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19 Customer Services Skills To Serve Them Better

19 Customer Service Skills To Serve Them Better
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“It takes months to find a customer and seconds to lose one”- Vince Lombardi. No matter how good your goods are if your customer service skills are not up to date, your business can never flourish. If we talk in simpler terms, customer service is the constant support and help your business provides to its customers, both existing and probable. The channels that customer service executives take queries of customers include:

  • Call
  • emails
  • SMS

The process might sound simple but, the future of the company depends upon it. 

What are customer service skills?

Customer service skills refer to the qualities and techniques employed to assist customers in resolving issues and ensuring a positive experience. These skills include interpersonal abilities and problem-solving techniques.

Customer service specialists overcome challenges and satisfy customers by relying on traits such as:

  1. Patience
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Product knowledge
  4. Flexibility
  5. Positive approach

It might occur to you why customer care service is so important for a business. It is because most of the customers refrain from shopping from a business after one bad experience. Good customer service ensures that customers stick to the business as it renders them a cohesive experience.

  • Understand customer needs for a pleasant experience.
  • Address customer needs for a great first impression.
  • Give a pleasant experience by understanding customer needs.
  • Meet customer needs for a positive experience as “first impression lasts”

What is the Importance of customer service skills?

 Importance of customer service skills

Customer service skills are crucial because they can boost a company’s sales and reputation. When customers feel valued and receive personalized service, they tend to spend more money. This not only contributes to immediate sales but also creates a positive image for the brand, influencing future purchasing decisions.

Additionally, good customer service skills has internal advantages such as:

1. Feedback Boosts customer support skills

  • Customer interactions provide invaluable feedback for improving products and user experiences.
  • It helps in enhancing customer support skills and figuring out what works best for users.

2. Team Collaboration

  • Hiring employees with excellent customer service skills, including being respectful and empathetic, leads to better teamwork.
  • These customer service soft skills contribute to a positive work environment and overall well-being within and across teams.

3. Positive Work Environment

  • Having strong customer service skills is not just about business success; it’s also about creating a positive workplace.
  • It fosters an atmosphere where employees with good customer service skills can thrive, benefiting both the company and its team members.

To provide your customers with excellent customer services your customer service executives need to hone or acquire the following customer support skills.

Top 10+ Customer Service Skills

Customer Service soft Skills

1. Customer support skills require Empathy, not sympathy!

The first and very crucial customer support skill an agent needs to have is empathy. Empathy means being able to understand the feelings and situations of another person by putting yourself in their shoes.

If you are thinking that why is empathy so important, then you need to know that:

Empathy Drives Purchases

  • Customers often choose products based on how they are treated by a brand.
  • Empathetic customer care executives lead to a positive experience and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Customer services skills: Resolution with Empathy

  • Empathy helps customer care executives find reasonable solutions to issues.
  • Being polite and understanding fosters a positive interaction with the customer.

An empathetic agent will make the customer feel comfortable and heard and that will ultimately result in customer satisfaction.

2. Be positive 

Positivity is a way of life, indeed! Carrying out the customer support executive skills comes with a lot of challenges. Staying positive and dealing with a customer politely even when they are infuriated is one of the very important customer service skills. Sometimes you receive calls from angry customers and sometimes extremely disappointed, but one needs to deal positively with the customers in both situations. Having an optimistic attitude will help the executive get through any situation without ruining his day. 

3. Excellent customer service skill: Willingness to learn

A learned man always outshines. Willingness to learn determines a growth factor of an employee as a customer service professional. Moreover, your product and your company’s policies will change over time, so you need an employee who has a desire to learn and go ahead rather than being rigid. 

Efficient Customer Service Skills:

  • Learning new customer support skills shows a willingness to adapt and work efficiently.
  • Customer service soft skills indicate a readiness to go the extra mile in handling various customer situations.

4. Active listening

Active listening refers to the ability to understand what the customer is trying to convey. Often a customer calls to get a solution to the trouble they are facing. A customer needs to be heard and understood so that the issue can be resolved at the earliest. Active listening is more than just hearing the customer, it involves understanding the tone of the customer and trying to get what he/she wants to put forth and offer efficient solutions.

Good customer service skills: Listening Eases Frustration

  • Customers get frustrated if not heard attentively.
  • You can help them feel heard and appreciated by summarising what they say instead of interfering.

Client Feedback Boosts Business

  • Businesses that take customer input into account usually do well. That’s where the importance of customer service skills fits in.
  • Acknowledging and acting on customer input is key to success.

5. Communication is the key

If you see a business thriving, it is because their customer support has excellent communication skills. Having good conversational skills is one of the most crucial customer support executive skills.

Customer support skills: Understanding and Responding

  • Customer support executive should grasp what customers are saying.
  • Fluency in providing fitting replies is a crucial skill for all customer service agents.

Imagine someone calling to complain about your product, and your agent says something irrelevant. Things like this will not only infuriate the customer but also affect the rapport of your brand. Therefore, a customer service agent should have the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and through digital channels like the WhatsApp Business API, to ensure a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

6. Customer service soft skill: Persuasion

Are your sales not increasing? Or are they falling? It is probably because of a lack of persuasion skills among your customer support executive. When a customer shows interest in your product, the probability of them buying it is way more than when you approach a customer with the product. But to convert a prospect into a customer is where the need for persuasion skills comes along.

Persuasion Without Pitches:

  • Persuasion is not about lengthy sales pitches or emails.
  • It’s about using convincing power and easy methods to attract customers with effective persuasion skills.

This is a necessary customer service skill for all customer service executives. No persuasion? No celebration!

7. Patience 

If you wait, you are great. Having patience is the cornerstone of being a customer service executive because the number of upset, angry, and disappointed customers you have to deal with is insane. Every time a customer contacts you, they are either frustrated or confused, and to deal with either, the key skill needed is patience.

Time for Resolution:

  • You and your team should be ready to invest time in resolving issues thoroughly.
  • Applying customer services skills ensure a solution that prevents recurring problems. 

Quality Over Speed:

  • Focusing on quick task completion without quality work may lead to repetitive issues.
  • Customer support skills, including excellence in customer service, are vital for lasting solutions. 

Take time, have patience, and yield quality results. 

8. Adapt, grow, and flourish with good customer service skills

This is one rule you should swear by if you are a customer service agent. You might have scripted replies to certain queries, but what about an out-of-the-script inquiry? Well, that’s where adaptability is needed. Your customer service agent might be very fluent with the carefully curated reply script, but they also need to be smart and adaptable to situations of any kind, including when customers call on a toll-free number for assistance.

Boost Customer Service

Boost Customer Service with Adaptability:

  • Being adaptable enhances customer services and leaves a remarkable impression on the organization.
  • Adaptability, a crucial customer service skill, involves flexibility and handling unforeseen situations with ease.

Sales Impact:

  • Adaptability not only improves customer services but also drives more sales.
  • Possessing customer support skills, especially excellent customer service skills, can be a game-changer for your business in the customer service arena. 

9. Know what you sell

To help your customers regarding your product, you must have enough knowledge about it.

Customer service soft skill: Product Knowledge

  • Customer service executives should learn about the product from a specialist.
  • Acquiring customer service soft skills is crucial, especially understanding the importance of customer service skills for handling specific product-related questions from customers.

Dealing with Specific Queries:

  • Knowledge gained helps address customer inquiries about product specifications.
  • This skill is essential for customer support executives to excel in their roles and deliver effective assistance. 

This customer service skill will be helpful in the long run also. If an agent has the product knowledge, he/she can take ownership and lead the pack. 

10. Time is money 

Truth has already been spoken time, is everything! Customer service can be very profuse as you have to deal with so many customers every day. To handle your customers effectively, you need to excel in the customer service skill of managing time.

Understanding Diverse Needs:

  • Customers have varied needs, and it’s crucial to recognize and prioritize them.
  • Excellent customer service skills involve active listening, product knowledge, and the ability to prioritize queries based on urgency.

Good customer service skills: Time Management

  • Prioritizing skills, along with active listening and product knowledge, aid in managing time efficiently.
  • Good customer service skills ensure addressing urgent issues first while handling others according to a priority list.

11. Problem-solving 

This might seem like a general and very obvious customer service skill, yet it is also one skill lacked by most customer service agents. We all hate to repetitively ask for a solution to a problem, and that’s exactly what a customer feels when their issue isn’t resolved because of the typical “not my problem” mindset.

Developing Problem-Solving Skills:

  • Problem-solving skills are not inherited; they are cultivated over time with effort.
  • Efforts put into acquiring excellent customer service skills, including problem-solving, make you stand out as a customer service executive.

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Continuous learning and effort ensure you become an impeccable customer service executive.
  • Efficient customer service skills, especially problem-solving, allow you to consistently satisfy your customers. 

12. Power of Confidence in Customer Service Skills

Confidence plays a vital role in assuring customers that they are receiving the right services. When a customer service representative responds with confidence, it instills a sense of assurance in the customer regarding the services they are getting.

This confidence not only benefits the customer but also contributes to a positive perception of your brand, ultimately enhancing the credibility of your company.

Confidence is Key:

  • In customer service, confidence is crucial; it acts as a linchpin for success.
  • Without confidence, the impact of other skills decreases, affecting the overall customer experience.

Customer Trust:

  • Customers rely on confident responses, feeling secure in capable hands.
  • Confidence is crucial, shaping their perception of the company and influencing their overall experience.

13. Calmness 

You are truly gifted if you can stay calm under pressure as well. A customer service executive has to deal with a lot of frustrated, angry, and disappointed customers in a day.

Managing Stress in Customer Service:

  • Dealing with various situations can be exhausting and pressure-inducing.
  • Excellent customer services skills involve staying calm and handling situations smartly, a skill that can be learned over time.

Self-Control Learning:

  • Learning to control yourself is part of developing good customer service skills.
  • Practice not getting triggered, even in the worst-case scenario, to enhance your ability to handle challenging situations effectively.

Calming presence is crucial as it will make you do your job efficiently without affecting your mental health and peace.

14. Customer support skills: Decision making

Responsiveness and making wise decisions is a very crucial skill for a customer service agent. As handling customers is very demanding and tiring you must know how to deal with them and resolve the issue.

Effective Decision-Making:

  • A good decision-maker remains composed under pressure and only commits to what is achievable.
  • Importance of customer service skills includes making genuine promises, while poor decision-making can lead to unfulfilled commitments.

Calmness and Understanding:

  • Customer service soft skills, like staying calm and understanding customer concerns, are vital.
  • Effective decision-making involves offering the best solutions after comprehending the customer’s needs.

15. Versatility 

If you can multi task, then you are the perfect customer service agent. Customer service might sound easy, but it is quite the opposite. The job comes with a lot of background work along with handling the customer.

Essential Skills for Customer Service:

  • Customer service executives need top-notch decision-making and time management skills.
  • Remaining calm under pressure is crucial, emphasizing the importance of customer service skills.

Swift Problem Solving:

  • Finding solutions promptly is a key aspect of the job.
  • Being a multi-tasker is vital among the 10 customer service skills, given the demanding nature of the role.

16. Resilience

Let’s be honest, being a customer service agent demands a lot from you. Sometimes you will come across customer problems that are easy to sort while other times not.

Positive Attitude is Key:

  • Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial in customer service.

Professional Resilience:

  • Being thick-skinned is important for the job, emphasizing the importance of customer service soft skills.
  • Not giving up and continuing with a positive mindset are essential traits for success in customer service.

17. Customer support skills: Acting skills

Sometimes you will have to handle stubborn customers whom you cannot make happy no matter what you offer.

Acting skills

Staying Positive After Challenges:

  • It can be demotivating if your best efforts don’t satisfy a customer.
  • Customer service soft skills, like maintaining cheerfulness and positivity, are crucial regardless of customer difficulties.

Consistent Positive Approach:

  • Despite challenges, the importance of customer service skills lies in sounding positive and cheerful.
  • Keeping a positive mindset is essential for effective customer service, even when faced with challenging situations.

This customer service skill will not only help you in your professional life but also personal life. So fake it till you make it!

18. Ability to handle the unpredictable

Although you might have a perfect script for every customer situation, still sometimes you come across a few situations which you never imagined could happen.

Customer support skills include dealing with Surprises:

  • Wise decision-making and confidence are crucial in handling unexpected situations.
  • Developing customer service skills, especially customer support skills and excellent customer service skills, is essential for effectively managing surprises.

Importance of Adaptability:

  • Handling surprises requires honing customer services skills.
  • While not easy, it’s not impossible to develop the adaptability needed to navigate unexpected situations successfully.

19. Ability to let go

Last but not the least, as a customer service executive you must have the ability to let go. You need to set boundaries for yourself while also giving them space for yourself.

Not Taking Things Personally:

  • Customer remarks should not be taken personally; they are not directed at you.
  • Developing this skill, part of customer services skills and customer support skills, is essential for personal growth and professional success.

Excellent Customer Service Skills Brings in Broad Impact:

  • This ability goes beyond work; it positively influences your personal life.
  • The importance of customer service skills extends to fostering resilience and maintaining a healthy perspective, contributing to achievements in various aspects of life.

Along with these skills, you can improve your customer experience by using IVR solutions and cloud call center solution. These technologies can save your as well as your customer’s time and help them get the desired service.

You can take these services from MyOpeartor, a call center software provider. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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