About Anmol Developers

Anmol Developers is a prominent real estate company in Maharashtra, known for delivering high-quality group housing developments. Over the years, the company has established a reputation for outperforming goals in project delivery. With a strong emphasis on innovation and customer satisfaction, Anmol Developers has carved a niche for itself in the real estate sector.

Problem Statement

Before implementing MyOperator - Bigin Integration, Anmol Developers faced challenges in effectively managing their customer calls and records. The lack of a streamlined system for call management resulted in inefficiencies and difficulties in maintaining communication records, potentially leading to missed opportunities and reduced operational efficiency.

The Solution

Recognising the need for a comprehensive communication management system, Anmol Developers integrated MyOperator - Bigin to streamline their customer communication processes. This integration facilitated efficient call management and record keeping, enabling the company to track and analyse customer interactions seamlessly.

The Anmol Developers- MyOperator Success Story

Key Results

The integration of MyOperator with Bigin by Zoho CRM generated significant outcomes for Anmol Developers:

  • 60% Increase in Customer Calls: The integration resulted in a notable 60% increase in customer calls, showcasing improved customer engagement and interaction.
  • 50% Increase in Agent Productivity: With the advanced call and record management capabilities, the agents at Anmol Developers became 50% more productive, leading to a more efficient workflow.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved call and record management
  • Streamlined organisational processes
  • Increased overall operational efficiency
  • Effectively tracked Marketing Campaigns’ ROI

Customer speaks

Anmol Developers has been utilising MyOperator for over 5 years, and the MyOperator - Bigin integration has significantly transformed our communication management. With improved call and record management, we have witnessed a remarkable increase in customer calls and a substantial boost in agent productivity. The integration has become an invaluable tool for tracking our marketing campaigns' ROI and has greatly enhanced our overall customer service. We are highly satisfied with the service and look forward to continued support.

- Mr Sunil, Founder, Anmol Developers

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