About WTF

WTF is a multi-specialty fitness platform catering to gym owners, trainers, and members through AI-driven personalisation, specialised equipment, and valuable data insights. Gym owners can harness tech-driven solutions, trainers discover professional growth and support, and members can access tailor-made workout programs.

Problem Statement

Before using MyOperator WhatsApp API, WTF encountered problems such as:

  • Unoptimised communication and marketing strategies.
  • Difficulty in targeting and engaging potential members.
  • Lack of omnichannel marketing approach to enhance brand visibility and customer engagement.

The Solution:

Implementation of MyOperator WhatsApp Business API assisted WTF to:

  • Target the fitness audience through Instagram Reels campaigns and engage on click-to-whatsapp ads.
  • Create a customised flow to guide potential members through the gym selection and membership booking process.
  • Develop a customised chat flow on WhatsApp, guiding potential customers through gym locations, plans, and personalised video messages from the founder to establish a connection.
  • Implement a comprehensive omni-channel( IVR + WhatsApp) marketing strategy for direct customer engagement.
MyOperator Call Management Solution

The Results

  • Achieved 23% higher conversions through WhatsApp marketing within just two weeks.
  • Generated business worth INR 70 to 80 lakh by leveraging WhatsApp as a primary communication channel.
  • Enhanced customer engagement and brand recall value through an omnichannel marketing approach.

Other key approaches:

  • The company also plans to integrate voice marketing through MyOperator broadcast callings, further enhancing customer engagement and personalisation.

Customer speaks

MyOperator’s action-oriented WhatsApp API platform allowed us to engage effectively, enhancing our overall communication strategy. The combination of personalised messages and founder-recorded videos proved to be a game-changer for us.

- Vishal Nigam, Founder, WTF

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