About Happay

Happay is one of India's leading fintech and payment solutions, handling over 1 million transactions every month. Funded by Sequoia Capital and Prime Venture Partners, Happay serves 6000+ customers processing 2.3 Mn reports and $1Bn+ GTV worth expenses annually across 40+ industry verticals.(Source: PRNews Wire)

Happay's Expense Management Software allows you to digitize and automate your corporate/business expenses. Happay is one of the best spend management software and solutions available online.

Problem Statement:

Sending real time alerts and delivering transaction details are critical metrics for a premium fintech and corporate expense management platform. Happay required a secure scalable communication solution to deliver transaction messages and real-time payment/ balance information to customers.

The Solution

MyOperator worked with Happay to deploy Omnichannel Communication Solutions. With this integration, MyOperator provides Happay with a seamless communication solution integrating transaction APIs, missed calls and messaging solutions.

Happay leverages the MyOperator communication platform to:

  1. Deliver automatic SMS to customers after every transaction with details of transaction balance
  2. Help customers just give a missed call to get Happay balance automatically on SMS

Key Results

By using MyOperator, Happay has been able to:

  1. Integrate SMS communication seamlessly into the $1Bn gross transaction value it generates annually.
  2. Handle millions of balance enquiries and transaction SMSes with MyOperator's scalable communication cloud.

Customer speaks

MyOperator has understood our requirements and delivered the right call-messaging integration to optimize our customer engagement. Great support and easy to use product that works for our agile payment platform.

- Souvik Das, Associate Product Manager

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