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You may ask why business need a Hosted IVR? Starting a new business is tough however managing business efficiently is the real backbreaker. And to manage business constantly; one thing that needs to be maintained is handling business calls as 80% of all business communications take place over a phone call.  

Surprisingly, most of the businesses fail badly in executing this task with corrective measures. There must be multiple reasons behind this setback however the primary reasons could be:

  1. They are not aware of the solutions that can help in managing business calls automatically.
  2. They are not acquainted with the benefits that this solution can bring to their business.

For now, let’s get familiar with this smart solution & 13 reasons why you should start looking for it.

What is Hosted IVR Solution?

Hosted IVR, also called IVR, is a business call management system that is specifically used to route customer calls to the concerned department automatically. Further, you can also use it to give a professional voice welcome greeting to your customers. It is the backbone that helps businesses in automating their call handling process. Interestingly this technology does not require any hardware set up cost due to its cloud-based environment..

Top 13 Reasons For Businesses To Start Looking For An Efficient Hosted Ivr Solution 

1. . Easy To Set Up & Manage

Cloud telephony providers specializing in call center software will set up your hosted IVR system according to your requirements for the first time. After that, you can make changes according to your needs without installing any software or hardware. For example, if you want to set up your hosted IVR service, all you need is to log in on your live dashboard and add the departments according to your business needs and it’s done.

2. To Bring Call Automation To Your Business

You must think, gone are the days when receptionists used to transfer customer calls by using extension dialling method; With call automation, customer calls can be automatically routed to the right departments. This will give three major benefits:

  • It will save precious time for both of your agents and customers; due to which customers can connect with any of the agents irrespective of its time.
  • Customers need not wait for their turn in the waiting queue as calls can be transferred to other agents available at that time.
  • This will create a good brand image by making the customer calling experience amazing.

3. Create A Personalised Greeting With a Hosted Ivr System

The first thing your customers hear is your recorded IVR greeting, so why not make sure it’s perfect. With Hosted IVR you can upload a pre-recorded greeting, create your own, use our standard greetings or type in a message and convert it to audio file. With these options, you can make sure that your customers have an amazing first impression.

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4. Reduce Transfer Error Rate

Due to its zero error rate, IVR will transfer calls to the right departments without compromising its speed & connectivity. There would be no call holding process as in the traditional PBX system. All the process works seamlessly without any human intervention. Hence, makes a perfect customer calling experience.

5. Send The Caller To A Pre-Recorded Message

Add basic types of questions like “What are your business hours?” and “Where are you located?” to your IVR panel so that customers do not need to connect every time with an agent to get their queries resolved. 

If they still have questions, redirect them to the main menu using DTMF keypad tones. This intelligent IVR system guides callers through common inquiries, reducing the load on your agents and saving valuable time for both parties.

With hosted IVR pricing that suits your business needs, this solution offers a cost-effective approach to enhancing your customer service. The hosted IVR call system ensures that your callers receive accurate information promptly, improving their overall satisfaction.

Imagine the convenience for your customers – they can swiftly access essential information without waiting for an available agent. 

After their initial interaction with the IVR system, customers can either leave a voicemail in case of no agent availability or seamlessly connect with one of the available agents for more complex issues. 

This not only streamlines the support process but also empowers your agents to focus on addressing more urgent matters and complex inquiries.

6. Analyse Your Calling Data Via Hosted Ivr Panel

By Implementing a virtual receptionist in your business, you can track the number of customer calls missed or received in a realtime dashboard. Hosted IVR will fetch the complete user data in its IVR live panel & allows businesses to fetch customer data through API integration or in different file formats. IVR panel will also provide data regarding the number of customer calls received/missed by agents, call recordings,  customer calling regions, etc.  

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7. Lead Conversion Optimization

Through hosted IVR service, companies can create an audio-based questionnaire. This will include questions that can measure the quality of the prospect leads. Further, these leads can be segregated based on their quality by making use of certain defined metrics. For e.g. ABC Pvt Ltd has run a small questionnaire campaign for its customer via hosted IVR; after that those customers answered simple questionnaire using DTMF keypad tones that include questions like:

“How much do you know about this product?

Press 3  if you are somewhat aware of our product

Press 4  if you are fully aware of our product

Press 5 if you are not aware of our product”

“Would you like to know more about this product?

Press 1 for Yes

Press 2 for No”

“Do you want to purchase this product?

Press 1 for Yes

Press 2 for No”

After that, they can assign these leads to their sales team based on its value.

8. Make The Customer Experience Awesome

Utilise the capabilities of this solution by incorporating diverse hold music options into your hosted IVR system, ensuring a pleasant waiting experience for your callers across different queues. 

Elevate your customer engagement further by integrating a variety of recordings, customised professional greetings, promotional messages, and updates about upcoming events into your hosted IVR service. This comprehensive approach to enhancing caller experience can redefine the way your customers perceive your business.

Through these innovative features, you can transform the customer calling journey into a delightful one. As callers engage with your hosted IVR system, they’ll encounter a seamless and enjoyable experience even before connecting with an agent. By offering a range of engaging and informative options, you not only keep callers engaged but also enhance their perception of your company’s professionalism and customer-centric approach

9. Extension Dialling

Incorporate the efficiency of an office IVR solution to cater to your callers’ specific needs. 

With hosted IVR software at your disposal, you can enhance your customer interaction experience, especially for those callers who have a clear destination in mind.

Streamline the communication process by allowing your callers to bypass the IVR menus altogether. 

With the flexibility offered by your hosted IVR software, callers can simply dial a designated extension at any point during the interaction. 

This intuitive feature is particularly beneficial when callers already know the specific individual or department they wish to contact.

By enabling this seamless extension dialling option within your hosted IVR system, you empower your callers to save valuable time. 

When your callers have a direct path to their desired destination, they can quickly connect with the intended recipient, avoiding unnecessary menu navigation. 

This time-saving advantage not only enhances caller satisfaction but also contributes to a more efficient and effective communication process.

Leveraging the capabilities of an office IVR solution, equipped with hosted IVR software, you can cater to the diverse preferences of your callers. 

Key Features of Hosted IVR
Elevate Customer Experience with IVR

Whether they prefer to explore menu options or directly reach their destination through extension dialling, your system accommodates their needs.

10. Attend Customers Calls Even After Business Hours

You can easily configure business hours so that when all of your agents are away or are working remotely, calls can be forwarded to voicemail, or to an external toll free number. Never miss a call or lose a customer, no matter what time they call, with this feature. Users can drop a voicemail message when agents are not available to answer the calls. Some examples of voicemail message

“Thank you for calling mycompany. Please leave a message with your name and phone number and we will return your call as soon as possible.”

11. Enhanced Customer Service & Business Efficiency

Hosted IVR systems let businesses amplify their company efficiency by introducing a call automation process in the workplace; this can reduce their customers’ on-call hold time to a significant level. With its streamlined call handling process, hosted IVR solutions improvise customer calling experience to a great amount.

12. Run Surveys Using Hosted Ivr Solution

You can incorporate a hosted IVR solution into your strategy by creating a front-end information gathering system aka keypad customer surveys. This front-end system uses tones generated by a customer’s phone to direct a customer to the survey that’s most appropriate for them.

Again, more customers can be served faster with menu-driven systems. Questions can be tailored to the customer on the phone by linking to both internal and external databases. Further, survey results can be used to gather product interests of customers that can be used to enhance customer experience.

13. Escalate Your Business Revenue

Hosted IVR integrated with a cloud call center, helps in improvising the customer on-call experience which will definitely build credibility and trust in front of customers. In the end, this can result in increasing sales revenue.

We Got For Some Bonus Pointers To Offer You Some Deeper Insights

Data-Driven Decision-Making Through IVR Hosting

The value of data in shaping strategic decisions cannot be overstated. Hosted IVR solutions, provided by established hosted IVR services, go beyond their automation capabilities. 

They actively gather valuable data related to customer preferences, frequently asked questions, and call patterns. 

This data treasure trove can be harnessed to gain insightful business intelligence. By harnessing the power of hosted IVR analytics, businesses can truly understand customer behaviour, identify pain points, and recognize emerging trends. 

This holistic view empowers businesses to fine-tune their offerings and strategies, thus aligning their approach more effectively with customer demands.

Enhanced Call Routing And Personalization With Hosted Ivr Systems

While the inherent benefits of call automation are widely acknowledged, hosted IVR systems offer a comprehensive approach beyond mere call redirection. These systems, provided by seasoned hosted IVR solution providers, enable sophisticated call routing based on caller input. This dynamic feature empowers businesses to expertly guide callers to the most appropriate department or dedicated agent, thus minimising the need for call transfers and significantly expediting query resolution. Moreover, the hosted IVR software’s capability to collect pertinent information from callers enables businesses to personalise interactions effectively. This personalised approach creates a profound sense of individualised attention, resonating positively with customers and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

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Uninterrupted Multilingual Support 

In an increasingly globalised marketplace, catering to a diverse customer base is imperative. 

A hosted IVR solution, offered by a reputable hosted IVR provider, can address this need by providing seamless multilingual support. 

By allowing callers to choose their preferred language from the options provided by the hosted IVR system, businesses can effectively break down communication barriers. 

This intuitive language selection process ensures that customers feel not only understood but also valued. 

This, in turn, fosters a sense of inclusivity that resonates positively with a broader audience, thereby enhancing the business’s appeal and market reach.

Seamless Scalability and Resource Optimisation 

As businesses experience growth, efficiently managing call volumes and customer inquiries becomes increasingly complex. 

Hosted IVR solutions, offered by reliable hosted IVR providers, are thoughtfully designed to accommodate scalability with ease. 

This adaptive scalability ensures that the customer service infrastructure seamlessly adjusts as the business expands. 

By partnering with a trusted hosted IVR provider, businesses can ensure that their customer engagement remains robust without placing undue strain on resources. 

This optimised resource allocation not only minimises wastage but also bolsters cost-effectiveness, aligning with the business’s overall growth strategy.

Incorporating a comprehensive hosted IVR system, especially from established hosted IVR solution providers, brings forth these multifaceted advantages.

 It enhances customer engagement, propels data-driven insights, refines call routing and personalization, and ensures seamless scalability. 

This multifunctional approach aligns perfectly with the diverse needs of businesses across industries, making hosted IVR solutions a cornerstone of modern customer interaction strategies.

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Efficient IVR Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs


We know that Hosted IVR systems account for a significant portion of the customer calling experiences today. Even the top-notch companies are using hosted IVR software to boost their business. However, there are still many organisations that are yet to integrate IVR software with their traditional Inbound solution. Now that you know the many benefits of having a hosted IVR system, it will become even more clear that, to be a leader in the customer service and experience domain, the businesses need to deploy an IVR system sooner rather than later.


Frequently Asked Questions

A hosted IVR solution is an automated phone system that interacts with callers through voice prompts and touch-tone keypad inputs. It benefits your business by improving customer service, streamlining processes, and enhancing caller experience.
Hosted IVR offers self-service options, allowing customers to get information and perform tasks without waiting for a live agent. This speeds up resolution times and provides 24/7 accessibility
Yes, a hosted IVR system efficiently manages high call volumes by directing callers to the appropriate department or offering self-help options, reducing wait times and ensuring a smooth customer experience.
Yes, a hosted IVR solution projects a professional image by greeting callers with a customised message, providing menu options, and directing them to the right department or information.
By automating routine tasks and enabling self-service, a hosted IVR solution reduces the need for additional staff to handle basic inquiries, resulting in cost savings over time.
Yes, an adequate hosted IVR solution is customisable to fit your business's specific requirements. You can design call flows, menu options, and messages that align with your brand and customer needs.
A hosted IVR solution can capture caller information and their inquiries, helping your business gather valuable data for follow-ups and potential sales opportunities.
By providing quick access to information and routing calls accurately, a hosted IVR solution ensures callers have a positive experience without the frustration of being transferred multiple times.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve caller experience and boost efficiency. Get in touch with us now!
Yes, many hosted IVR solutions offer integration with CRM systems, databases, and other software, allowing seamless sharing of customer data and improving overall efficiency.
Yes, setting up a hosted IVR service is simple and usually does not call for highly technical expertise. Furthermore, managing the system can be done through a user-friendly interface. Explore our IVR solutions today.
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