About ARM Fintech

ARM Fintech Consultants Private Limited is a distinguished player in the financial services and technology industry, offering comprehensive support services in the fintech space. With a service duration of 7 years, ARM Fintech specializes in aiding Mutual Fund (MF) distributors through software support and CRM implementations. The company's core focus lies in providing training and resolving queries to enhance the efficiency of its operations.

Problem Statement

Before integrating MyOperator into their operations, ARM Fintech faced significant challenges in call tracking and management. The inability to consolidate calls in one central location resulted in numerous missed calls scattered across different staff mobile devices. Furthermore, the absence of a system for reviewing recorded conversations between staff and customers hindered the company's ability to refine communication for training purposes.

The ARM Fintech- MyOperator Success Story

The Solution

Let’s take a look at how MyOperator emerged as the solution to ARM Fintech's key challenges.

  • Streamlined call management by consolidating all incoming calls in one place. This allowed for easy tracking according to support executive extension numbers.
  • The recorded conversations provided valuable insights for training and improvement purposes.
  • Eliminated the need for multiple SIM cards and phones for support staff, offering a more efficient and organized communication system.
The ARM Fintech- MyOperator Success Story

The Outcome

Since implementing MyOperator, ARM Fintech experienced a significant overhaul in their operational processes. Currently, the organization systematically generates daily reports encompassing attended, missed, and outgoing calls. This enhanced system empowers a more insightful and well-informed approach to engaging with customers.

The Results

  • Streamlined call tracking led to a 30% surge in incoming calls
  • On-call agent efficiency in business call handling improved by over 60%

Customer speaks

MyOperator has transformed our communication at ARM Fintech. The ability to centralize calls, track marketing campaign ROI, and enhance the efficiency of our on-call agents has significantly impacted our operations. One company, one number is the best thing I have used through MyOperator.

- Mr Abhinesh Kumar, Founder & Director, ARM Fintech Consultants Pvt Ltd

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