About PrepMed NEET

PrepMed NEET is an educational platform dedicated to helping students prepare for the NEET exam with expert mentorship and high-quality study material. By providing carefully selected courses and modules catered to each student's unique learning needs, the goal is to create the best possible environment for students to achieve their full potential. They place a high priority on offering each student individualised care and peer support. Throughout the student's journey, PrepMed NEET also provides a committed team of doctors for academic and mental support.

Problem Statement

Managing student communications effectively was one of PrepMed NEET's challenges. Due to the high volume of students enrolled in their courses, it became more and more challenging to guarantee prompt and efficient communication about schedule changes, course updates, and other crucial information. Also, collecting student input to enhance their offerings was a time-consuming task.

The Solution:

PrepMed NEET implemented MyOperator's services to overcome these challenges by:

  • Using MyOperator's IVR support to speed up their communication
  • Contacting students effectively via inbound and outbound IVR calls
  • Utilising MyOperator's SMS portal for additional communication
  • Tracking communication efforts and received student feedback using MyOperator's user-friendly dashboards
MyOperator WhatsApp Dashboard with The PrepMed NEET

The Results

By using MyOperator's services, PrepMed NEET were able to:

  • Manage high call volume easily with IVR support
  • Ensure timely help and information for students
  • Improve communication with SMS portal
  • Make informed decisions
  • Addressed student concerns based on feedback gathered via MyOperator's services

Customer speaks

My experience with MyOperator has been exceptional. The IVR support and SMS portal have greatly streamlined our communication processes, allowing us to efficiently manage student inquiries and provide timely support. The dashboards provided by MyOperator are user-friendly and offer valuable insights into our interactions with students. Overall, MyOperator has played a crucial role in enhancing our communication and support systems at PrepMed NEET.

- Dr. Debajyoti Kar, CEO, PrepMed NEET

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