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What is IVR Service?

Interactive voice response service is a cloud telephony system that enables your customers to get the required information or connect with the support team as per their need with the help of pre-recorded voice responses and dial pad inputs.

Integrate IVR service with your existing business number in just a few minutes.

Get pre-recorded greetings and IVR menu in real-time for all the incoming calls.

Use customers’ IVR inputs to connect them with the right agent or department and avoid any hassle.

Enjoy advanced calling features including multi-level IVR, automatic call routing, recording, and tracking.


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How online IVR service can benefit your business?

Save money (and time)

Time is money! IVR service helps in saving your as well as your customer’s time. Customers seek fast responses and IVR service delivers the same with utmost efficiency. IVR service comes with custom-built menus as per your business needs that can accelerate incoming calls, precisely route calls, or even schedule follow-ups. By enabling customers to respond to IVR options with ease by voice or touchpad, IVR service allows your customer to immediately get the information they’re seeking or have their call routed to the agent to resolve the query. IVR service gives real-time responses and helps your customers get their issues resolved as soon as possible, eventually making them happy!

Benefits of IVR service - Save money and time - MyOperator

Score more customers

Incorporating IVR service for your brand will bring in professionalism and help in building a good image of your business. IVR service offers you variety, i.e, you can customize your greeting, menus, and voice response according to the need of your business. Using customized greetings and menus will help you build an engagement strategy for your business. A caller is more likely to avail of your services if their first experience with your brand is pleasant. IVR service helps you give that to your callers, therefore, increasing the number of quality leads.

Benefits of IVR service - Score more customers - MyOperator

Maintain 24*7 support system

It is no secret that your customers call you according to their convenience and not yours. They might call you at 5 in the morning or even as late as 2 in the night depending upon their needs and convenience. But having 24*7 functioning staff for the support team is humanly impossible. Keeping your prospect customers in queue is also not an option as they might go for a competitor if they have to wait. IVR service solves this problem too! IVR service can take up unlimited incoming calls without making your customers wait or having any of the calls go unanswered. Moreover, it even helps in scheduling follow-ups and callbacks without chaos. Give rest to your agents while constantly attending to your customers as well.

Benefits of IVR service - Maintain real-time customer support system - MyOperator

Less workload and improved productivity

Imagine you call a customer care number and find it busy, and even after calling 100 times the number is still busy. Infuriating right? Then why let your customers go through the same! IVR service helps you respond immediately to all the callers without fail. Furthermore, it reduces workload and increases the productivity of your agents by reducing extravagant tasks like call routing and connecting concerned agents to the customers, now all they have to do is serve the caller. Serve more, sell more!

Benefits of IVR service - Less workload and improved productivity - MyOperator

Toll free number Features

Multi-level IVR

Set up multi-level IVR and customize according to your needs at different levels.

Call routing

Give 24*7 support to callers by routing calls to concerned agents.

CRM integration

Integrate CRM software with your IVR service to ensure smooth functioning.

Live call transfer

Transfer ongoing calls without disconnecting them.

Click to call

Make outbound calls just by one click on the number.


Your callers can leave a message in voicemail if no agent is available.

On hold music

Keep your caller engaged while you are transferring and routing calls.

Custom greeting message

Greet your callers with a welcome message to personalize their on-call experience.

Call recording

Analyze your customers' conversations to take care of what they need.

Mobile application

We have a mobile app to facilitate easy tracking of calls.

100% cloud based

No physical setup is required. Everything takes place on the cloud.

Call reports

Analyze your daily call volume and your agents’ performances.

Explore what IVR service can do for your business.

Get our free IVR service playbook for your business. This is the ultimate guide for you if you are looking for IVR customer service or IVR telephone service and explore how IVR service can bring a positive change to your business.

IVR Service guide for business - MyOperator

MyOperator as the best IVR service provider

Premier customer support

At MyOperator, we ensure round-the-clock support for all customers. We treat every call as an opportunity to solve a problem for our customers and strengthen our relationships. That’s how we have won and continue to maintain the faith that 12,000+ companies bestow upon us for their business calls management. As a MyOperator customer, you will be entitled to our premier customer care, 24*7. Whenever you need technical help, need to add a new feature, or need any help with your IVR service solution, you can always call us on +91 92129 92129 and our customer support team will be there for you.

Premium customer support for IVR service - MyOperator

IVR Service with smart features

The IVR service provided by MyOperator comes with rare cloud telephony features. Live call transfer facility and 99.99% uptime are two of them. With live call transfer, your agents can refer customers to other agents without disconnecting the call. The resolution of customer issues on a single call leads to a higher satisfaction rate. MyOperator IVR service is hosted on the cloud. You neither have to set up any hardware nor spend money on capital expenditure. MyOperator provides an online setup of IVR service. Once you sign up, our team will set up an IVR service solution for your business in less than one business day.

IVR service with smart features - MyOperator

Other MyOperator solutions that customers love

Cloud call center

Cloud call center empowers your sales and support teams to take care of customer calls working from your home, office, or on the go. With this, you can set up a remote team and manage inbound and outbound calls anywhere.

Cloud call center

Toll free number

Toll-free number is a telephone number on which your customers can call you for free. Anytime. Anywhere. 1800 number makes it easy for your customers to connect with you and give your business the credibility it deserves.

Toll free number

Inbound call center

MyOperator inbound call center solution is designed to handle multiple calls simultaneously from any location. With the inbound call center, you can enable your customers to conveniently connect with your support agents on call.

Inbound call center

12,000+ Customers Trust Us

Businesses across the globe are using MyOperator for efficient and smooth call management.

bharat petroleum

Collaboration with MyOperator has been an amazing experience for our entire business as it has automated one of the most tedious processes of our system. This leading cloud telephony product has delivered added benefits to our business in terms of strengthening vendor experience and employee convenience.


This distinctive solution provided by MyOperator has majorly bought productivity improvement of the HR team and allowed them to effectively manage their routine tasks. The result has surpassed our expectations and the system has significantly assisted us in bringing the required ease for our employees.


12,000+ Businesses Activated
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#1 Ranked in India's Cloud Telephony Leadership Matrix

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your questions regarding the IVR service and how it can help your business. If you have some other questions, visit our support center.

What does IVR service mean?
IVR service is a cloud telephony system that enables your customers to get the required information or connect with the sales or support team as per their need with the help of pre-recorded voice responses and dial pad inputs.
IVR service can help you instantly answer all your incoming calls with automated voice responses and make customers happy by connecting them to agents faster and providing real-time answers to their queries.
Yes, you can get a demo of IVR service from MyOperator. To book your demo, you can sign up online or call on +91 92129 92129. You can also get a free 3-day trial of IVR Service with your MyOperator demo account.
IVR service allows your customers to reach out for support anytime anywhere. For this reason, IVR service plays an important role in boosting sales, as potential customers are more likely to purchase when their questions are answered efficiently.
My operator is one of the best IVR service providers in India. As of now, 12,000+ customers use MyOperator IVR and other communication services.
There are different plans available for IVR service, the cost depends upon the plan you opt for. You can check all plans and pricing here.
For any queries regarding IVR service for your business, please visit our support center or call MyOperator support team at +91 92129 92129.