About Darkins Chocolate

Darkins Chocolate, a premium brand that specialises in creating exquisite dark chocolates from Indian cacao beans, crafted in small batches with passion and dedication. Based in Delhi, their goal is to provide high-quality chocolate with Indian tastes while promoting a healthy diet.

Problem Statement

In Darkin's B2B interactions, they faced challenges with managing multiple conversations on WhatsApp. The team engages with various clients, ranging from small-scale bakers (with a requirement of small quantity chocolates) to large cafe owners (with a requirement of bulk quantity chocolates), but conversations were scattered across individual numbers.

The difficulties Darkins Chocolate faced include:

  • Inability to monitor interactions.
  • Unable to track client relationships.
  • Incapable of maintaining business continuity, particularly after team members changed.

The Solution:

To address these challenges, Darkins turned to MyOperator's Call + WhatsApp integrated Business Solution. They got started with MyOperator's IVR services and later integrated it with WhatsApp API.

This allowed them to:

  • Centralise all client communications and interactions in one place.
  • Provide better visibility and control.
  • Assign each chat to specific team members (customer care executives or relationship managers).
  • Minimise disruptions even if team members changed.
MyOperator WhatsApp Dashboard with The Darkins

The Results

Implementing MyOperator's IVR + WhatsApp API solution significantly improved Darkins Chocolate’s B2B communication efficiency.

With all conversations centralised, they can:

  • Easily monitor interactions.
  • Track client relationships.
  • Ensure smooth business continuity.
  • Merge conversations into one WhatsApp channel.
  • Simplify sales and CX processes.
  • Manage customer inquiries, orders, and feedback with greater efficiency.

Customer speaks

With MyOperator's IVR + WhatsApp Business Solution, we tackled big challenges in B2B communication. Their platform gathers all our client interactions in one place, making it easier to monitor and track. Tagging chats and assigning them to team members streamlined our work and boosted efficiency. MyOperator's tools have greatly improved our client relationships and business operations.

- Prajnay Garg, Founder & CEO, Darkins Chocolate

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