This case study highlights how Plantix integrated Zoho CRM x MyOperator with 100+ Agents to improve operational effectiveness, streamline calls from the Zoho CRM dashboard, and provide seamless call log and record tracking.

About Plantix

Plantix is a prominent agri-app, designed to cater to the needs of farmers, extension workers, and gardeners. Its core functionality lies in diagnosing pest damages, identifying plant diseases, and detecting nutrient deficiencies that affect crops. The app gives specific treatment options in addition to diagnosis, allowing consumers to make informed decisions and maximise crop output.

The Challenge

Plantix required an integrated communication system that could sync with Zoho CRM to seamlessly manage their customer service.

The Solution

MyOperator emerged as the ideal partner to address Plantix's unified call + CRM needs.

By providing a comprehensive call and CRM solution seamlessly integrated with Zoho CRM, MyOperator facilitated a host of benefits for Plantix:

Effortless Call Management

Plantix could now manage incoming and outgoing calls directly from within the Zoho CRM dashboard, streamlining their operational processes.

Lead and Activity Automation

With the integration in place, leads and activities were automatically captured from calls, ensuring that no potential sales opportunities were missed.

Centralised Call Logs and Records

All call logs and records are synced across the MyOperator panel and Zoho CRM, simplifying record-keeping and ensuring data consistency.

The Outcome:

This strategic integration delivered key outcomes, such as:

  • Plantix successfully connected over 100 agents to the integrated solution
  • Reduction in manual effort in sales and support
  • Access to managed call logs helping faster resolution of customer queries
  • A unified overview of sales performance helping Plantix improve their customer service

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