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Before getting on best virtual number provider directly, I’d like to start by discussing three different business situations with you:

1. Mr Gupta is the owner of a rapidly growing eCommerce pharmaceutical portal. He has a team of 15 people, our of which 6 are involved in handling customer calls. His agents have to remain near the office landline to attend calls, and when they have left for home, he has to look after those calls. He is completely unaware of the concept of virtual numbers and their use in reducing his manual efforts.

2. Mrs Goel is the owner of a new restaurant. She gets numerous calls asking about the price and availability of food. Mrs Goel opts for a virtual number provider, hence she gets surety that it will handle all the calls accordingly. However, the problem is that there is no way she can get reports of her missed calls, and so can’t call back on the unattended calls. And so, a virtual number in place, can’t solve her call-related challenges.

3. Mr Singh is an entrepreneur with an eCommerce website dealing with clothes and accessories. To handle his high volume of calls and to make it easier for his 10 agents to attend calls, he has opted for a virtual number along with a complete call management solution. He gets detailed call reports, agents can attend calls on their mobile phones easily, monitoring and recording is ensured, thus a perfect solution for him.

Looking at the above situations, the following are the conclusions one can draw:

  • Mr Gupta is unaware of the possibility that a virtual number provider will help him in managing business communication.
  • Mrs Goel opts for a virtual number but fails to get it from a suitable virtual number provider which fails to meet her needs.
  • Mr Singh has resolved his call-management issues with the appropriate virtual number and the provider as well.  

Now after going through the above scenarios, you’d surely want to give virtual numbers a try. But the most important question here is, whom to take it from? 

Listed below are the 5 points that you should consider before finalizing a virtual number provider for your business:

1. Virtual Number Provider which eases your team’s manual-efforts

Virtual phone numbers help in enhancing business communication while streamlining the processes which earlier used to demand manual intervention. A virtual number with an automated well-designed IVR Service simplifies processes such as transferring calls to the right departments, attending calls from mobile phones, etc.

Customers call businesses for multiple inquiries, from pricing, general details, to refunds and complaints. These calls can be forwarded automatically to the concerned departments by an IVR menu. Hence, with this automation technique, businesses can utilize the same workforce to the right place where required. It enhances the overall productivity and growth of businesses where their workforce is managed effectively. 

No doubt, IVR has simplified the work which earlier used to take hours to complete. Now, IVR system is not just a voice but a voice loaded with multiple information, designed for a better experience of users. As we can clearly see, in the second scenario, Mrs. Goel’s virtual phone number provider does not provide her a feature where she could transfer the calls to the right person.  

Feature like Live call transfer makes it easier for users to transfer calls to the concerned agent without disconnecting the ongoing call. This feature is easy, effective and unique. It simplifies the way calls can be transferred within the organization. 

2. Virtual number provider with strong backend support

Most virtual number providers will help facilitate your business to attend your customer calls easily. But, let’s not forget that a feature like this needs strong technology to ensure that we don’t lose any customer call. There could be chances that your provider’s server might not function properly and you won’t receive your customer calls.

It’s important to keep a check on the back-end support and technology used by your provider, For instance, MyOperator provides 99.9% uptime and load balancing which secures your business even in unexpected rough situations like natural calamities or a high volume of calls. 

3. Virtual number provider who’s worth the money

As we have seen in the second scenario, Mrs Goel’s virtual number provider has given an example of bad customer care experience. In her case, there is no returning back if she is dissatisfied with the virtual number provider. In case, she chooses to discontinue her virtual number provider, neither she’ll get her business number nor the money paid.

Therefore, before selecting the virtual number provider, I would suggest going with a virtual number provider who has all these features. We say MyOperator as the best virtual number provider as it provides a 30-day return policy if you are not satisfied with the services availed.    

Hence, your search for a virtual number provider is over with MyOperator’s cloud telephony services like call center software and cloud call center services, which give you data security and values your money. 

4. Virtual number provider with all required features 

There are other essential features that a virtual number for business has but your virtual number provider in India might not. Features like analytical reports which will help you monitor your business’ overall performance on calls are another important thing your virtual number provider should give you. You should be able to keep track of your customers’ calls easily. These reports will also help you have a bird’s eye view on your call-related activities like from which region your getting a high number of calls, how your departments are handling your calls, what are the customer queries etc.

In fact, callers’ database also gives you the option to remarket to your callers as well with SMS campaigns. Hence, it will give your business an opportunity to reach back to your previous callers easily. 

5. You should actually “own” your virtual number

Today, the market is filled with multiple virtual number provider in India. Mrs Goel’s scenario presents that going with a virtual number provider that doesn’t have multiple features to support your business can diminish your business image, halt the progress and make your communication efforts to go in vain.

Therefore, number ownership is important when it comes to choosing the virtual number provider. It is certainly an added benefit that the number which you have received from your virtual number provider will stay with you for a lifetime, even if you discontinue your services with that provider.

This gives a sense of security to the customer and eliminates the need to change your published business contact number in case you switch to some other virtual toll free number provider.

Well, MyOperator gives you NOC of your virtual number, and even if you choose to discontinue the services, your number will remain with you.

To sum it up, no business can be considered successful without well-executed customer service. Better Customer service not only enhances business’ productivity but also helps in building a brand image. This is what you’ll achieve with a virtual number, and same will be ensured by us at MyOperator, as your virtual number provider.   

Start a free trial now of MyOperator and get acquainted with the benefits and features specifically designed for your business needs!

best virtual number provider
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