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Growth Conversations with Meta & MyOperator – Lessons & Key Insights From The Event

Meta & MyOperator event
MyOperator / Blog / Growth Conversations with Meta & MyOperator – Lessons & Key Insights From The Event

In India, almost everyone uses WhatsApp – That’s 97% of us, around 500+ million users. In the past year, MyOperator introduced WhatsApp as a crucial customer experience (CX) channel, helping businesses enhance their customer engagement through both Voice and WhatsApp. In December, Meta and MyOperator collaborated to host an evening of ‘Growth Conversations’ focused on the future of CX with WhatsApp.

Organized at Radisson Blu Plaza in New Delhi on December 20th, 2023 it was an evening of insightful discourse between industry pioneers from diverse industries. 

The event brought together the top leaders and founders from the Delhi industry ecosystem joining Meta & MyOperator for an evening of conversations, insights and high-voltage networking.

Innovation in focus

So we have decided to present this exciting event in chapters for you; one chapter at a time, many learnings at once.

Chapter 1: Envisioning the Future of Business Communication – Insights from Ankit Jain, CEO of MyOperator & Heyo Phone

CEO on Growth Strategies

Ankit Jain, Founder & CEO of MyOperator and Heyo Phone delved into the evolving landscape of business communication – WhatsApp chatbots, emphasizing the pivotal role of generative AI and the balancing act between traditional and emerging communication channels.

Ankit Jain’s Opening Keynote | Growth Conversations with Meta & MyOperator

1. The Rise of Generative AI in Business Communication: Ankit Jain highlighted the transformative impact of generative AI on customer interactions. He illustrated how this technology is revolutionizing various facets of business, including sales, marketing, customer support, and the overall customer experience.

2. AI-Generated Content as a New Norm: An interesting revelation in his speech was the use of AI-generated images in the presentation, showcasing the integration of AI in various aspects of business operations and marketing.

3. The Perfect Balance of Call and WhatsApp for Customer Interaction: Jain underscored MyOperator’s belief in the coexistence of voice calls and modern messaging platforms like WhatsApp. Voice calls offer directness and rapport, while WhatsApp messaging provides convenience, multitasking, and cost-effectiveness.

4. MyOperator’s Vision for an Integrated Communication Platform: Jain outlined MyOperator’s evolution from a call management system to a unified platform integrating calls and WhatsApp. 

“I think for us today what we’d really love to do is to see a time when people are using WhatsApp for almost everything in all modes of communication right from booking the gas to booking train tickets to booking your metro tickets”​

Ankit Jain (Founder & CEO of MyOperator)

5. The Future of Conversational Commerce: Jain highlighted the booming conversational commerce market reshaping customer journeys and business interactions. He forecasted impactful changes driven by a mix of call and messaging technologies.

Chapter 2: WhatsApp-Led Growth by Ekta Agarwal, Strategic Partnership Manager at Meta 

WhatsApp Led Growth

The session on ‘WhatsApp-Led Growth’ brought into sharp focus the transformative power of the most popular messaging app in the world of business. The speakers, grounded in their approach, unveiled the remarkable impact WhatsApp has had on customer engagement.

“A striking example comes from Tata Cliq,” explained Ekta, shedding light on practical success stories. “Their use of WhatsApp for custom notifications resulted in a tenfold return on investment. It validates the power of reaching customers where they are most comfortable and engaged.”

She further showcased WhatsApp’s versatility in business, citing Bharat Petroleum’s use of 13 regional languages for lead generation and Policy Bazaar’s fivefold increase in insurance premiums. The session highlighted WhatsApp’s transformation into a crucial business tool, emphasizing its potential for impactful customer communication and driving business growth.

WhatsApp Workshop by Ekta Agarwal | Growth Conversations with Meta & MyOperator

Chapter 3: 

Insights from the Pioneers in the Panel: ‘Turning Customers into Tribes’

Event highlights snapshot.

Now let’s dive into the keynotes by each of the panel members

Unifying Communication Platforms 

Rimjhim Ray, CMO at MyOperator & Heyo Phone, highlighted the shift to unified communication platforms, emphasizing the importance of multi-channel strategies in customer engagement. She stressed the need to integrate voice and WhatsApp for cohesive customer experiences, citing Lenskart as an example. Ray noted how businesses are using WhatsApp for seamless customer interactions, foreseeing a new era in business-customer relations with the rise of generative AIs and LLMs.

MyOperator's growth journey

“Communication is no longer about one channel; it’s multi-channel… with voice, chat, and WhatsApp emerging as preferred mediums.”

Rimjhim CMO of MyOperator and Heyo Phone

Customer-Centricity and Omnichannel Strategies

Puneet Malhotra from Lenskart shared insights on creating singular communication channels that seamlessly integrate various customer interaction points. The discussion spiraled into Puneet sharing insights on creating a cohesive customer communication experience, emphasizing customer-centric approaches. He noted, “Lenskart’s challenge is to create a singular communication channel linking all touchpoints… ensuring information accuracy and flow across all customer interactions.”

Collaboration and insights.

 “At Lenskart, we’ve embraced omnichannel in a big way. With about 1600 stores pan-India and our presence across various digital platforms, our challenge has been to create a singular communication channel that links all these touchpoints seamlessly. It’s about ensuring the accuracy and flow of information across all customer interactions, which is crucial in managing customer relationships.”

Puneet Malhotra – Chief Customer Happiness Officer (Lenskart)

Building Trust through Continuous Customer Engagement

At the Meta & MyOperator event, Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO of LawSikho, shared his practical experiences and insights on the utilization of digital communication tools in adult education and customer engagement. Mukherjee discussed the effectiveness of WhatsApp not only in external customer communications but also as an essential tool for internal coordination within LawSikho, underscoring its operational benefits.

Key takeaways discussion

“It’s about delivering content that educates and aligns with [customers’] aspirations… turning customers into a tribe begins long before they become paying users.”

Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO of LawSikho

Customer Interaction, Trust, and Data Localization in Communication

Rachit Jain, Global Partnerships Manager at Meta discussed WhatsApp payments, citing success stories of brands utilizing the platform for effective customer engagement and improved sales. He emphasized the need for a balance between traditional call systems and modern platforms, offering a comprehensive view of the future of digital communication in business.

Meta and MyOperator addressing audience

“I think all of us would love to see a future when there are no websites and everything sort of happening on WhatsApp”​

Rachit Jain – Global Partnerships (Meta)

The Integration of AI in the Business Ecosystem

Utkarsh Roy, Founder at Introbot AI pointed out the growing influence of generative AI in the business ecosystem, suggesting that AI-driven conversation tools will play a crucial role in shaping customer interactions. He also stressed the need for a balanced approach to customer interaction, combining traditional call systems with modern platforms like WhatsApp to cater to diverse customer preferences and needs.

Panel Discussion: Turn Customers Into Tribes | Growth Conversations with Meta & MyOperator

Network, Network, and Network

Key lessons shared by meta and Myoperator
MyOperator's and meta business strategies
Collaboration and insights with meta and MyOperator
Meta and MyOperator Networking at the event.

Attendees from various brands such as Leadsquared, Gartner, Cleardekho, Piramal Foundation, Headstart, Truecaller, WTF, Accenture, PayU (Wibmo Inc), Bain & Company, IIT Delhi, Amazon, and many others participated in the event.

The evening ended on a high with some fantastic networking, a sumptuous dinner, and a lot of fiery dinner table conversations.

Business growth journey of myopeartor and Meta
Insights from Meta leaders
MyOperator and Meta success stories


And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for being a part of this empowering journey with us!

After diving into the immersive Meta & MyOperator event, it’s evident that we’re on the brink of an exciting new era in business communication.

The event was abuzz with insightful discussions and forward-thinking perspectives, giving us a clear view of the present landscape and lighting up the way forward. 

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