LOCONAV INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is one of the major providers of tracker device sales and fleet management. Building the largest network of connected commercial vehicles globally, LocoNav provides a full-stack fleet management ecosystem that serves every stakeholder in the logistics economy.

Problem Statement

Before integrating MyOperator - Bigin, LOCONAV faced challenges in tracking and managing their customer calls effectively. They struggled with random calling and a lack of call tracking, leading to difficulties in monitoring marketing campaigns and ensuring smooth communication between agents and customers.

The Solution

The integration of MyOperator - Bigin has brought about transformative results for LOCONAV. They have witnessed substantial increases in customer calls and agent productivity, leading to improved overall efficiency and performance. Additionally, the integration has enabled them to handle calls more effectively and monitor marketing campaigns with greater precision.

The LOCONAV India Private Limited

Key Results

Since implementing the MyOperator - Bigin Integration, LOCONAV has witnessed remarkable improvements in its operations.

  • 200% Increase in Customer Calls: The integration resulted in a substantial increase in customer calls, allowing for more extensive and efficient communication with clients.
  • 100% Increase in Agent Productivity: With the enhanced call management and tracking capabilities, LOCONAV's agents have become 100% more productive in serving customers.
  • Deployed a cost-effective and centralized call handling system, simplifying their operations and reducing expenses.

Customer speaks

Integrating MyOperator calling software with Bigin by Zoho CRM has been remarkable. We have seen an increase in customer calls and agent productivity, leading to a more cost-effective and streamlined operation. Our experience has been positive, and we look forward to exploring its full potential for our business.

- Gurudev Singh, Customer Support Manager, LOCONAV

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