About Apollo Healthcare

Apollo Healthcare is an Indian multinational healthcare corporation headquartered in Chennai. Apart from the eponymous hospital chain, subsidiaries of the company operate pharmacies, primary care and diagnostic centers, and telehealth clinics.

Problem Statement

Apollo healthcare has 8 different verticals - Spectra, Dental, Fertility, Diagnostics, Cradle, Sugar, Dialysis, and Clinic. But it did not have any proper mechanism in place on their end to track the ROI associated with each vertical's marketing campaigns.There are currently 350+ virtual numbers assigned to Apollo Healthcare, with 10-15 new services added each month.

The core challenges that Apollo Healthcare faced, before integrating with MyOperator Virtual Numbers, are:

  • Not able to track the marketing ROI
  • Unable to streamline patient inquiries resulting from our awareness campaigns and promotions

The Solution

MyOperator worked with Apollo Healthcare to deploy MyOperator virtual numbers and IVR incoming/outgoing services. Apollo Healthcare now uses Virtual numbers for 8 different verticals -Spectra, Dental, Fertility, Diagnostics, Cradle, Sugar, Dialysis, and Clinic. IVR, or interactive voice response, is a feature of an automated business phone system that interacts with callers and collects information by displaying menu options to them. It then takes actions based on keypad or voice response responses from the caller. Apollo Healthcare's initial contact with a patient is usually initiated by a phone call. MyOperator has assisted Apollo Healthcare in streamlining patient inquiries resulting from their awareness campaigns and promotions. They can now completely track conversions through call analytics dashboard and deliver information to all of their patients more efficiently.

Key Results

  1. Marketing ROI tracking has been improved to 90-100 percent
  2. Streamline patient inquiries through campaigns and promotions
  3. Complete conversion tracking

Customer speaks

By using MyOperator, Apollo Healthcare has been able to improve its marketing ROI tracking to 90-100%. Our first interaction with a patient usually starts through a phone enquiry. MyOperator has helped us streamline patient enquiries generated by our awareness campaigns and promotions. We are able to completely track conversions and deliver information more efficiently to all our patients.

- M G Nabi Baig, Digital Marketing Head, Apollo Healthcare.

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