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5 SMS Remarketing hacks to increase your business revenue

5 SMS (Re)marketing hacks to increase your business revenue
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A mobile phone has become more of a necessity than a mere gadget, these days. Its utility has many folds, including as a medium to propagate the benefits of the product or service of a small business. On an estimate, 8.6 trillion text messages are sent on an average every year to promote or subscribe for services.

SMS marketing is a powerful tool with a potential to make businesses grow. With a large amount of information being circulated through different media, it is important to channelize this marketing technique for maximum benefit and visibility. The following factors would play a crucial role to determine the rate of success of an SMS marketing campaign:

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1. Identify Target Audience

It is vital to identify and understand the target group of consumers, for whom the campaign is designed. Statistics show that 70% of mobile searches lead to action on websites within an hour. The target consumers can be identified basis one or a combination of the following criteria such as gender, demographic, age, occupation, affiliation to the product etc. Once the consumer pool is segmented a business can focus on one set at a time. For e.g. a second-hand car dealer can identify that salaried class in the age bracket of 25-35 years is more prone to purchase a second-hand vehicle hence he can target to send messages to potential consumers in this age group.

2. Planning in line with Business Objectives

An effective SMS campaign has to be in tune with the business objectives. Resources with all organizations are limited, hence the need of the hour is to effectively utilize the available resources to derive maximum profits. Text messages sent to the target consumers should lead to increase in the profit margin by promoting the set business goals. Most businesses aim to increase their brand value and customer base. Send interesting offers or discounts helping in increasing the purchasing power of the potential customers. Also, send push messages of the new releases of your product or services adding to your brand value.

3. Create Visibility

SMS marketing can help increase  visibility and aid in building a brand. Text messages may be a plenty but they compel the consumer to look at it at least once. Statistics say text messages have 98% more open rate than emails. A well-constituted SMS marketing campaign can aide in creating visibility for a business by ensuring that the required information is available at the consumer’s fingertips. For a business unit to grow and prosper, creating and maintaining brand visibility is paramount.

4. Strategic Timing

An important aspect of a well-planned SMS marketing campaign is its timing. A strategically planned campaign can yield high results and enable a business unit to grow and achieve its objectives. Sending text messages at the appropriate time will increase brand visibility within the target audience. Take for instance a start-up travel agency. Such a business would benefit through an SMS campaign planned during February and March as people start planning vacations tentatively during this period. Timing is crucial to ensure more individuals benefit from the messages sent.

5. Text Content

Among the sea of information being fed to the consumers, it is the content of the messages which would make a difference to your campaign. The content should be molded in accordance with the grasping power of the targeted consumers. A short and to the point message makes for an effective advertisement. Statistics show that 90% of all SMS text messages are read within 3 Minutes. This means that whatever you send should take less than the said time and also compel the readers to take an action after reading.

A mobile phone is a device which is readily available to maximum individuals most of the time; hence a message would reach a more focused audience. Make sure to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Messages sent on mobile devices give consumers the convenience to look at them according to their feasibility and not when the organization wants them to see them.

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SMS Marketing Hacks

What all strategies do you incorporate to send your SMS campaigns? Do share with us your suggestions in the comment section below.

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