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Why SMS Marketing is Still a Top Channel for Business Even in 2024?

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SMS marketing is a convenient and fast method of reaching out to your customers. Without spending a lot of money on market analysis, it enables you to find out more information about your audience. Furthermore, it can be precisely what you need to persuade more people to use your services, buy your products, and post favourable reviews on your website.

Ever since the development of mobile phones, short text messages have become a foundation of communication. Despite the fact that social media and other marketing channels are widely used today, they nevertheless have a significant influence on how companies differentiate themselves from the competition. Businesses frequently use them to send a brand message and inform clients about special offers and discounts.

SMS will become a major component of a marketer’s cross-channel marketing mix in 2024. You run the risk of missing out on opportunities, having reduced engagement, and losing money without SMS. With SMS, businesses can contact customers right away by sending them a text.

People like texting from reliable companies. In 2022, 61% of consumers said they want the option to text a business back, and 70% of consumers had chosen to receive texts from enterprises.

Top Reasons: Why SMS Marketing is Still a Top Channel for Business Even in 2024?

1. High open rates 

The outstanding open rates of SMS marketing versus email are a driving force behind the use of text message marketing by many organisations. A common figure is that SMS open rates can reach 99%, while email open rates are often around 20%.

The SMS open rate measures the proportion of sent texts that are read by the intended recipients. The message receiver in this scenario opens the notification to view the text. For example, the open rate for an SMS is 80% if it is sent to 10 recipients and 8 of them read it.

2. High Response Rates 

More customers interact with SMS than any other marketing method. It has a typical response time of 90 seconds. Contrast that to the typical time of 90 minutes it takes to reply to an email. SMS has demonstrated effectiveness in recapturing abandoned carts, answering customer care questions, and advertising new product releases and seasonal specials. It is one of the best methods for recouping lost earnings.

Making connections is the key to improving SMS response rates. To do this, separate new subscribers into subgroups and send more focused communications. Give your viewers a motivation to react. By replying with a keyword to a message or accepting a text-based offer for a review, users can receive more content or a special bargain. Customisation, such as using their name in messaging, fosters a more intimate connection and promotes two-way conversation.

3. High-Engaging Marketing Activity  

Whether you own a small business or are in charge of corporate communications, text messaging can be a brilliant addition to your digital marketing efforts. They perform the singular task of reliably conveying extremely important information. PPC advertisements, billboards, and TV advertising may not engage customers as much as SMS. If your consumer follows up and inquires about a particular campaign or promotion, you can instantly turn the interaction into an opportunity to boost your business.

4. Specified Targeting

The majority of people’s email and direct mailboxes are flooded with spam and junk content. Customers will only choose to get SMS updates from businesses they prefer to do business with, so you can be sure you are sending the relevant person the information without it getting lost or neglected. If you want to provide your customers with a genuine sense of value, personalising each SMS is easy and will not even require you any extra hours of work.

5. Highly suitable for funnels

Adding SMS marketing in your funnel helps keep clients moving along and boost conversion rates all around. Since you can target specific members of your audience with relevant and personalised content, it provides a higher return on investment (ROI) than any social ads. Some buyers might not require any additional incentives beyond a modest discount for their initial purchase. Additionally, to welcome them to the community, you can SMS a special offer.

The great feature of SMS is that it provides a logical strategy to subtly stay on your audience’s mind. Potential buyers can simply receive a text message on their phone, without bothering to download a specific app or take the effort to create an account.

6. Cost Effective

SMS marketing not only offers an economical option for budgets of all kinds, but it also yields a respectable return on investment. You can run effective campaigns by creating campaigns that can be highly targeted for only a few cents per message.

If increasing sales and enhancing client communication are on your list of objectives for this year but you don’t have a sizable budget, SMS is your best buddy here! It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that should not be underestimated.

7. Direct Interaction with the user

Establishing relationships with your clients is crucial. As a result, you want to look for software that enables direct consumer feedback and engagement. Without a doubt, with this approach, you can continue to experience the “vibe” and immediately respond to the user.

8. Easy Accessibility for user

People appreciate it SMS is a really easy and accessible means for individuals to communicate with one another. Not to miss out that it has the highest 97% read rate of any type of communication within 15 minutes after delivery.

Most of us never leave the house without our phones, and we almost certainly always have one within reach. SMS is here to stay. There might not be a more direct way to communicate than SMS. It guarantees that the relevant people receive it at the appropriate time without creating any interruptions as a call might.

9. Suitable for any Industry

SMS marketing is flexible and useful for a wide range of purposes, making it appropriate for businesses of all sizes. SMS messages can be sent for a variety of purposes, including advertising and sales, polls and feedback, emergency alerts, payment reminders and updates, and much more. Additionally, it helps with one-time passwords, password changes, tracking deliveries, and scheduling appointments or bookings.

10. Easily Integrate with any tools

Although SMS is a fantastic independent channel, it can also be used to improve and assist by integrating with other marketing channels like social media and email.

It can, for instance, be used to notify consumers to read an email that a company sent them hours or even days before. Email open rates can be greatly increased with a simple follow-up SMS expressing concern such as, “Did you receive our email? or Have you read our recent offer mail?”

11. Sales pitch 

SMS marketing doesn’t need a significant budget to be successful, unlike other forms of marketing like television or print ads. It means that employing SMS marketing to make a sales pitch can be advantageous for companies of all sizes. When someone is considering purchasing a good or service from you, they usually want you to get right to the point and explain why they should do so. This is where an effective and customised SMS comes into play!

MyOperator provides tools for personalising messages and automating SMS campaigns, which can help enterprises make a stronger sales pitch. MyOperator provides a great option for companies wishing to leverage SMS marketing. It offers a variety of features, such as the ability to send customised industry-specific messaging to target groups or announce the launch of new products or services in bulk to leads, automate and broadcast business notifications to an infinite number of WhatsApp users, and enable multi-agent to chat support for your clients around-the-clock.

Although the idea behind SMS sounds quite simple, marketers should approach it with care and treat it as they would any other performance marketing strategy. It’s critical to tailor communications based on actual client data and behaviour and to make them engaging. Note that SMS from your brand shouldn’t feel radically different from those from friends or co-workers.

Businesses can utilise pop-ups to give benefits for choosing to receive SMS messages, and then go one step further and keep offering rewards to keep subscribers. With SMS, there is a high probability to engage users for a long time and win loyal followers.

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