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How to Improve Your Customer Experience with IVR

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“While 80% of companies claim to offer superior customer service, only 8% of their actual customers assign them the same grade” – Customer Think Article

So, why this gap?

This gap between customer expectations and reality is often because of the lack of adequate feedback measures to allow customers reach out to a brand through multiple channels.

Another reason can be customer feedback slipping through the cracks because of live agents hard-pressed with the call load. Those organizations which fail to recognize these loopholes in customer service often miss out on growth prospects.

But, what if some companies don’t take feedback at all?

It’s the fear of criticism that prevents many companies from being open to customer feedback. Some organizations are also under the impression that negative feedback on social media can hamper their brand identity. As a result, they end up performing poorly in terms of customer experience.

So, where should they start?

There is no scope for complacency in today’s customer-driven business world. Along with being more open to customer feedback, businesses also need to be quick in their response to queries and concerns.

The traditional process of attending customer queries through calls is not proving sufficient in todays’ time. Do you know, around 57 percent of customer calls are put on hold every day!

This alarming statistic demands customer-centric businesses to adopt advanced technologies like IVR and live chat. IVR technology can help companies in attending customer queries quickly through dynamically-recorded audio.

IVR – What is it?

We are all accustomed with that lovely voice telling us to “press 1 for feedback, press 2 for sales…”. But, have you ever been curious about the technology that makes automatic voice responses possible? Well, It’s the popular IVR technology that is already creating a buzz in today’s customer-centric business world.

We’ll use the example of bungee jumping to make the concept of IVR simpler. You must be aware that this adventurous activity involves jumping from a height while connected to an elastic chord. Just as the elastic chord ensures smooth and safe bungee jumping experience for people, similarly IVR acts as that elastic chord that helps businesses keep their customer engaged with a brand and deliver positive customer experiences throughout.

How can it help improve your Customer Service?

67% of customers agree that bad customer service experience is a major reason of their failed association with a brand.

Customer service agents are overloaded with never-ending customer calls related to different issues. Irrespective of their efforts to pay undivided attention to every customer call, they often fail to give personalized service.

Poor customer records at their disposal and bandwidth crunch are major reasons why service agents end up sending canned responses to customers or giving customers the run-around.

However, with the use of IVR software, service agents can boost up their efforts and effectively minimize errors in providing prompt and personalized solutions to customers.

#1 Reduced Errors in Query handling = Productive Live Agents

With the use of IVR software, businesses can provide self-service opportunities to customers, where they can choose an automated instant service or ask for a call back from live agents.

Customers can engage with a company’s host system through telephone keypad, and a large number of inquiries can be serviced automatically with IVR voice dialogue. This way, service agents can ease their burden and achieve higher productivity in terms of delivering outstanding customer experiences.

IVR improves the productivity and efficiency of service agents by gathering key information from customers and accordingly routing calls automatically to the right agent. It is also a useful tool for segmenting calls on the basis of priority. Most pressing calls can be transferred to those agents who have dealt successfully with similar queries in the past.

#2 Productive Live Agents = Consistent Customer Experience

When customer calls get routed automatically to the most suitable agents according to the requirement and priority, there are lesser chances of errors in query handling.

Also, IVR can identify the purpose of a customer call and provide live agents the requisite knowledge base. When service agents don’t have to transfer calls repeatedly for gathering information, they can increase the rate of first-call resolution.

Average waiting time of customers will also reduce significantly, as live agents don’t have to waste time in gathering information about every customer.

By resolving queries rapidly and handling calls efficiently, brands can ensure a awesome customer experience. Customer expectations in terms of promptness and effectiveness of customer service can be fulfilled consistently with IVR.

Customers can voice their queries round the clock through the IVR and are more likely to get resolution quickly and automatically.

#3 Consistent Customer Experience = Increased Loyalty

Through the predictive behavioural routing feature of IVR, past interactions with a customer can be analysed to deliver personalized experiences. When customers are getting personalized services for their queries consistently, they feel valued and appreciated. And, valued customers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand.

As per a report, 54 percent of millennials got detached from a brand because of their poor customer service. Additionally, 50% of Gen Xers and 52% of baby boomers also find that customer service is the key to long-term association with a brand.

Considering these stats, it can be said firmly that the sooner an organization adopts the latest contact centre solutions, the longer they can sustain themselves in the competitive landscape.

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