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SMS Marketing – The Complete Guide 2024

SMS marketing
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In the dynamic world of business, companies have an array of options at their disposal when it comes to engaging with their followers and customers. In fact, the realm of marketing is constantly evolving and marketers are experimenting with various techniques more than ever before, resulting in a plethora of communication strategies (SMS marketing) that can have vastly different levels of impact.

A new trend is emerging and making waves: short-form communication. This innovative approach to messaging is gaining traction at a rapid pace, while its counterpart – long-form communication, is losing ground in popularity. When content is broken up into tiny bits, communication is much easier to read and understand. The world of today has seen a general shift toward the delivery of information in brief form in an increasing variety of contexts.

Have you heard of Reels? If you haven’t, you are missing out! This popular Instagram feature is just one example of the many short-form video production opportunities available on social media. The goal is to hook audiences in as quickly as possible by showing more followers on Instagram, using music and film techniques to create a lasting impact. It’s no wonder that short-form communication has become the gold standard. While some brands love to create their videos in-house, some collaborate with a video production startup and experts to get it done, and others leverage AI video generators! But one thing is sure, the majority of the brands are capitalizing on reels and videos and you also must not miss this opportunity!

SMS Marketing - The Complete Guide

Bulk text messages are crucial in the world of marketing and mass communication due to the shift toward shorter forms of communication. SMS (Short Message Service) has the capacity to hold a lot of information. Without a doubt, they are short but powerful. Bulk SMS messaging offers a practical way to manage communications with small or big contact groups, from huge corporations to small businesses, community organisations to educational institutions.

It is important to remember that you must adhere to the rules applicable to both your nation and the country to which you are delivering SMS messages before starting to send bulk SMS messages.

What is Bulk SMS?

Mass text messaging, also known as bulk SMS, is a communication technology that enables a company or organisation to simultaneously send thousands of SMS messages to all of its contacts’ mobile phones.

The idea behind bulk SMS is the mass distribution of the same message to numerous recipients. While it is possible to copy and paste texts and send them to everyone, sending bulk SMS is considerably faster, more effective, and less prone to errors than working manually. It makes texting a huge number of people easier to access and is frequently a straightforward operation.

SMS Marketing

This functionality does not indicate that all of your SMS texts are part of a group chat. Instead, each one is delivered to the recipients separately, giving the impression that each one has been personally contacted by the companies delivering the bulk SMS messages. In a practical sense, the community accomplishes this by offering a platform for direct communication with receivers to build trust.

SMS services are used by businesses of all sizes to facilitate communication with their target demographic. Bulk SMS can be used in a variety of businesses to send promotional messages, urgent notifications, and much more.

Why Bulk SMS?

Bulk messaging is a great tool for creating engaging mobile marketing campaigns that will not only help you generate more income but also help people recognize and connect with your brand.

Why Bulk SMS

Using several apps and a mass messaging service, you can organise fun contests, intriguing voting campaigns, or Q&A sessions. As word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective 21st-century marketing strategy, these marketing strategies will bring in more customers to your business. To advertise your events and generate entries, send out bulk SMS. Some of the reasons why you shout opt for bulk SMS:

  • Bulk SMS is favoured by all companies and sectors since it has a high readability rate.
  • It is one of the most economical yet efficient channels for reaching out to potential clients.
  • The data is delivered without any filters directly to the user’s mobile device. The best part? Bounce rates don’t exist. Customers who have turned off their phones will still get the SMS once they turn them back on.
  • With minimal expenditure, it guarantees optimum productivity.
  • Sending Bulk SMS does not require any technical expertise.
  • The quickest way of reaching customers with the highest level of personalisation.

The two primary categories of bulk SMS are:

  1. Transactional Bulk SMS: Such SMS is sent to both DND and non-DND clients and provides urgent or essential information.
  1. Promotional bulk SMS: These are only sent between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. to non-DND phones in order to advertise or promote a particular service or product.

Benefits of Bulk SMS

With the advancement of technology, the advantages of bulk SMS are only going to become more significant. People in the present world tend to glance at their texts more than any other form of communication because they prefer to acquire information in a very few and compact forms. If we dig in deeper, it can be noted that phone calls can be unpleasant, advertisements misleading, and emails can be too long. However, the majority of people continually find texting to be beneficial, making it a fantastic tool to reach a bigger audience.

Benefits of Bulk SMS

You can plan and distribute customised messages to various recipients, whether they are part of a group or an individual. It is a fantastic approach to grab your target audience’s attention and prompt an instant response.

Although not all of us are constantly checking our email, many of us cannot live without our smartphones. Is bulk SMS marketing worth your time and money? Is it appropriate for your company? To assist you in making a decision, we have compiled the top benefits of bulk SMS marketing: 

1. Immediate effect

Bulk SMS marketing requires less than 7 seconds to arrive at the intended recipient, as opposed to email marketing, which may not be opened for days, or direct mail, which might take days to send. If you have the right number, you may be confident that your text message will be delivered quickly and accurately.

2. Minimal delivery obstacles 

Marketing emails frequently never get to their intended recipient because of spam filtering. SMS is an exception to this. SMS marketing is quite reliable because there are frequently no obstacles in the way of delivery.

3. Cost-effective approach

Bulk SMS marketing services is less expensive when compared to the costs of other forms of advertising, such as television, radio, and billboards. SMS is a viable and cost-efficient alternative since it is low-cost and offers a greater ROI (Return on Investment) than most other marketing practices.

4. Outstanding conversion rate

Response rates for email marketing are infamously low, hovering around 6%. However, a response rate of 45% for SMS is common and could possibly be higher (98%). With SMS, you will get a greater response rate compared to any other marketing approach, regardless of the goal of your marketing strategy—sign-ups, discounts, or polls.

5. Exceptionally high open rate

Compared to emails, the open rate for SMS marketing has been claimed to be as high as 99%. Naturally, not every person who gets your text will reply. Nevertheless, it makes sense that someone is more inclined to respond to your campaign if they have seen it than if they haven’t. Almost all SMS messages are read, yet many people discard emails without even opening them.

6. Personalised campaigns

With bulk SMS marketing, you can choose to target your complete contact database, a specific group, or a single person. The effectiveness of your campaign depends on it being personalised. For instance, you should send prospective and current customers separate texts. Every time you send an SMS, you may quickly and easily personalise it by setting up templates. Customers are more likely to reply to a personalised text message than to a generic or unrelated one.

7. Secured cloud communications

Using a reliable cloud-based service gives you access to powerful software features, a large global reach, better prices, and quick integrations via programmable APIs. Did you know? Businesses may obtain the resources they need to swiftly and successfully reach their target audience using MyOperator’s secure and dependable bulk SMS service to rapidly and efficiently reach their target market. MyOperator is a smart solution for companies wishing to boost their marketing efforts due to its robust security features, simplicity of use, and real-time reporting and analysis.

8. A less competitive medium

Email is the go-to method of consumer communication, and everyone uses it. Nevertheless, 82% of email users receive at least 25 emails each day, making it a competitive medium. Nevertheless, only 25% of companies utilise text messaging for marketing and promotions, which is quite favourable for you.

Bulk SMS’s legality is influenced by a number of variables, including the messages’ content, how they are delivered, and the country they are sent from.

Sending bulk SMS is generally acceptable as long as it adheres to all applicable telecommunications laws and rules, including those pertaining to spam, privacy, and consent. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the US enforces regulations against “spam texts,” or unwanted or unsolicited commercial SMS.

SMS Marketing

Similar limits and regulations have been created for broadcasting and bulk SMS services by The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). The authority’s goal is to develop the telecom sector so that India takes the lead in the developing global information society. A company or telemarketer must first register with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and get a registration number before they can send their clients transactional or marketing communications.

In India, the TRAI has formulated SMS rules and sms marketing guide in the following areas:

a) Transactional SMS

An organisation may utilise a transactional SMS to transmit any informative messages, such as order alerts, one-time passwords, booking and payment details, and so forth. They provide the required information for customers to purchase the goods or services by sending SMS to them. A transactional SMS, in contrast to a promotional SMS, is not meant for company marketing. Standard business templates are included with a transactional SMS service, and the company can also modify them.

b) Promotional SMS

As its name suggests, a promotional SMS is used to communicate offers, deals, and promotions to both current and potential clients. The recipients may or may not have asked for the communications, nevertheless. Promotional messages can only be sent to clients who have selected the Do Not Disturb (DND) status during a specific time span (9 a.m. to 9 p.m.). Generally, the telecom operator will assign a random 6-character Sender ID as the sender ID for a promotional SMS.

c) DND Scrubbing Service

The TRAI created the Do Not Disturb (DND) service for those who do not want to receive unauthorised calls or SMS for marketing purposes. Telemarketers should exercise caution while delivering SMS to their clients and should take special care to avoid sending SMS to DND customers. DND scrubbing is a service that telemarketers can use to distinguish between DND and Non-DND consumers.

d) Cancellation Cost

Cancellation fees are the costs incurred by one telecom provider when handling a call by another. Even in situations where free mobile-to-mobile calls are offered by some operator plans, these costs remain masked.

e) Time of delivery

The SMS delivery time is also subject to a number of limitations put in place by TRAI. Transactional SMS can be delivered by a company at any time, anywhere, while promotional SMS can only be sent during regular business hours, which are from 9 AM to 9 PM. By establishing rules for SMS delivery, the general public or customers are exempted from telemarketers’ calls and messages when they get home from work.

f) Name of the sender

Sender IDs contain the brand name, and in order for them to be used, you must register both the ID and the message format. Even though the sender will incur fees, a message that is sent outside of the message’s sender ID and template may not be delivered. Depending on the SMS type, different sender IDs apply. Transactional SMS’s sender ID format comprises nine characters, out of which the company can select six alphabetic characters to represent the brand.

It is crucial to remember that deciding whether bulk SMS is legal depends heavily on consent. The majority of legal systems demand express authorization from the recipient of a text message before it may be sent. This can take the form of a sign-up where the recipient voluntarily chooses to receive communications or an opt-out where the recipient can choose not to receive SMS.

Additionally, it is unlawful to send bulk SMS messages that include malicious information, such as malware, phishing scams, or unwanted sexual content. Moreover, it’s against the law in many areas to send mass SMS messages in someone else’s name or using their mobile number.

Why Bulk SMS is Important for any Business?

A bulk SMS is a really effective marketing strategy that delivers a powerful punch while being inexpensive and simple to use. This tested technology must be taken into account along with the rest of your marketing plan if you want your firm to succeed. Bulk SMS messages have the goal of automating all aspects of text message distribution, sending them in response to different database triggers without human involvement.

Curious about why Businesses are Turning to SMS Marketing?

Lets explore why businesses are turning to SMS marketing and the benefits it can bring to their marketing strategies.
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Mobile advertising is rapidly expanding. Today, the majority of individuals own a mobile device that can send and receive texts. Even if some users have phones without internet access, they can nevertheless get text message marketing campaigns. Whereas for online mobile marketing, this remains a challenge.

SMS Marketing

Here are a few factors that make Bulk SMS a viable option for businesses:

  • It assists in spreading awareness of recently introduced products and enables quick access to a large pool of prospective buyers and marketers.
  • Businesses can save a significant amount of time by quickly sending key information to a targeted customer base.
  • The increased use of mobile devices facilitates the widespread distribution of business texts among people, making bulk SMS beneficial for business and marketing managers.
  • It facilitates direct client contact and guarantees message delivery to the intended audience.
  • Easy to execute
  • It can significantly boost sales and encourage repeat business with a hefty profit.
  • Business professionals have a greater capacity for improving interactions with specific customers or groups of customers in a way that promotes business.
  • It enhances consumer exposure to brands.
  • Allows for highly tailored, individualised communications to be sent to the chosen or group of clients.
  • It provides an automatic relay of any crucial information necessary for upcoming projects and aids in the delivery of value-added services at the lowest feasible marginal cost.

The best part is that there is no spam included in bulk SMS promotion! You can just call the numbers that are not included on the NDNC registry (DND numbers). Unquestionably, bulk SMS advertising has been used for a long time and is still alive and kicking targets. So why wait? It’s time to bring on the A-game with bulk SMS for your business.

Who should use Bulk SMS for Business?

SMS Marketing

By now we all know that a huge number of users and customers can be contacted at once with relevant content with bulk SMS. Enterprises require a productive approach to communicating these messages to their consumer, whether it is a reminder, an alert, or some update. However, bulk SMS is not limited to large organisations. This service is also available to and should be used by SMEs as well.

Such a communication method is the best if you want to engage customers and stay on their “radar,” as indicated by the fact that even 98% of SMS messages are opened and read. Bulk messaging can be used by both public and private schools to communicate with both parents and staff. Additionally, to send out invites or special offers, hotels and restaurants can think about employing the bulk SMS concept. Publishers, theatres, cinemas, and galleries are all ideal hopefuls for using bulk text message systems to promote new publications or invite people to premieres and exhibitions.

Bulk SMS is commonly used by:

  • Commercial brands
  • Enterprises
  • Banks
  • Media sources
  • Leading airlines
  • Travel companies
  • Health care professionals
  • Consumer websites with a large audience
  • Retailers

Why does every Business need the Bulk SMS service?

The remarkable advantages of SMS marketing in increasing corporate communication have been recognised by a range of industries. However, its greatest potential rests in offering a conversational messaging experience where clients feel valued and heard. The low cost of the service and the high reachability of the proper audience are two key benefits of bulk SMS service. 

Did you know?

  • Within 1-2 minutes, around 60% of users respond to a text message.
  • 45% of potential customers select a brand after receiving an SMS.
  • 67% of customers would rather communicate via text than by phone or email when making an appointment.

In the past three decades, SMS has transformed communication and altered how companies interact with their customers. Although SMS is the oldest means of communication, often people underestimate its impact because they think its attraction is declining. But it can work wonders for the expansion of your company.

All you need to understand is how to make the most of bulk SMS services. Businesses can also boost the value of their brands. How? To start with, include links to the SMS. Remember to shorten the URL you intend to include in your SMS message as you only have 160 characters to say what you need to say. However, utilise branded links that are customised to encourage clicks rather than generic link tags.

Using SMS text messaging for business purposes can:

  1. Improve retention of customers.
  2. Increase brand trust.
  3. Give prompt communication.
  4. Acquire new clients.
  5. Boost total sales.
  6. Offer a profitable return on investment.

How does bulk SMS for business work?

Businesses of all sizes have experienced outstanding success using bulk SMS services to increase sales, generate leads, and raise brand awareness. Bulk SMS distribution is not just for companies with significant marketing budgets. This powerful tool can be used by individuals, small businesses, medium-sized companies, and huge enterprises to get excellent ROI. Let’s examine bulk SMS in more detail and see how it might benefit your company’s growth.

myoperator service

Take a moment to imagine yourself as a small business owner who has recently introduced a new product. Although you don’t have the time or means to contact every one of your clients separately, you want to make sure they are aware of it. This is where bulk SMS comes into play.

This is how it works:

a) Setting up an account

You must create an account with a bulk SMS service provider in order to start sending bulk SMS for business. Selecting a plan, providing billing information, and configuring your contact list are usually required steps in this process.

b) Creating a message

You must then compose your message. The bulk SMS supplier may offer a web-based interface for this purpose or you may use a third-party application. Alternatively, if you want, you can utilise a pre-written message or template.

c) SMS delivery

You can bulk-send your message to your contacts after you have created it. The bulk SMS service provider will take care of message delivery, making sure that the messages reach their intended recipients swiftly and effectively.

d) Reports and Insights

Following the sending of your messages, you may access data and analytics to learn how many messages were actually delivered, how many were actually read, and what form of response you got from your target audience. You can use this data to make decisions wisely regarding upcoming bulk SMS campaigns.

Types of Bulk SMS

There are different kinds of bulk SMS messages, and each one serves a certain role. The list is as follows:

1. Promotional SMS

It is used to communicate offers and promotions to both current and potential clients. Customers may quickly receive all the most recent information and be kept informed about any new offers that are available in the business. Promotional SMS is an easy way to reach a sizable audience with non-critical SMS, but only members who are not registered for DND will receive the texts. Different Types of Promotional SMS include:

  • SMS marketing
  • Business SMS
  • Awareness SMS
  • Personalised SMS
SMS Marketing-MyOperator
MyOperator Price Plans: Promotional SMS

With this kind of bulk SMS, organisations can send customised messages to each receiver that include details like their name, location, or other key information.

2. Scheduled SMS

Using this type of bulk SMS, companies can plan SMS deliveries in advance to be made at a certain time and date.

MyOperators product

3. Voice SMS

This kind of bulk SMS enables companies to communicate with customers using voice messages, which have the potential to be more compelling and effective than text messages.

4. Transactional SMS

This form of text messaging can be used to reach out to customers and give them various notifications and updates via SMS. OTPs and notifications are also sent to registered users via transactional routes, and these kinds of SMS are capable of being delivered quickly. So, the various messaging formats that fall under the transactional category are as follows.

  • Informational SMS
  • Service SMS 
  • Optin SMS
  • API SMS 
SMS Marketing-MyOperator
MyOperator Price Plans: Transactional SMS

5. Short code SMS

Businesses can construct a brief, distinctive number that customers can text to communicate with the firm using this kind of bulk SMS.

6. Long code SMS

Utilising this type of bulk SMS, enterprises may receive client SMS messages and reply in real-time by using a dedicated virtual number.

According to the features that the various SMS panels enable, bulk SMS services are more broadly categorised. Here, some of them are mentioned and explained below:

50 SMS Templates that Makes your Work Easier

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a) Normal SMS

English language SMS can be sent using the normal SMS feature.

b) Unicode SMS

Unicode SMS, also known as local language SMS, enables the sending of SMS in languages other than English.

c) Customise SMS

You can enter an excel file with one column for the mobile number and another for the message content using customised SMS.

d) Multimedia SMS

It can be used to send multimedia files like images, videos, audio, documents etc.

e) Events SMS

This SMS enables you to create or schedule events for the entire year with a single click.

f) Survey SMS

Use Survey SMS to create an online mobile survey.

g) Short Link SMS

You can keep track of the phone numbers that are interested in your services using the Short Link SMS functionality.

Service SMS, Promotional SMS or Transactional SMS, we’ve got you covered 

Service SMS, Promotional SMS, and Transactional SMS are three of the most common types of SMS used by enterprises for different goals. These three SMS formats are crucial tools for companies to use when communicating with their clients, workforce, and customers. Businesses can send all three types of SMS using the full options provided by MyOperator, a cloud call center software solution provider.

Customer service and query resolution are both handled through service SMS. Service SMS can be used to address client issues, give information, and respond to inquiries. For businesses to handle all of their client interactions, including service SMS, MyOperator offers a centralised platform. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for businesses to send service SMS to their clients, handle client complaints in real time, and monitor the success of their customer service initiatives. Businesses can also manage their client contacts from a single platform with MyOperator’s Service SMS service’s integration with well-known customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

myoperator solution
Now what is promotional SMS?

A form of SMS used to advertise a good or service is known as a promotional SMS. With the help of promotional SMS, you can quickly and effectively contact a big audience. Companies can use MyOperator to send promotional SMS to their clients notifying them of new products, deals, and incentives. Advanced analytics features of MyOperator enable companies to monitor the effectiveness of their Promotional SMS campaigns, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Not to miss out on the A/B testing feature of MyOperator’s promotional SMS service that enables companies to compare the performance of various messages and campaigns.

Transactional SMS is a category of SMS that is used to send vital information to clients. Order confirmations, delivery status updates, and other sensitive data can be transmitted using transactional SMS. With the help of MyOperator, businesses can send transactional SMS to their clients, keeping them informed of crucial updates.

Promotional SMS

Organisations can send Transactional SMS automatically with the platform’s automation tools, which boost productivity and free up time for other activities. The transactional SMS service from MyOperator complies with all applicable laws and regulations, giving companies the security they need to send transactional SMS to their customers. Whether you wish to offer customer service, promote your products, or convey important information, MyOperator has got you covered.

Learn the difference between Promotional, Transactional (Service) & OTP SMS

Did you know? The first text message was sent in 1992? “Merry Christmas” was written in the SMS, which was transmitted from a computer to a mobile device over the Vodafone GSM network. Since then, SMS has developed into a fully-fledged primary means of communication, used for both business and personal communications.

Considerations like “what value do I obtain from this communication tool” come to mind while deciding on the best digital communication channel for enterprises. Who can I approach and how will I accomplish it? And how would this product integrate with my current platform? As was previously mentioned, transactional and promotional SMS can be considered to be the two broad categories of SMS. However, a different category of SMS called OTP SMS has emerged recently.

SMS Marketing

Well, what exactly is OTP SMS? OTP mode services are employed to authenticate user logins and transactions as well as to exchange sensitive information across businesses and their customers. One Time Password is referred to as OTP. OTP information includes a code that will be used for verification.

Now, let’s start by discussing transactional SMS and OTP SMS. Generally, there aren’t many differences between the two since enterprises use them both to spread informative content. The primary distinction has to do with how technicalities are presented.

For example, a transaction SMS might read, “Dear Vidya, your order has been sent and will arrive within four working days.”

As opposed to this, an OTP message might read, “Dear Vidya, your OTP code is 9872. It is only valid for 5 minutes. Please don’t share your OTP with others”.

As said earlier, promotional messages are used to communicate offers, discounts, special deals, or changes to both prospective and current customers.

A promotional SMS reads as “Dear Kabir, ready for the weekend? We have something for you! Visit our store now to receive a 30% discount on a few items.

The following are some additional differences between Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, and OTP SMS:

1. Validation method

Both transactional and promotional SMS need to be authenticated to make sure the message’s content is accurate. OTP SMS, however, is used to verify the user and is not validated before delivery.

2. Content form

Both transactional SMS and promotional SMS are informational in nature, so the content should be concise and approachable. Whereas the content of OTP messages is limited to a set of numeric characters and serves as one stage of two-factor authentication.

3. Priority route

OTP SMS is handled more quickly than promotional and transactional SMS since OTPs are so time-sensitive. According to the objectives of the business, this causes OTP messages to expire quickly.

4. Response Time

OTP Integration occupies less time as compared to a Transactional SMS and a Promotional SMS. This is due to the fact that transactional and promotional SMS take longer to send when a phone number is validated than they do when an OTP is provided, which shortens the process.

Stop Sending the Wrong type of SMS to your Customers!

It’s crucial to understand the differences between promotional, transactional, and OTP SMS and choose the right SMS type for your customers. Read more

Bulk SMS in Marketing

Bulk SMS service messaging is currently one of the most popular and affordable methods of reaching consumers. People appreciate its straightforwardness, promptness, and spontaneity, which can be particularly appealing when you’re having a conversation with a customer. With so many low-cost advertising possibilities for mobile carriers, abandoning text message marketing is not an option if you want to effectively reach your customers today and in the coming years.

Once you start using bulk SMS, your marketing plan will soon be even more successful. In such a time when customers are swiftly moving away from traditional channels in favour of digital ones, SMS marketing is a minimal and efficient approach to reaching a large audience with a high ROI per text. If you wish to reach your intended audience and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, bulk SMS services can provide fantastic support (ROI).

SMS is designed to be mobile-friendly and doesn’t need any special tricks or layouts to fit on mobile devices. You don’t have to worry about introducing brand-new technology to your users and consumers because SMS works with nearly all mobile devices. Are you still wondering whether or not to text your clients right now? We would say, “Go for it!”

SMS outperforms other, more intricate, and internet-dependent marketing channels. Every consumer generation, young or elderly, will be able to receive an SMS, making it the preferred method for direct and personal business contact. It’s a terrific pull marketing strategy to keep those customers coming back for more and the ideal technique to target a niche audience interested in your offerings or services.

The Indian budget 2024: Offering a helping hand towards supporting marketing efforts

The Indian budget for 2024 includes measures to assist small and medium-sized firms (SMEs), especially those engaged in SMS marketing. The government has suggested raising the budgetary allotment for digital infrastructure, which would include adding new data centres and expanding high-speed internet connectivity. The setting for digital marketing will be improved as a result, and SMS marketing companies’ reach will increase.

MyOperator’s Vice President of Marketing, Rimjim Ray, says, “We are in the middle of a mobile-first era where India’s next billion small businesses and consumers will lead the growth. This India is raw, hungry and owns a smartphone.”

She further adds, “The triple policies of backing 5G, giving custom relief to smartphones, and special schemes for MSMEs will accelerate the smartphone and mobile apps adoption for the smallest of businesses. This incentivizes larger tech players to build mobile-first software for India’s next billion, SMBs will literally leapfrog the digital divide with smartphone and business app access. We are looking at the era of a million smart businesses emerging from India.”

SMS Marketing-Rimjhim VP MyOperator

The budget includes funding to enhance the nation’s infrastructure and 5G technology development. Since the broad implementation of 5G technology will considerably increase the reach and effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns, this will have a direct influence on the SMS marketing industry.

The budget includes several important initiatives, one of which is the commitment of Rs 50,000 crores to the nation’s 5G technology development. This funding will be used to build infrastructure and provide subsidies to companies involved in the development of 5G technology. As a result, SMS marketing providers will be in a better position to take use of 5G technology and offer SMS marketing campaigns that are smoother and more consistent.

Top Features to look after best Bulk SMS

What would you consider to be the best course of action when planning marketing campaigns? Whether you run a small business with limited resources or a large corporation with a modest marketing budget, consider using bulk SMS to effectively promote your brand.

Bulk messaging provides you with definite advantages for your marketing initiatives so that you may see measurable returns on your investment. The following are some of the best features of bulk SMS communication that you should be aware of:

1. Unicode SMS

It can be considerably more beneficial to hear a message in the local tongue than in the standard language. The Unicode option makes it easier to send SMSes in local languages. So, with the aid of the Unicode converter tool, you can effortlessly send your message in your native tongue and establish a personal connection with your customers.

2. Campaign Manager

With the MyOperator campaign management feature of bulk SMS, you may quickly and easily launch any kind of campaign for your customers in real-time. You can configure custom reply messages and timed responses, add options, keywords, and sub-keywords in a matter of minutes. It allows you the most flexibility possible to create and deploy different campaigns.

3. Contact Management

You might have a large database of phone numbers. Each of them could be a member of a different group, such as students or working individuals. With the contact manager feature, it is now simple to send various messages to each group.

You can submit all of your contacts under different groupings based on your needs. Your contacts can be imported, exported, edited, and added. This enables you to organise and manage every contact you have while also sending them notifications with a simple click.

4. Message Scheduling

You can schedule messages at MyOperator to any date and time using the scheduling tool. A timed message can be set for a specific person or group of people. You can also schedule SMS for delivery in the future if you do not wish to send your message straight away.

SMS Marketing-MyOperator

5. Delivery Statistics

You can acquire completely honest and transparent reports by using the delivery report option. At MyOperator’s panel your SMS’s status is indicated, including whether it was queued, sent, accepted, or failed. With the use of this data, you can monitor the effectiveness of your efforts and alter them as necessary to improve your outcomes.

SMS Marketing-MyOperator

6. Templates for SMS

At MyOperator, there is no longer a need to repeatedly type the same SMS message. Use our sms marketing templates option if you frequently send the same SMS message. Isn’t that a huge relief?

SMS Marketing-template

7. Support

Without a doubt, a reliable bulk SMS provider must give its clients dependable support. Any issues you may have should be able to be answered by the provider’s professional and accommodating support staff. Customers of MyOperator can rely on the company’s solid customer service, and the company’s support staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The support staff can assist you if you need help setting up your account or have queries regarding any of the features.

What are the essential requirements for taking Bulk SMS?  

In the quest for high response rates, Domino’s Pizza has discovered that SMS-based marketing reigns supreme. We have all succumbed to the lure of a tempting text message, whether it’s a promotion from a beloved brand or a discount from a trusted company. Now it’s your turn to seize the power of SMS marketing and make your mark in the digital world. To help you get started and unleash the full potential of bulk SMS, we have compiled the essential requirements right here:

1. A provider of bulk SMS 

You should pick a bulk SMS provider that offers dependable, affordable and simple-to-use services. A service to look for is one that has a user-friendly interface, a high delivery rate, and flexible pricing.

2. DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)

In India, telemarketers are required by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to register on the DLT platform. It’s being released in the public interest to stop SMS spam from different marketing companies.

Previously, TRAI compelled bulk SMS service providers to register. According to the revised regulations, everyone that wishes to deliver transactional or promotional SMS to their clients must be DLT registered. 

The following company documentations are necessary for DLT registration:

  • Business PAN Card
  • Incorporation certificate
  • GST certificate
  • Certificate of Business Establishment
3. List of contacts

You need a collection of mobile phone numbers in order to send bulk SMS messages. Make sure that the individuals on your list have consented to receive SMS messages from you and that the database is current and accurate.

4. SMS content

The text in your bulk SMS message should be understandable, precise, and appropriate to your intended audience. Ensure that the rules governing the transmission of unsolicited SMS messages are adhered to in your message. 

5. SMS sender ID

When you deliver an SMS, the sender’s name or phone number will show up on the recipient’s device. Pick a sender ID that your target market will quickly recognise.

6. SMS gateway

A software programme called an SMS gateway permits you to deliver mass SMS messages from your computer to mobile devices. A safe and dependable platform, quick message delivery, and comprehensive integration possibilities are things to look for in an SMS gateway.

7. Campaign management

You need a sound strategy in place to make sure your bulk SMS marketing campaign is successful. Think about utilising marketing automation solutions that let you plan, organise, and monitor your campaigns in real-time.

MyOperator: How to create a bulk SMS?

In the ever-evolving world of business, it’s crucial to discover novel and innovative methods to connect with your customers. And what better way to do so than through MyOperator bulk SMS marketing? This technique enables businesses to dispatch a multitude of text messages simultaneously to their customers, providing them with crucial updates and promotional offers. With MyOperator, a cloud-based call center management system, crafting and distributing bulk SMS messages is seamless and effective.

Follow the steps below to create bulk SMS with MyOperator:

Step1: Create your MyOperator account

You must create an account in order to use the bulk SMS service offered by MyOperator. The procedure is easy to follow, and you may complete it on the website. Once you have registered, you can visit the MyOperator dashboard and begin building your SMS campaigns.

Step 2: Make a list of your contacts

Creating a contact list of the persons you wish to send your SMS messages to is the next step. Your contact list can be manually entered or uploaded to MyOperator as a CSV file. It is a waste of time and money to send messages to invalid or out-of-current phone numbers, so be sure that your contact list is up-to-date and relevant.

SMS Marketing-MyOperator

Step 3: Write your SMS message 

Now it’s time to compose your SMS message after your contact list is ready. You may create and personalise your messages using a variety of options in the SMS editor on MyOperator, including the ability to add links, and images. You may create and customise your messages using MyOperator’s user-friendly interface. There are many templates available, including ones for transactional, promotional, and personalised messages. Ensure that your content adds value to your audience and keep it brief and to the point.

Step 4: Plan the SMS campaign

The next step after writing your message is to schedule the SMS campaign. You can select the day and time you want your message to be delivered using MyOperator’s scheduling feature. If you wish to send messages at regular intervals, you can also build up recurring campaigns.

Step 5: Keep a close watch on your SMS campaign

Once your campaign is live, you can monitor its effectiveness using MyOperator’s analytics tools. Metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates may be tracked, and you can utilise the information to improve your SMS campaigns in the future.

SMS Marketing-MyOperator SMS Campaign

How to send SMS to bulk numbers with the help of MyOperator features?

MyOperator offers various SMS plans with differing SMS limits, which define the number of SMS messages you can send per month. Based on the package, the SMS quotas can range from a few thousand to many lakhs. You will need to upgrade your plan or buy more SMS credits if you go over your monthly SMS allotment to keep sending texts. In order to assure message delivery and prevent spam, there may also be limits on the number of messages you can send per second or per minute.

Businesses can use a variety of significant features offered by MyOperator’s bulk SMS service to help them create engaging and customised SMS campaigns. Some of the features of MyOperator an IVR service provider that assist in sending SMS to bulk numbers efficiently include:

1. The Webhook & API whitelist option

The Webhook & API whitelist option is a game-changing feature that empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate their bulk SMS service with various applications and platforms. This functionality allows businesses to share data in real-time, leading to a more efficient and streamlined communication process. The Webhook & API Whitelist Option from MyOperator goes above and beyond by enabling companies to build custom integrations that are tailored to their specific needs.

SMS Marketing-webhook-MyOperator
2. DLT AI Template

DLT AI template is the regulatory overseer who ensures that companies follow SMS messaging regulations, such as the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) laws in India. By leveraging MyOperator’s DLT AI template, businesses have access to pre-built message templates that include all necessary information, such as sender ID and consent language. With this feature, businesses can rest assured that their SMS messages are compliant with regulations, avoiding hefty fines and potential legal issues.

SMS Marketing

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We have covered you. Get your DLT Template

3. Flow creation for SMS automation 

Businesses can develop automated SMS processes using the potent feature of flow creation for SMS automation. It implies that companies can plan a series of SMS messages to be sent out in response to specified events, such as a consumer signing up for a service or placing an order. These automated workflows can assist companies in streamlining communication and guarantee that SMSes are delivered on time and in line with the intended audience.

In a nutshell, these features of MyOperator bulk SMS are the key to designing effective, custom SMS campaigns for businesses. They enable companies to contact their target market at scale with pinpoint accuracy and a personalised touch while remaining completely compliant. Businesses can function with unparalleled efficiency in their communication operations with the help of these capabilities, ensuring that communications are sent in a timely and suitable manner.

MyOperator: Case Study on Happay 

SMS Marketing

Managing millions of payment communications is no easy feat, but Happay, the innovative expense management platform, has a trump card in its arsenal – MyOperator. MyOperator, the cloud-based call management solution that has revolutionised the way Happay handles their payment communications and customer support.

Happay is a fintech and payment powerhouse, revolutionising the way India handles expenses. Backed by the investment prowess of Sequoia Capital and Prime Venture Partners, Happay handles over a million transactions every month for its 6000+ customers across 40+ industries. With its cutting-edge expense management software, Happay has become the go-to solution for digitising and automating business expenses.

However, the quick expansion brought with it a challenge: how to send real-time notifications and transaction information. Happay required a scalable and secure solution to inform and update its consumers.

Enter MyOperator, the solution to Happay’s problem. Together, they launched Omnichannel Communication Solutions, which effortlessly combined messaging, missed calls, and transaction APIs into a single platform. Customers now get an automatic SMS describing their amount after every purchase. Additionally, if they require a balance update, all they have to do is place a missed call; MyOperator will handle the rest and send the data directly to their phone through SMS.

Happay’s annual $1 Bn gross transaction value has been enhanced by the smooth integration of SMS communication made possible by MyOperator. With MyOperator’s scalable communication cloud, Happay can now handle millions of balance enquiries and transaction SMSes with ease. It can be said that a remarkable success story emerged from the collaboration efforts of Happay and MyOperator.

What are the alternatives to Bulk SMS for Business?

It’s true that there are multiple ways to connect with people beyond bulk SMS. Telemarketing, social media messaging, and email marketing are some of the alternatives that you can explore.

Email marketing is an excellent option for businesses looking for cost-effective communication tools with their customers. Businesses can send targeted and customised emails right to a customer’s inbox by using email marketing. They can better target their communications to specific customers by segmenting them and personalising their content, increasing the likelihood that they will interact with it and take action. However, it may not be as quick and efficient as SMS. Emails might take some time to open, and many promotional emails end up in the spam folder.

Bulk SMS vs Whatsapp Messaging

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If email marketing isn’t your thing, don’t worry!

You can also use social media to communicate with people. From Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp marketing and WeChat, there are plenty of platforms to choose from. Social media platforms, with their large user bases and extensive targeting capabilities, enable businesses to reach specific groups with focused messaging, thereby making it easier to develop brand awareness and generate conversions. But keep in mind that these platforms may not provide the same level of personalization as SMS, as businesses tend to message a group of users rather than an individual.

Another type of marketing is telemarketing, which involves calling customers to advertise a good or service. However, a lot of individuals do not like business calls, especially if they are unsolicited. This technique can be quite intrusive and may disrupt people’s daily routines. 

Just as technology is developing, so are the channels via which businesses can reach their clients. These new channels, which range from social networking sites to email marketing to push notifications, each provide certain advantages that can elevate your customer engagement. Businesses may interact with their customers and stay competitive by staying on top of these new communication methods. So, which one of these options do you think would work best for your business?

SMS Marketing


Q1. What is the process of sending bulk SMS?

Ans: To send bulk SMS to your clients and prospects, you need software. The advanced functions of the software enable you to send bulk SMS and schedule it to be sent on local or international mobile networks at certain times.

Q2. Is there a language restriction for messages?

Ans: No, you can communicate in any language. It’s known as the Unicode language. This feature is typically available on the dashboards of SMS providers.

Q3. Can SMS in India be tracked?

As stated by the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), every unsolicited bulk SMS sender must use these codes as sender names in order to prevent unwanted or unlawful activity. Thus, if something illegal occurs, its location can be quickly determined.

Q4. Is it possible to send free bulk SMS?

Ans: There are many software options, both paid and unpaid. Paid software has more functionality, whereas free software has limitations.

Q5. Do I have to stay within the permitted 160 characters?

No, using the concatenation method, you can send bulk SMS campaigns up to 612 characters long. However, lengthier bulk SMS campaigns are typically less successful.

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