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MyOperator Receives Call Center Software Recognition from Leading B2B Review Platform

MyOperator CompareCamp Award
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A leading B2B review platform recently gave MyOperator Cloud Contact Center a distinguished industry award, acknowledging its outstanding performance in the call center software category. 

CompareCamp, one of the most reputable sources for comprehensive B2B SaaS reviews, recently recognized MyOperator as one of the best call center software this year. In addition, the software review platform accorded MyOperator a Rising Star Award, a recognition usually presented to brands that have merited growing followers and positive mentions on social media. 

Software reviewers from CompareCamp also prepared an authoritative MyOperator Cloud Contact Center review and concluded that it delivers innovative, high-quality services committed to customer satisfaction. It also found that the MyOperator team is hard-working and sincere in offering clients practical and efficient solutions. 

In their assessment, CompareCamp experts highlighted our product’s user-friendliness and intuitiveness, making it easy for businesses to set up and manage their contact center operations without needing specialized IT knowledge. Among the qualities they noted are our call routing, IVR system (interactive voice response), and call tracking, as well as integrations with popular CRM and support tools.

The report mentioned how the call-routing feature immediately reinforces clients’ on-call experience by connecting them with the proper unit and agent. Organizations can opt for either balanced call distribution, serial-wise, or simultaneous call routing. In addition, they can change the routing type depending on their business requirements and preferences.

Besides the functions mentioned above, the review lauded the call-tracking ability of the platform. This feature enables users to obtain a detailed list of missed, incoming, and outgoing calls. As a result, making a follow-up on missed business calls is simple. It likewise enables the effective tracking of individual agents’ performance on calls.

Additionally, business call tracking provides companies with insights into their marketing activities since generated reports can show the source of their incoming calls. Various marketing campaigns have assigned virtual toll free numbers so that calls will land on similar numbers. As a result, organizations can check and analyze call figures from their respective marketing campaigns with reports displaying each number.  

Furthermore, the assessment praised our call center software’s built-in interactive voice response feature. This function allows customers to interact with the company anytime, even if support agents are away. It automates an aspect of the call-handling process and promotes employees’ productivity. 

The feature showcases input-handling capabilities so that it handles initial details such as customer name, ID, or phone number without the help of actual support staff. Once a customer service agent is available, their screen will display all the required information. 

MyOperator would like to thank CompareCamp for this prestigious accolade. Being acknowledged by reputable organizations such as this encourages us to do better at delivering top-notch cloud call center solutions

We also thank our dedicated clients for entrusting us with their call center needs. Rest assured that we will keep providing superior services and features so that you can improve your experience and fulfillment with our brand. We look forward to more decades of partnership with you.

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