word of mouth publicity.

Helps the organisation identify areas of improvement

Call management helps the organisation to identify areas of improvement thus enhancing customer experience. If something is being done right it will be appreciated, however the areas which require improvement and are lacking require to be identified. Each answered call is a window to experience customer queries, issues and a varied list of agendas. Handling a variety of such scenarios is also a cost effective method, to train employees by listening to real time scenarios aiding in customer experience management. Instead of using resources for customer surveys, an effective call management system can aide in the same results.

Features like recording in a call management system helps in call monitoring identifying quality improvements in the customer conversations and at the same time understanding the requirements of the customers. This enables organisations to have a data bank of real time situations to train employees to handle similar scenarios in the future.

Estimate future customer requirement

Call management is a tool to estimate future customer requirements. Though the ever changing market scenario is difficult to predict, listening to the expectations right from the horse’s mouth in this case is an effective and direct means to gauge their needs. This would translate into a consistent customer experience. Remarketing is the action taken by companies to reintroduce a product or service to the market in response to declining sales.

A call management system enables business to reach back to the customer through remarketing. With the help of call tracking, businesses can create call lists based on the attributes and send promotional SMSes and discount offers.

Organizations exist to serve customers and through them achieve their goals. An established call management system is a mechanism with long term benefits, which provides an outlet for enhanced customer experience. A business which shows a proactive approach to understand customer concerns and get back to them with permanent resolutions, will go a long way to gain customer confidence and establish a name for itself.

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Why managing calls impact customer experience

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