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Sales Cold Calling: Ultimate Guide [With 22 Expert Cold Calling Tips + Cold Calling Script For Sales Templates]

Cold Calling in Sales
MyOperator / Blog / Sales Cold Calling: Ultimate Guide [With 22 Expert Cold Calling Tips + Cold Calling Script For Sales Templates]

Deriving sales and landing top-notch clients is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially through cold calling. But some sales executives never fail to land their dream client, and you are going to find out how. 

What is Cold Calling in Sales? 

Cold calling in sales is a form of telemarketing in which the sales executive approaches the probable clients through calls who have not shown any interest in the seller’s product. 

It is one of the most crucial steps of sales. In generic terms, the client is not expecting any calls, so it is even harder to land them. Although it has a bad reputation as some people find it disturbing or an intrusion of privacy, one must not forget that it is also the first step of the sales process.

  • Cold calling in sales involves overcoming the fear of interrupting prospects to avoid rejection.
  • Salespersons have two options: tackle cold calling confidently or consider a career change.
  • Success in cold calling depends on the choice made – face the challenge or switch paths.
  • Cold calling is a demanding process, but mastering effective techniques can yield quality results.
  • Being able to face and overcome interruption concerns is essential to becoming skilled at cold calling.
  • Reaching out to prospects through cold calling necessitates determination in order to handle any rejections.
  • Using successful cold calling strategies and tactics can greatly increase your sales outreach.
  • To increase your sales, become informed about and put into practice the greatest cold calling strategies.

Let’s find out how. 

Why cold calling is important?

Many questions this in the era of abundant resources: Will the traditional method of cold calling work? It is a big YES! Even Forbes has mentioned that cold calling is effective even in the 21st century. The only thing now is that salespeople are apprehensive about this as they fear interrupting a prospect and ultimately getting rejected. Social selling through cold calling might not be as prevalent as before but it is still an efficient method to approach and land clients.

All you need to do is understand the tricks of cold calling that really work and master this art of sales. Let’s dive deeper into some of the most effective tips from field experts. 

First thing For Effective Cold Calling: Make your mind your weapon

It might seem absurd to some of you but, the key to having a great cold call is mental preparation. You must know that there is a big difference between a personal call and a professional one, especially when it is unexpected by the client. When it comes to cold calling, attitude matters a lot.

Sitting behind screens and sending email is an easy job but making a call in real-time and convincing someone to buy what you sell is a tough task. The thought of approaching clients through a cold call makes many reps tremble. The right way to deal with this is to change your mindset. 

If you have faith in your product and service, nothing should stop you from dialing a cold call. If you think that you will interrupt people, then it’s your choice to make if you want to give wings to your career by interrupting or putting a halt to it succumbing to your thoughts.

  • Mental preparation is key for successful cold calling; assure yourself that you’ll deliver your best pitch and manage emotions like nervousness.
  • Controlling emotions is crucial in staying motivated and delivering a compelling cold call pitch.
  • Remind yourself that you are offering the best during each cold call to boost self-confidence.
  • Success with cold calling greatly depends on having self-confidence, which you should constantly build and strengthen.
  • Analyse successful cold calling strategies to improve your sales strategy.
  • Recognise the value of cold calling in sales and how it affects pitches that are effective.
  • Elevate your sales cold calling approach with the best tips and tricks for impactful outreach.

Get started with Best Cold Calling Tips: How to do Cold Calling in Sales?

A perfect cold call in sales incorporates the following components: 

An introduction

It is important because telling the prospective client about yourself adds a personal touch to the conversation. 

Reason for calling 

Also known as a connection statement, a logical explanation for calling is extremely necessary. You must do your background research before calling a client. 

Ask and offer

Before you begin, it is one of good cold calling strategies to ask the client what their company’s goals are and then offer your service to fulfill them. 

Keep this in mind before cold calling and then top it up with the following cold calling tips and tricks. 

23 Best Cold Calling Tips

Cold calling tip #1: Let your pitch do the talking 

Cold calling tip #1 – Let your pitch do the talking [Illustration by MyOperator]

Nothing can be sold in 30-35 seconds. But a trying-to-quick-sell pitch can act as a deal-breaker. One of the most noteworthy cold calling strategies includes telling the clients about your company, what it sells, and how your services can benefit them.

  • Remember that in cold calling, your competitors are reaching out as well, so strive to stand out.
  • Highlighting your product’s unique features will help convince potential customers to set up a follow-up call.
  • Make your offering stand out by emphasising its unique features and advantages.
  • Make your pitch memorable by adding a touch of uniqueness to your product description.
  • Emphasise key selling points to set yourself apart in a competitive cold calling landscape.
  • Create an engaging message that will hold the prospect’s interest while providing information.
  • Use storytelling techniques to illustrate how your product solves a specific problem uniquely.
  • Make an impression by tailoring your pitch to the prospect’s needs and making it memorable.

For example, I get calls from several banks to choose them over others. All of them give me reasons why I should open my account in their bank. But they never tell me how they are different from other banks. Even when I raised objections, they failed to convince me. 

So if you want to land a client you need to be specific about the exclusive features of your product that make you different from what is available in the market.

Cold calling tip #2: Address the needful

Cold calling tip Address the needful
Cold calling tip #2 – Address the needful [Illustration by MyOperator]

The most crucial cold calling tip is to remember to ask the right and relevant questions. Ask the client about their expectations and offer them the best option which caters to their needs. Most importantly, never forget to explain how your service will add value to their business or work. 

For instance, if you intend to sell sewing machines to a clothing business you must directly jump to how your sewing machine will help their business. Is your machine different from the conventional ones available in the market? Is it easier to use than others? Does it help in stitching faster than the traditional machines? Can it run on all kinds of cloth types? 

These are some queries that the business owner will have. So you must drop to the needful directly and let them know all the features.

Key Cold Calling Advice includes:

  • Addressing the prospect’s needs in cold calling creates a compelling reason for a follow-up meeting or call.
  • Utilise the best cold calling techniques to effectively address and fulfill the prospect’s requirements.
  • Incorporate cold calling strategies that highlight the importance of meeting their specific needs.
  • Provide examples of successful cold calling scenarios to illustrate the impact of addressing needs.
  • Emphasise why cold calling is important in establishing meaningful connections and opportunities.
  • Offer valuable cold calling advice that centers around identifying and catering to prospect needs.
  • Craft a well-thought-out cold calling script for sales that addresses the prospect’s concerns and interests.

Cold calling tip #3: Use the right tone 

This is an underrated tip and only veteran salespersons understand its importance. Using the right tone with your customer is as important as your pitch. Your pitch might be perfect and undeniable but if it isn’t presented the right way then it’s futile.

  • Maintain a tone that is bold yet polite, striking a balance between friendliness and formality.
  • Be convincing without coming across as pushy, ensuring your pitch feels genuine and not rehearsed.
  • Avoid sounding robotic; present your pitch with authenticity and engage in effective voice modulation.
  • Focus on the key points in your presentation to highlight the most important aspects of your pitch.
  • Confidently showcase your product, as your confidence plays a crucial role in gaining prospect trust.
  • Strike a balance in your tone to convey both approachability and professionalism.
  • To emphasise points and convey excitement during your presentation, practice modulating your voice.
  • Make sure your tone conveys sincerity so the prospect feels at ease and appreciated.
  • To increase the impact and engagement of your message, practice speaking in a confident and sincere manner.

Cold calling tip #4: Do not stop questioning

Do not stop questioning
Cold calling tip #4 – Do not stop questioning [Illustration by MyOperator]

Curiosity is the way to win over any prospective client. Showing interest in their work and making efforts to know about their goals will keep the conversation going. Moreover, when you will know about their needs and goals, you will be able to judge better what service they need and provide them with the best options. A sales call is a paradox, it is simple yet a tough nut to crack, and only good knowledge about your client can help you land them. 

Cold calling tip #5: Say more with few words

Say more with few words
Cold calling tip #5 – Say more with few words [Illustration by MyOperator]

Indeed, keeping conversations crisp and to the point always fetch extra points. It is suggested to always use small sentences as they are easy to understand and will not annoy the customer, ultimately keeping them interested. You need to learn the art of saying more with fewer words. 

  • Embrace the power of simplicity in language to enhance effectiveness of your cold calling.
  • Practice the art of saying more with fewer words to make your message memorable.
  • Elevate your cold calling success by mastering the balance between being brief and informativeness.

Cold calling tip #6: Be strategic about timing

 Be strategic about timing
Cold calling tip #6 – Be strategic about timing [Illustration by MyOperator]

Being a salesperson means making about 60-80 calls a day. But before making any call, you must note if it is the right time or not. You are already choosing to interrupt them by making an unexpected call. It will be appreciated if you do that strategically and avoid hours such as early morning, lunchtime, or after office hours. 

Cold calling tip #7: Formulate your process

 Formulate your process
Cold calling tip #7 – Formulate your process [Illustration by MyOperator]

Before making a cold call, there needs to be a process for it. This process includes crucial steps such as writing an engaging cold calling script or learning a pitch as well as trivial tasks such as optimisation of timings of your cold calls. The catch here is that everyone has their process, and you need to figure out what works the best for you. Given below are few steps of a sales call process which will come in handy while formulating your process: 

  • Find out your prospects.
  • Verify those prospects. 
  • Do your research about the prospect. 
  • Design a customized cold calling script. 
  • Cold call and introduce yourself and make your impact. 
  • Present your pitch. 
  • Handle objections. 
  • Conclude the call by scheduling a follow-up call

Cold calling tips #8: Contact the right person

Contact the right person
Cold calling tip #8 – Contact the right person [Illustration by MyOperator]

When you are on cold calls, make sure you are reaching out to the right person. A person who is in a position to consider your offer. It means you should prepare before the call, so you know who your client is, and what they need.

  • Always conduct thorough research before making a cold call to understand the prospect’s current needs.
  • To customise your pitch and present solutions that meet the needs of the prospect, do some background research.
  • Incorporate relevant private details that you have learned from your research to make the conversation a little more personal.
  • Enhance your chances of success by utilising the knowledge that comes from pre-call research.
  • Adopt the most effective cold calling strategies by being well-prepared with target information.
  • Use successful outbound calling approaches that place an emphasis on learning about the specific needs of the prospect.
  • Explore examples of successful cold calling that emphasize the impact of thorough research.
  • Highlight the importance of research in cold calling to enhance engagement and relevance.

In case your call is not picked up by the one you desired, be straightforward and politely ask them for their contact like this:

Thank you so much for your time, can I get the contact number of Mr. XYZ?” Or “Can you please arrange a call with Mr. XYZ if possible, it’ll be a great help.

If you will be polite and you will be able to convey that you will be helpful for their brand then no one will refrain from fulfilling your request.

Cold calling tip #9: Start with thanking them!

Start with thanking them
Cold calling tip #9 – Start with thanking them! [Illustration by MyOperator]

Thank them as soon as they pick up. By doing this, you’ll give them an illusion of the power they hold. Mannerism always makes you stand apart from others, thanking them will give a boost to their ego, and you’ll be able to make your way to a conversation politely. 

  • Highlight why cold calling is important, emphasising the impact of a positive introduction.
  • Offer cold calling advice that underscores the power of a thankful and courteous approach.
  • Explore tips and tricks for effective cold calling that prioritise a warm and appreciative start.
  • Use gratitude as a tool to establish a connection and make the prospect feel valued.
  • Being polite in the first meeting makes the potential customer more open to your offer.

Cold calling tip #10: Grab attention In Sales Cold Calling

No, you don’t have to do anything bizarre to do that. You have to engage the customer in the first 30 seconds of the call so that you do not lose their attention later. This way you can stand out by making a favorable impression.

  • Engage the prospect right away with an effective and engaging opening statement.
  • Use attention-grabbing aspects to carry out the most successful cold calling strategies.
  • To keep the prospect curious, make an easy-to-understand but appealing statement that draws their interest.
  • Stay away from lengthy introductions and concentrate on an easy yet powerful approach that grabs attention.
  • Make use of best cold calling techniques that place an emphasis on an engaging start.
  • Try a variety of hooks and queries to get the prospect interested right away.

Cold calling tip #11: Know your words

Know your words - Cold Calling
Cold calling tip #11 – Know your words [Illustration by MyOperator]

This implies that you must remember your opening before the call. Knowing what you are going to say will always give you an edge as you’ll be to the point without any irrelevant small talk. Make a relevant introduction that highlights your company’s work, values, and previous clients and customers you have served. This will keep the customer engaged, and you will give a professional impression.

Cold calling tip #12: Use the script but not too much

Use the script but not too much
Cold calling tip #12 – Use the script but not too much [Illustration by MyOperator]

An engaging cold calling script and the right outgoing calling solution is your best friend if you have to do cold calling. Everything is simply right there in front of you, and you have to read it like a pro. But here’s a catch:

  • Avoid sounding robotic in cold calls; infuse emotions.
  • Take care of voice modulation to convey a genuine, human touch during the conversation.
  • Ensure your delivery reflects a real person talking, establishing a more personal connection.
  • Use scripts as reminders for key points, allowing flexibility for natural, engaging conversations with your potential customer.
  • Strike a balance between scripted guidance and spontaneous interactions for a dynamic approach.
  • Practice incorporating emotions into your pitch to enhance relatability and connection.
  • To allow for a more conversational tone, concentrate on the message rather than reading it word for word.
  • Rehearse scripts to familiarise yourself with key points, promoting a smoother delivery.
  • Emphasise the importance of genuine communication in building trust during cold calls.

Cold calling tip #13: Don’t be hesitant. Cut to the chase.

Don’t be hesitant
Cold calling tip #13 – Don’t be hesitant. Cut to the chase. [Illustration by MyOperator]

Do not, I repeat, do not hesitate and cut straight to the point. Customers do not have a lot of time because of obvious reasons, so they appreciate the professionalism when someone directly puts forth what they want to say rather than stretching it. This gives a professional and bold impression and shows that you have confidence in your product. 

  • To be professional and show respect for the time of your customers, avoid small talk when making cold calls.
  • Put into practice a straightforward strategy by getting right to the point and outlining your goals.
  • Put the requirements of your clients first by concentrating on relevant information.
  • In order to maintain the customer’s interest during a cold call, emphasise the value of simplicity and clarity.
  • Understand that clients value a direct approach free of unnecessary explanation.

Cold calling tip #14: Listen more, talk less!

Listen more, talk less
Cold calling tip #14 – Listen more, talk less! [Illustration by MyOperator]

It is a fact that a customer only cares about their needs, and that is fair as well. So, all you have to do is listen to them, know about their requirements, offer solutions, and reply whenever they raise any objections, as it implies that you are confident about your product. Knowing your product’s strength will take you a long way. 

Knowing about their needs will also give you a chance to explain how your product will be beneficial for them. 

Cold calling tip #15: Using technology the right way

Using technology the right way
Cold calling tip #15 – Using technology the right way [Illustration by MyOperator]

Cold calling has a bad reputation in the market, and it is difficult to change that narrative but it is not impossible. Incorporating technology in your sales calls is a smart way of dealing. There are many cold calling techniques available in the market. For example, the MyOperator Dialer App solution makes it easy for sales professionals to make trackable cold calls using their smartphones while working from anywhere.

  • Utilise the Dialer App for efficient business call management and beyond just making calls.
  • Make use of built-in features such as virtual number connectivity, CRM integration, and call recording.
  • Enhance sales productivity with the Dialer App’s multifunctional capabilities.
  • Seamlessly record calls for better insights and training opportunities.
  • Integrate with CRM systems to streamline customer information and improve workflow.
  • Use virtual number for India to reach a wider audience and build relationships with potential customers.

Cold calling tip #16: Do not run away from rejection

Do not run away from rejection
Cold calling tip #16 – Do not run from rejection [Illustration by MyOperator]

Being brutally honest right now, you cannot convert every cold call in a client. Then why not simply accept the fact and move on?

  • Acknowledge cold calling as an integral part of the sales role and commit to giving your best.
  • Understand that facing rejection in cold calling is normal and does not define your overall skill.
  • Accept rejection as a teaching moment and a chance to get better at cold calling.
  • Learn from each rejection, refining your approach for future cold calls.
  • Recognise that persistence is key; don’t give up, and always give your 100% effort.
  • Develop strength to deal with the challenges of cold calling in a constructive way.

For example, if a prospect says “I am not interested,” then you can simply say “Thank you for letting me know, however, may I please know the reason?” This way you will learn why your product wasn’t a right fit for them or why they do not want to buy it and then offer some other alternative. However, if they do not show any interest in other options as well then you have your answer. All you need to do is embrace rejection and learn from it. 

Cold calling tip #17: Avoid sounding like a machine

Avoid sounding like a machine
Cold calling tip #17 – Avoid sounding like a machine [Illustration by MyOperator]

One mistake a lot of salespersons make is sounding like a robot. Not altering your conversation according to the person and company you are talking to will make it seem that you have just crammed the script, and you are now reciting it. It will not only annoy the customer but also make them reject your product, no matter how good it might be. Similarly, using a general script will also make things seem unnatural. Both of these will decrease the probability of a customer wanting your product as they understand that no efforts have been made from your side.

  • Use a highly customised script. 
  • Sound natural. 
  • Do not go over the board with words, use a simple and easy-to-understand vocabulary. 

Cold calling tip #18: Listen to them enough

Listen to them enough
Cold calling tip #18 – Listen to them enough [Illustration by MyOperator]

As we have previously mentioned customers, only care about themselves. They are looking for someone who can fulfill their requirements. If they like your product, they will opt for it. If your product is not feasible for them, then it won’t matter to them at all.

  • Offer potential customers a chance to voice their opinions in order to engage them.
  • For effective communication, avoid talking too much and concentrate on having meaningful conversations.
  • Engage in active listening to obtain important information that will improve the calls that follow.
  • Make it a priority to fully understand the prospect’s viewpoint in order to improve communication.
  • Have a two-way discussion to let the person in question feel appreciated and heard.
  • Learn from the prospect’s feedback so that you may adjust your approach for the next call.
  • When you listen to someone, be patient and allow them to express themselves fully.

Cold calling tip #19: Never ask: “How are you doing?”

Never ask “How are you doing
Cold calling tip #19 – Never ask: “How are you doing?” [Illustration by MyOperator]

Asking “how are you today?” is a classic mistake you should avoid. This is an overused phrase that kills a conversation rather than building it. One can answer this with only a single word such as ‘fine’ or ‘good’, and this will then leave you in a very awkward place. The better way to start would be thanking them for taking your call and then getting to your point.

  • Choose to begin the conversation by outlining the call’s goal.
  • To show respect for the prospect’s time, avoid making small talk and stick to the point of the conversation.
  • Make sure your opening statement is clear and appropriate to a productive conversation.
  • Make sure the first question you ask is relevant to the cold call’s goal.
  • Make the most of the brief time allotted for cold calls by getting right to the point.

Cold calling tip #20: Don’t ask if the time is right

Don’t ask if the time is right
Cold calling tip #20 – Don’t ask if the time is right [Illustration by MyOperator]

“Is this the right time to talk to you?” – Asking this is one mistake that many salespersons make while making a cold call. While asking your prospect if it is a good time to talk, you will most probably get a “NO!” Especially when someone is getting an unexpected call. By asking this, you give them a way out, to leave the call right there without even listening to you, and that’s when you lose a prospect. A better thing to do would be to thank them for picking up your call and then straight off jumping to your point after introducing yourself.

Cold calling tip #21: Don’t apologise too much

To be polite, some salespersons say “I am sorry to bother you.” But this is not the right way. Of course you are bothering them by calling from an unknown number but you do not have to mention that as it seems that you are not confident enough.

  • Project confidence to instill trust and faith in your prospect.
  • Ensure your confidence reflects in both your product and the call.
  • An optimistic approach builds prospect trust in your offering.
  • Develop self-assurance to encourage prospective customers to have belief in you.
  • Displaying confidence highlights the value of your product or service.
  • A positive attitude in cold calling enhances your overall sales effectiveness.

Cold calling tips #22: Ramble is a gamble

Ramble is a gamble
Cold calling tip #22 – Ramble is a gamble [Illustration by MyOperator]

Some salespersons fail to stick to a point. They take the conversation here and there which, sometimes even deviates from the product they are offering. You need to make sure that you are not rambling.

  • Prepare thoroughly for cold sales calls to ensure a confident and polished presentation.
  • To leave a lasting impression on prospects, master your script or key points.
  • Emphasise relevance in your communication to avoid distractions.
  • Make the most of your single chance to impress by staying focused on key information.

Why do you need a cold calling script for sales?

Sales would not flourish without a balanced mix of cold and warm calls. Warm calls are easy to make as well as handle but cold calls demand a lot more. Taking the initiative and reaching out to customers and clients is a daunting task. You have to make sure that you are choosing the right time so you don’t disturb them. You have to be mentally prepared for all kinds of objections, and most importantly you have to be professional yet amicable.

  • A quality script is essential for making an impression on cold calls.
  • It prevents missed points during calls by acting as a helpful guide.
  • Having a well-organised and efficient script will improve call clarity.
  • For more engagement, modify your script in response to prospect’s response.
  • Consistently enhance your script by updating and improving it on a regular basis.

But here’s a catch, mastering a cold call script also isn’t that easy. Don’t worry! We are here to give you a hand for the same. 

How to write a sales cold calling script?

How to write cold calling script
How to write cold calling script- MyOperator

Definite Objective

Without a second thought start writing your cold calling script by keeping an objective in mind. Unawareness about your objective for making a cold call can land you in trouble. You don’t want to sound perplexed to a big client and then puzzle them too about your purpose of calling. Customers appreciate straightforwardness, confidence, and clarity. The only way to provide them all three is by putting forth definite objectives in your cold calling script. 

This brings us to the second step, which is, what exactly should your objective cater to. Your objectives can differ from client to client and sometimes they can be very complicated. To put your best foot forward you must break them into pieces. Your cold calling script’s objective must have the answers to the following questions: 

  • Who are you/ your brand/ your company? 
  • Why are you reaching out to that particular customer/client? 
  • How will you be able to benefit them? 
  • What do you want from them in return? 

Once you will be clear about the above four questions you will have the objective of your cold calling at your fingertips. When you are well versed with your objectives, it gives you confidence and also makes it easier for you to explain things clearly to your clients. 

Cold Calling Advice: Ask For Their Time

Bold yet polite- that is what your cold calling script must be like. Imagine getting a call out of nowhere and you hear someone talking about their company and industry and why you should invest in them. I am sure you wouldn’t enjoy that and might even disconnect the call in between. That’s exactly how your client would feel too if not greeted properly and appreciated for taking your call. Make it a habit to add one-liners such as “ Is it the right time to talk?” or maybe “ Can I have 2 minutes of your time” in your outbound calling scripts. Use whatever goes best with your brand language but always ask your client for their time. 

  • For cold calls, begin with a polite introduction.
  • If it’s not the right time, politely propose an alternative.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the client; be considerate of their time and limitations.
  • Requesting a better time shows consideration and professionalism.
  • Refrain from pushing, as it may be perceived as desperate and disrespectful.
  • Respectful interactions contribute to a positive brand image.
  • Politeness and flexibility enhance customer relations in cold calling.
  • Prioritise professionalism to build trust and credibility.
  • Adapting to the potential client’ schedule reflects a customer-centric approach.

Successful examples of cold calling understand prospect needs & pain points: Try it

One of the reasons you should always do profound research on your client is because that will help you in finding out their pain points and their needs. Knowing their needs will help both you and the customer understand how your product will solve their pain. If you are unable to have a firm answer for the same then your product is irrelevant for the client and it is better not to approach them. 

  • Avoid overwhelming clients with excessive product information during cold calls.
  • Tailor your pitch based on their responses for a more customised approach.
  • Show genuine interest by asking relevant questions about their brand.
  • Focus on addressing client needs rather than just promoting your product or service.
  • Personalised communication builds trust and strengthens client relationships.
  • For a more successful pitch, strike a balance between information sharing and client interaction.
  • Ask thoughtful questions to showcase your interest in their brand’s success.

For instance, if you provide delivery partner support to restaurants then you need to know from the client if they are facing issues with delivery. Or are their customers happy with their delivery services? Only after listening to their problems should you put forth a solution by telling the prospect about your products and services. 

Pitch but precisely

Pitching is important but pitching precisely is even more important. Your client must know about your products and services as a whole but not just yet. This phase involved telling the client how your product will benefit their business and nothing more than that. Giving a detailed account of your product along with trivial details will just bore the client. This will also drift them away from the focus point i.e. how the product will help them. So play-wise, concisely present your proposal and you can give the details later when you know you have landed the client. 

End on an unambiguous note 

This is the last and the most important step of any cold call. You should make sure that you have a conclusion in your hand before ending the call. Either you get to know that the client is interested and then schedule a follow-up call and meet or you know that they won’t go for your services.

Also note that:

  • Clearly define action steps for a smoother and more productive process.
  • Make sure all parties are on the same page to avoid potential issues.
  • Establish clear expectations to facilitate effective collaboration.
  • Conclude discussions with clear decisions or plans for follow-up.
  • Transparent communication builds trust and promote positive relationships.

Example of cold calling script for sales

Cold Calling script 

Hi, __________, this is XYZ from Vistas (or your company name). Thank you for picking up my call. I know we haven’t had any conversation before but I wanted to reach out to you because while I was surfing through your website/business portal/LinkedIn, I felt that our product can be a match for your business. 

Is it the right time for us to talk? 

(If they give a heads up). 

Thank you so much for your time. 

I have read that you are a homegrown business and you have your clothing label. You must need a fast and affordable delivery service for your apparel. (Build a base for your pitch and also let them know that you have done your research)  

Our company helps businesses like yours to get fast delivery services at minimal costs. A proper verification process is done to hire our delivery partners, therefore, they are trustworthy as well. Furthermore, we also offer 1-day delivery options which will facilitate your customers. ( Always start your pitch by telling them what your product can do for them. Then top it off with something distinctive that makes your product or service more preferable.) 

(After your pitch listen to what the client has to say and then answer them and their objections accordingly) 

(To find your next step always conclude on a clear note) 

So should I schedule another call to explain the details or would you like me to set up an in-office appointment instead? (The client’s reply to this question will give you a conclusion). 

Is it the right time for us to talk? – (If they say they are busy). 

Sure understandable, please let me know a time when it will be convenient for us to talk. (Make sure you always ask for their time and reschedule the call so you do not miss any opportunity). 

Follow-Up cold calling script for sales

Now that you have managed to schedule another call with your client, it is important that this time you finalise the deal or at least put your company’s name for consideration on their mind. 

Hi,_____________ This is XYZ from Vistas. After our last conversation, we decided to have another call today. So, I would like to know more about your business in-depth. 

(Listen to the client explain actively, ask questions to portray that you are interested in knowing more, and give solutions for their problems.)

After this call, I believe that it would be profitable for your business to partner with us. We will be able to fill all the loopholes that your business is facing right now. Our partnership will help you take your customer service a notch up. Please let me know what should be done to get you started. 

I will mail you the proposal, so you can review and know everything about us, and we can get started after that. Let us get in touch again after you have reviewed the proposal and discussed it further. 

(In case the client seems uninterested, but you feel that you are compatible with their brand, and can help them with their problems, then) 

Thank you for letting me know how you feel. But I would request you to at least read our proposal once and then make your final decision. You can know about us and our products/services in detail and figure out if we are compatible. If you do not mind, shall I share the proposal with you? 

(Sharing the proposal with the client gives you one more opportunity to connect with them and explain to them better how to land them. Keep it subtle though. Don’t be too pushy)

Let cold calling work for you

Cold calling is a difficult way to land clients. Many salespersons are apprehensive about it because they have fear of rejection and fear of the unknown. To them, it seems a waste of time but it is the opposite. If you make cold calls strategically, keeping the above things in mind, and by writing a effective cold calling script then there is no way that you won’t get favorable results. Keep going!

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