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Escalation Plan

In cases where the delayed calls start stacking up beyond a certain number, call centres execute what is called an escalation plan. This plan has a set of defined guidelines to govern the agent and management behaviour in order to handle the excessive call volume as well as the impatient and angry customers who are waiting in the queue. The purpose of an escalation plan is to help an organisation to identify, track, monitor and manage situations that require increased alertness and quick action.

Escalation plans are designed in a manner that the people with higher authority in the company or organisation can be brought into the picture by junior employees whenever a situation goes out of hand. While implementing an escalation plan, the organisation must make sure that the issues that are identified should not be ignored and must be resolved before moving onto the next problem. This is how, using an escalation plan, an organisation can maintain harmony among the customers and handle the situation in a profitable manner. In most of the escalation plans, the senior executives or team leaders are asked to handle the spoilt calls of their subordinates. While an escalation plan is a must have, companies must keep on educating their employees about the shortcomings of their products so that unsatisfied customers can be handled without implementation of an escalation plan.

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