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Agent Status

Agent status is a feature to find out if a calling agent is available to receive or make a call or not. This is highly significant in a call center software setup for the managers to monitor the availability of the agents and route the calls to agents who are accessible to attend the calls accordingly. It will also help you track the performance of the agents based on the frequency of calls they manage on a real-time basis. 

Some of the typical call agent statuses are as follows:

  • Available
  • On-call
  • Online
  • Busy
  • Away
  • After call work or ACW
  • In a meeting 
  • On a break 
  • Sick 
  • Training in progress
  • Offline

It is important to keep a close tab on the agent status to ensure no-miss customer or business calls. If a particular agent displays ‘away’ or ‘offline’, then it should be forwarded to an agent who is ‘available’.

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