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ACD - Automatic Call Distribution
ACD – Automatic Call Distribution

ACD: Automatic Call Distribution

An Automatic Call Distributor or ACD is basically an automated call distribution system that helps in routing a call to a specific department/agent. This is based on pre-programmed distribution rules that allow routing incoming calls to the concerned agent according to the inputs provided by the user.

Generally, this system entails using a voice menu to redirect the callers based on their choice of preference in incoming calls. Nowadays, this process doesn’t require a traditional PBX model but can be easily integrated into any mobile device and cloud PBX.

How to create an advanced ACD system into your existing business calling setup? It’s as simple as subscribing to a DIY tool with the support of computer telephony integration or CTI and computer-supported telecommunications applications (CSTA) are transitional software that can put together an advanced call management system.

People often confuse Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology with ACD. However, the thin line that separates the two should be taken into consideration.

IVR is a system that allows incoming calls with an automated voice response where the callers are usually expected to press keys on their phones to align them to respective departments or agents. This is where ACD comes to play where it maps and sorts the user data to distribute the calls based on their preferences.

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