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[A Partnership To Bank On] Muthoot Forex Customers Dial On MyOperator 

Muthoot Forex Customers Dial On MyOperator
MyOperator / Blog / [A Partnership To Bank On] Muthoot Forex Customers Dial On MyOperator 

Two of India’s trusted brands have partnered to ramp up their customer engagement play. Muthoot Forex, an organization that offers swift and excellent international money transfer service have partnered with MyOperator, a market leader in cloud call management to expand their customer communication initiatives. 

Muthoot Forex is now using MyOperator products such as virtual number and IVR to not only manage their customer engagement but also to boost their team’s overall productivity. How? Let’s read on. 

Speaking of the collaboration, Muthoot Forex CEO, Mr. Rajesh Jayachandran said, “We are happy to partner with MyOperator. Given their strong reviews and market leadership, we trust their platform to handle our communication”.

MyOperator and Muthoot Forex Partnership: The approach toward generating more value for customers

Trusted by 10000+ customers, MyOperator strives to improve productivity and scalability in business communication by merging technology know-how with customer value. The partnership between Muthoot Forex and India’s first end-to-end call management solution will contribute to the emergence of a completely integrated network to foster global expansion.

MyOperator’s VP of Marketing, Rimjhim Ray stated, “The Muthoot brand is one of the most trusted names in the financial space. We are happy that Muthoot Forex banked on MyOperator to deliver flawless customer communication. We are committed to helping our customers deliver world-class customer engagement and we look forward to this partnership”.

Top Features of MyOperator products that aim to enhance communication for Muthoot Forex

Benefits of virtual number

  • With timely recorded client chats, you can keep tabs on your team’s productivity and business calls.
  • Provide a more positive experience for your callers by thanking them with a personalized voice message.
  • Regularly receive insights via SMS or email as well as access to detailed data on all your customer calls.
  • Track and closely observe every customer call, as well as the efficiency of your agents.
  • Using the information they provide in the IVR number menu, you can connect your callers immediately with the relevant department.

Benefits of IVR

  • Sophisticated and simplified call management.
  • The IVR system effortlessly gives you a detailed picture of all your call-related operations in real time.
  • For continuous monitoring, get to use a mobile app.
  • 99% uptime on calls is guaranteed.
  • 24/7 client service throughout the year

Brand Overview

About Muthoot Forex

The INR 4.5 billion Muthoot Group, of which Muthoot Forex Limited is a segment, has operations in financial services, media, information technology, hospitality, academia, power generation, infrastructure, agriculture, precious metals, tourism, and inward/outward money transfers.

In the last 20 years, Muthoot Forex Limited has been a well-known and dependable name in the foreign exchange and migration industries. The company’s objective is to grow into the top player in the foreign exchange and outbound remittance markets.

Students who desire to transfer their education costs for studying abroad can seamlessly do so through Muthoot Forex Limited.

About MyOperator

MyOperator was co-founded by Ankit and Pratik Jain in 2013 as one of the first companies in India’s cloud telephony sector. MyOperator offers a SAAS based omnichannel communication platform to 10000+ brands including Apollo, Myntra, Lenskart, Razorpay, NCERT and more.

MyOperator’s technologies, such as the toll free number IVR system, cloud call center, Dialer app, call tracking and reporting, inbound and outbound calling, call center software etc, let businesses manage, organize, and optimize each customer call while also raising the standard of customer communication.

Recently, MyOperator got listed on India’s cloud telephony leader matrix in the Champion category.

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