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Reflecting on MyOperator’s 2023 Achievements and Strategic Plans for 2024 and More

Achievements Of MyOperator
MyOperator / Blog / Reflecting on MyOperator’s 2023 Achievements and Strategic Plans for 2024 and More

In 2023, MyOperator didn’t just do business as usual – it was a year of innovation, adaptability, and growth. We hit 11 fantastic years, gaining momentum, credibility, and some cool awards from G2, Capterra, Afaqs, and more. Plus, we teamed up with big names like Meta, Amazon, Zoho, Freshworks, LeadSquared to name a few. 

However, this is just the beginning. As we turn the page to 2024, we are more determined than ever to reshape the communication landscape for growing startups and enterprises. Let’s dive right in! 

The Hockey-Stick Growth Of Heyo Phone

Heyo Phone App experienced remarkable growth, reaching over 1 million users and garnering support from super-angels. Facilitating more than 5 million calls, it connected local businesses with customers across 5,000+ locations. With a focus on empowering India’s 10 crore+ SMBs, Heyo Phone offers an innovative digital phone line solution.

Key Achievements Of MyOperator

1. Remarkable Growth Metrics

  • Helped over 12,000 businesses step up their game with our communication solutions.
  • Earned ‘Easiest To Use Software in 2024’ and ‘High Performer’ Awards by G2, ‘2023 Best Ease of Use’ Badge by Capterra, ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ by UBS Forums, to name a few. 
  • Achieved the #1 rank in India’s Cloud Telephony Leadership Matrix, solidifying our industry leadership.
  • Facilitated over 200 million calls, bridging conversations and connections.
  • Garnered 4.6 rating on Google, 4.1 on G2, and 4.3 on Capterra.  
  • Launched WhatsApp API solution and garnered 500+ customers in just 6 months.
  • Also, we recently earned some prestigious badges from G2 

2. Partnerships And Collaborations

  • Embraced notable brands into the MyOperator family, including T-series, Astrotalk, Perfora, Aakash Educational Services Limited, TopHire, FEBI-Bilstein, etc.
  • We enhanced our service offerings by introducing advanced customer engagement offerings, including WhatsApp Business API and VoIP.
  • Established productive partnerships with the leading businesses in the industry, including Meta, Zoho, Leadsquared, 91SpringBoard, Freshworks, Konnect Insights, Qapita, All In, and others to ensure seamless omnichannel experience to businesses. 

Other Milestones include:

1. Omnichannel Communication With WhatsApp API

To meet evolving customer needs, we’ve upgraded our platform with new features, including AI-powered MyOperator WhatsApp chatbots and advanced analytics tools. With MyOperator WhatsApp API, users can seamlessly: 

  • Browse and purchase through catalogues
  • Boost sales with smart one-click retargeting 
  • Customise chatbot dialog flows
  • Offer secure payments through WhatsApp Pay
  • Access real-time analytics
  • Combine reports across channels
  • Effortlessly import contacts for instant broadcasts, and send personalised messages with our smart API framework.

2. Campaign Management Suite 

We also launched a Campaign Management Suite – a comprehensive software platform that aims to streamline and optimise many parts of marketing campaigns. With easy CRM integrations, it usually comes with tools for organising, carrying out, and evaluating advertising campaigns across a variety of media, including:

  • WhatsApp/SMS
  • Voice Broadcast  
  • Missed calls
  • Social media
  • Email

With this campaign management suite, you can: 

  • Effortlessly run consolidated campaigns across calls, voice broadcasting, WhatsApp, and SMS channels.
  • Experience cost-effective, high-conversion campaigns, ensuring efficiency in marketing initiatives.
  • Benefit from an effective infrastructure with rich API support and seamless CRM integration
  • Access advanced analytics and insights for informed decision-making 

3. Advanced VoIP Technology 

Advanced VoIP systems utilise internet-based communication for voice services, improving traditional telephony with enhanced features, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. Key features include HD audio, integration with various channels, call analytics, mobile connectivity, secure encryption, automated call handling, voicemail to email, and scalable expansion.

In its Contact Center, MyOperator employs advanced VoIP to:

  • Merge AI, voice, and WhatsApp capabilities for a seamless customer experience.
  • Integrate voice workflows with WhatsApp bots, SMS, and more for comprehensive Omni-channel engagement.
  • Enable agents to make and receive calls on the go with a mobile-based dialer suite, featuring web-calling and VOIP-enabled software for enhanced Quality of Service.

MyOperator: Awards & Recognitions In 2023 (An Awardsome Year)

Twin Win At Brand Storyz Awards By Afaqs

  • MyOperator won “Best Blog/Articles” award in the silver category.
  • Heyo Phone won the “Best user-generated content” award in the gold category.
MyOperators won award for Best Blog
MyOperator’s Silver Category Win For Best Blog/Articles
Heyo Phone’s Gold Category Win For Best User-generated Content
Heyo Phone’s Gold Category Win For Best User-generated Content

Afaqs is a trusted platform for news and analysis on media, advertising, and marketing. The Brand Storyz Awards recognize outstanding content creation and distribution by brands. It also spotlights recent developments in content marketing across various industries. Click here to know more.

2. Big Impact Creator Communication Award At Big FM Awards

  • Heyo Phone, a venture of MyOperator, won the ‘Big Impact Creator Communication’ Award at the BIG FM Awards 2023.
  • The award recognises enterprises that have a major impact on Indian communication.
Big Impact Creator Communication Award
Big Impact Creator Communication Award

Heyo Phone earned the award for creating a network of more than 100k small businesses in India within three months of its beta version launch. Learn more.

3. ‘Easiest to Use’ Software by G2  

Our software doesn’t just have a solid 4.1 rating on one of the biggest software listing site G2—it’s also been named the easiest to use in G2’s Winter 2024 edition. It’s like a virtual high-five that tells us we’re on the right track

4. Excellence In Customer Service 2023 Award At The BPO Innovation Summit

Excellence In Customer Service

The 11th Edition BPO Innovation Summit & Awards 2023 gathered 150 top professionals from the Asia Pacific Region, including CXOs, Directors, VPs, and Department Heads. Get more details here.

Capterra’s ‘Best Ease Of Use 2023′ Award

MyOperator holds a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Capterra, earning the ‘2023 Best Ease of Use’ Badge from verified reviewers on the platform.

Capterra's Award

Sneek-peak at some of the reviews:

“ We had been struggling to manage our leads and not having a single number for our business and it was chaotic. All of the issues were resolved with MyOperator App. I love how easily we were able to transition to this tool.”  – Tarun L.

“The IVR we wanted to set up is complex, MyOperator helped us set us such a complicated IVR number in a simple way. The processes are easy to understand and use” – Viplav R.

6. CompareCamp Rising Star Global Award

The award recognises MyOperator as one of the best call center software this year and includes the Rising Star Award for its growing social media presence.

Key features that received significant recognition include 

7. Heyo Phone’s Big Impact Award In Communication

Heyo Phone’s Big Impact Award

Heyo Phone received the “Big Impact Award in Communication” from BigFM India. It signifies outstanding impact in the field of communication.

Heyo Phone’s Achievements:

  • Achieved a notable milestone within 3 months of beta version launch.
  • Successfully attracted a community of 100k+ Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) in India.

This Award emphasises businesses with significant contributions to communication.

As our CEO, Ankit Jain, stated:

“We are determined to offer big tech to the smallest of enterprises” 

For the Greater Good…

We launched sustainability initiatives, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to community development. 

Some of our charitable events included a heartwarming pre-Diwali donation drive at a Childcare Home in Kolkata. We donated essential items, such as mosquito nets, sweets, winter wear, and food, to a center housing trafficked girls under police protection.

Mosquito nets
Mosquito nets for the child care home sheltering trafficked girls

Customer Success Stories

These are verified narratives that showcase the favourable experiences and accomplishments of MyOperator users. 

Here are some of the key customer success stories:

  • MyOperator’s integration with Zoho CRM boosted Cleanomatics‘ customer calls by 23%, increased sales by 45%, and enhanced productivity, streamlining their customer communication funnel.
  • Plantix’s unified call and CRM needs were met, integrating MyOperator with Zoho CRM to connect over 100 agents, lower manual efforts, give access to managed call logs, and provide a unified overview of sales performance, improving customer service.
  • LOCONAV achieved operational improvements with MyOperator – Bigin Integration, experiencing a 200% increase in customer calls, a 100% boost in agent productivity, and deploying a cost-effective centralised call handling system.
  • Anmol Developers saw benefits from MyOperator integration with Bigin by Zoho CRM, including a 60% increase in client calls and a 50% boost in agent productivity due to advanced call and record management features.
  • Oliva Clinic experienced a 25% increase in client calls and a 30% rise in on-call agent productivity after implementing MyOperator’s call management solution.
  • Drishtee Development achieved a 60% increase in ROI, 20% more incoming calls, and a 50% boost in agent productivity with the MyOperator – Bigin integration, highlighting improved campaign effectiveness, responsiveness, and organisational efficiency.
  • For ARM Fintech, MyOperator implementation resulted in systematic daily call reports, a 30% increase in incoming calls, and a 60% improvement in on-call agent efficiency.
  • MyOperator’s WhatsApp API boosted WTF’s audience targeting, leading to 23% higher conversions and improved customer engagement in two weeks.
  • Kylas experienced enhanced sales performance, easier lead management, greater customer insights, more efficiency with OBD Campaign, and easier call management with linked APIs through MyOperator’s CRM integration.

Customer Success Reviews On GMB

Our valued customers have provided feedback, emphasising their satisfaction with our products and services. Explore these testimonials on GMB (Google My Business) to uncover the success stories and experiences they’ve shared. 

Some of the review are highlighted here:

customer  success review
GMB customer Review
GMB Customer Rating
GMBcustomer success Rating
GMB positive review

Events, Webinars, And Workshops Hosted By MyOperator

MyOperator, curated a series of impactful events, webinars, and workshops in 2023, setting the stage for the future of communication in 2024. Now let us explore some of the key moments that shaped MyOperator’s narrative:

1. Growth Conversations With Meta & MyOperator Event

Panel Discussion: Turn Customers Into Tribes | Growth Conversations with Meta & MyOperator

Meta and MyOperator recently collaborated to host an evening of ‘Growth Conversations’ focused on the future of CX with WhatsApp. CXOs and founders from Lenskart, Hindware, Gartner, Cleardekho, Accenture, and many more joined the Meta and MyOperator leadership for a star-studded evening.

2. Webinar On Elevating Customer Support With Freshdesk & MyOperator

Explored and presented insights on the tangible benefits of adopting an integrated help desk solution for customer support.

3. Webinar On Scaling Omni-Channel Cx With Myoperator & Konnect Insights

MyOperator’s omnichannel SAAS platform showcased services like cloud call center, WhatsApp API, IVR, toll free numbers, and enterprise mobility, collaborating with Konnect Insights to improve festive season customer experiences, covering topics like consistent CX, unified customer profiles, NPS enhancement, and expert-led Q&A.

4. The Podcast: “From 0 To 500 Crores+ Bootstrapped Growth Story”

MyOperator Success story

Ankit Jain, MyOperator’s founder and Heyo Phone’s co-founder, shared insights covering the Cloud Telephony Industry, MyOperator’s LensKart collaboration, NPS comparisons, anecdotes (Aam Aadmi Party as their first customer), product-led growth, UBER’s strategy, AI’s future, startup lessons, including mistake avoidance and understanding the Sunk Cost Effect, and terms like ARPU and referral marketing in the SME sector.

India’s Biggest Cloud Telephony Company Founder On Making 500+ CRORES Business | Ankit Jain | Ep 05

5. Webinar On Turning Lead Conversion With MyOperator And Zoho CRM

Turn Leads into Deals with MyOperator and Zoho CRM – MyOperator Webinar

This webinar discussed the future of efficient lead management and conversion, focusing on the synergies between MyOperator and Zoho CRM. 

This collaborative session aimed to equip businesses with the tools and insights needed to effortlessly transform leads into successful deals.

The Future Of Communication In 2024: Trends To Watch

1. AI-Powered Communication

AI will continue to transform the communication landscape in 2024. From predictive analytics to personalised customer interactions, AI-powered communication solutions will enable businesses to enhance efficiency and deliver superior customer experiences.

As Rimjhim Ray, CMO at MyOperator & Heyo Phone states,

 “I think we are living in a world of communication overload and the resistance to this is already growing. As a brand you have to be tuned to the needs of your customers and make communication super-relevant, contextual and non-intrusive. AI can help you drive this hyper-personalisation. Brands that use the power of AI and data along with human experiences to design meaningful conversations will win.”

myoperator call management solutions

2. 5G And Connectivity

The rollout of 5G networks will redefine connectivity, offering faster speeds and lower latency. This will pave the way for innovative communication applications, from augmented reality (AR) meetings to real-time data sharing, transforming the way we collaborate and connect.

3. Privacy And Security

With growing concerns around data privacy, 2024 will see a heightened focus on security measures in communication platforms. End-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and robust data protection protocols will be paramount in ensuring secure and confidential communication channels.

Myoperator Effective Work Spaces:
Effective Work Spaces: Hybrid-Remote work models

4. Hybrid-Remote Work Spaces

The shift towards hybrid and remote work models will continue to shape the communication landscape in 2024. Businesses will leverage a mix of in-person and remote collaboration tools, fostering flexibility and productivity in the modern workplace.

MyOperator has embraced remote working arrangements for the past three years, and we plan to continue with this approach in the years to come

5. Omnichannel Communication

The future belongs to businesses that can seamlessly integrate multiple communication channels, offering customers a unified experience across platforms. 

Perks of Omnichannel campaign management approach:

  • Helps to gather data from various channels, providing businesses with a holistic view of customer behaviour.
  • 87% of customers say brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience.
  • Allows customers to interact with businesses on their preferred platforms.
  • Over 60% of consumers expect consistent interactions across all channels.

Hear what our customer base has to say:

“MyOperator’s action-oriented WhatsApp API platform allowed us to engage effectively, enhancing our overall communication with omni-channel(IVR + WhatsApp) marketing strategy. The combination of personalised messages and founder-recorded videos proved to be a game-changer for us”

Vishal Nigam, Founder, WTF 

MyOperator CEO Ankit Jain

In 2024, we can expect to see a greater emphasis on omnichannel strategies, as businesses strive to meet the evolving expectations of the digital consumer.

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