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Delayed call

A delayed call is a call placed to a call center which is not immediately answered but is sent to a queue or a waiting list due to the agent being busy on another call or not available for some other reason. In most cases, the caller hears the delay message when all the agents of the call center are busy on other calls. The message goes like this: “All our agents are currently busy. Your call will connect as soon as any agent is free.” When any of the agents gets free, the waiting call gets assigned to them.

Delay calls are a common sight in inbound call centers where the call volume is more than what the call center can handle at any given point of time. The callers are informed that their call is in the queue by playing a delay announcement on the call. However, a lot of delayed calls can be bad for a call center as many times callers lose patience and disconnect the call, resulting in lost leads and poor reputation. In order to avoid delayed calls, call centers can try increasing their workforce as well as increase the number of channel lines which would allow more call traffic to reach the call center at once. Call centers can try switching to cloud call center solutions such as MyOperator as it allows more flexibility with channel lines and lets the call center add or remove channel lines as per their necessity.

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