About Oliva Clinic

Oliva Clinic is India's leading chain of medico-aesthetic clinics, dedicated to redefine the field of aesthetic dermatology. With a strong presence in 8 major cities and 28 clinics across India, this brand has been at the forefront of delivering top-notch skincare and aesthetic treatments.

Problem Statement

Prior to implementing MyOperator, Oliva Clinic's primary challenge revolved around call attribution accuracy. They struggled to precisely identify the sources of their incoming customer calls, hindering the ability to optimize their marketing strategies effectively.

The Solution

With the integration of MyOperator, Oliva Clinic found a comprehensive solution to their call attribution issues. This streamlined system empowered them to efficiently track the origins of their customer communication, enabling a clearer understanding of their marketing campaign performance and its ROI.

The Oliva Clinic- MyOperator Success Story

The Results

Following the implementation of MyOperator call management solution, Oliva Clinic accomplished:

  • 30% boost in the efficiency of the on-call agents, leading to a more efficient approach to handling business calls and delivering exceptional customer service.
  • 25% increase in customer calls, reflecting a marked improvement in customer engagement and outreach.

Customer speaks

We have experienced remarkable benefits with MyOperator, particularly in the areas of call attribution and seamless integration. It has not only helped us in tracking our marketing campaigns' ROI but has also led to a substantial surge in customer calls. Additionally, the efficiency of our on-call agents has seen a commendable improvement. MyOperator has truly transformed our customer communication strategies.

- Mr. Praveen N Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer, Oliva Clinic

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