About Internshala

Internshala is an online network for training and internships with a base in Gurugram. It was established in 2010 and now offers internship opportunities in more than 100 cities around the nation. It is regarded as one of India's most well-liked job portals. More than 4 million students and more than 80,000 companies are currently registered with Internshala.

Problem Statement

Internshala receives a high volume of calls from people looking for employment opportunities. Surely, their business through calls is huge and it increases even more during certain peak months of the year. Earlier, Internshala was using traditional landline and mobile phones for their customer communication.

Below are the challenges faced by Internshala:

  • They were missing out several important customer calls which particularly impacted their customer calling experience.
  • They were unable to attend multiple calls simultaneously nor could ensure 24*7 availability for their callers.

The Solution

MyOperator assisted Internshala in resolving the above-mentioned challenges by providing them with a full-fledged setup comprising features like Virtual phone number that facilitates attending multiple calls simultaneously along with an IVR system to inform the agents of non-availability of agents and assure them of a callback. The call management solution also has a call tracking and recording feature that helps the organization to monitor agents’ performance and ensure an upgraded customer calling experience.

The Results

  • Internshala witnessed a 38% decrease in their missed customer calls.
  • Internshala was also successful in improving their business communication.

Customer speaks

MyOperator has really helped us in improving the user experience of the users who call us. Now we can handle multiple calls simultaneously. As per our availability or the volume of the work, we can customize the IVR message which lets users know of our availability to take their calls.

- Internshala

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