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Non ACD in Calls

Non ACD in calls are those inbound business calls which do not rely on the ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) system to route them to the concerned or available call center agent. Instead, these calls skip the calls distribution system or call management system to reach directly to the concerned agent. This is possible if the caller is aware of the extension or personal number of the agent he or she wants to speak to. If a call center or business is using a comprehensive cloud call center software like MyOperator, the administrator will still be able to track such direct calls even if they did not go through the IVR system.

In order to understand non ACD in calls better, one needs to understand the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) first. An Automatic Call Distributor helps in routing a call to a specific department or agent. This is based on pre-programmed distribution rules that allow routing incoming calls to the concerned agent according to the inputs provided by the user. Usually, this system uses an IVR number or a keypress input to redirect the callers based on their input. Nowadays, this system comes with a voice recognition feature that allows callers to directly speak their requirement and the system then transfers the call based on that input.

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